How Cheap Is the DaneGeld

And how few the Danes. 17 individuals do 70% of the shootings?  So maybe 100 do all the shootings?

It will be interesting to see the evolution of the new system that results.

But it is the basis for an experiment in the natural world, if someone wants to be bastard enough.

How many people would be doing how many shootings of what kind of people if Bunny Bangers equipment was widely available?

Perhaps you can think of follow-on questions?

Do you know of cities whose oligarchs and minions deserve to host that experiment?  How many sets of equipment being shipped into the minority-areas of their cities do you think would generate how much alarm? Any bets as to where the hardware would be placed, which directions it would point?

Would the result be different if the guns were paint-ball guns?  And otherwise everything a Bunny Banger would need?  That wouldn’t be illegal, would it?

PsyOps is a fun game.  Anyone can play.

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