As A Blogger, I Do Not Have Much Influence

But it is a lot more influence than I ever had before.

This isn’t particularly insightful or important, you probably have better things to do.  However, do read the section with the bold below and at the bottom and this, it is short and important.

Before blogging, nobody listened to me, not even my mother-in-law who listened to everything so she could learn English. My own mother obviously favors my wife, as she refers to me as “G’s husband”.  So blogging is uncensored and unrestricted self-expression with automatic self-approval, very great self-approval in my case, I marvel that it is not more popular.  My ego is so gratified I am like those rats who barpress themselves to death.  (I am sure I am not alone, do not trust minds under such compelling drives.)

Additional readers are very highly valued.  Any small number of readers per day is multiples of the numbers who have ever voluntarily** listened to anything I had to say before.  My ego was greatly gratified when that number was 1, even tho it was my brother and I had to urge him strongly to do so.  I cannot yet imagine not being equally gratified with every additional reader into the future.  Yes, of course, I am as driven by ego as the most extremely-so emperor of antiquity.

Many of us are, you know, we just don’t have the power to indulge, and so keep some sense of reality because we can’t escape it.  We would all rather live in a fantasy world, and the powerful hire advisers who help them do it.  Ignore those nay-sayers who claim blogging is our fantasy world and our words fantasy worlds for you.  That is MSM, of course, we are the good guys.

That sense of reality is something that seems to slip away from large groups of people very easily, we easily suspend belief when listening to each other’s stories, and the loss causes many deaths, mega-deaths, in fact.

Mega-deaths are no good for humanity, we have too little genetic diversity as it is, killing it off is nuts.  A short digression.

As a blogger, my individual voice is amplified. As one of many thousand bloggers on every topic, with our associates in aggregators of various kinds and interests, we are winning the propaganda war.  This is early days, but already our shifting attention results in falling viewers of all of MSM’s ‘news’.  Their properties are losing value, and none of them have the combination of technological savvy and connection with electronic culture to connect with people in the new sharing-of-thoughts economy and ecosystem.  Already, early days or no, we see as good level of thought in most blogs and comments,  it seems to me, compared to MSM, but a very much wider range of views.  That range of views was what was missing.

Our range of views expands continuously, everyone is reading widely, and many of us read comments, no editors filtering us. Readers and bloggers are growing sophisticated, knowledgeable and wise together.  The web is a big gossip meeting with memory, it seems to me that our rate of evolution, range and quality, is high.

I think the most important view is the quality of comments, especially comments about quality of articles and other comments.  To anyone who reads a lot of comments, the few which are clearly intended to distract or confuse stand out.  There are many of them, the impressive thing is that most people see the pattern and just ignore them, perhaps vote them down.

People are aware of their exchanges of information at higher and more abstract levels, are much more critical than ever before.  Our level of critical thinking continues to improve.

When we citizens insist that bloggers and all other people speaking to various publics are extremely honest and extremely clear-thinking, we can think our way out of the mess we are in.  If we can’t think better than what brought us here, any political change is as likely to be frying pan to fire as frying pan to warm apron pocket.

May I again ask that everyone back away from hate, defund the wars, stop the negative-sum strategies that define our times?  Cumulatively, we got no clue about the risks.  The new paper from Taleb includes the fact that they could only get the math to work if they limited the maximum deaths at the population of the earth. (That is a misleading implication, I did it on purpose, and you can only correct it by reading the original.  Note that I told you, and most won’t.  Good paper from my non-specialist pov, do read it.)

Meanwhile, *, ** and ***, the last *** recording a new mental model of how bloggers and aggregators can work together, simple and seems to work fine, natural for all. Followed by the usual warnings of mental manipulation by which I mentally manipulate your unprepared minds.

*Every bit of subversion helps. I am a subversive conservative. I want to take us back to the real old days in every way that counts.  No I don’t know what those are, that is a research problem, we should get on that asap, it is needed to save our humanity, quite literally.

The usual disclaimers, append the disclaimer to all such as this.

**Having taught things, I have had involuntary listeners, probably not often hearers.

***As a measure of how dumb I am, it has taken a few months of advertising this blog via comments (thank you all on zh) for me to get to this next level.  Just now, I understood I can make a comment on zh my front page, whenever I feel the need for a front page.  I like recursion.

This was my first attempt, now everyone can laugh at how slow I have been.


After you read that, ask yourself where your attention should be directed?

Donald Trump is such a distraction.  It is so far past time to burn the GD edifice to the ground.  That is bad, don’t do that, however good it will make you feel, the situation is worse the next day.

Instead, you have to walk away.  We need to turn our back on this bunch of lying scum and go be honest community with each other.  I like this guy, everyone should read him too.

Be armed and prepared as a community, don’t make trouble, but walk away.  Take your kids out of school, disconnect the TV, read my web site for tips on critical thinking while I invest your mind with my ideas. While I impair your mind’s ability to think un-critically.  My site changes minds, you have been warned.  Far worse, I giggle, actually chortle maniacally, about things I write, and you just can’t trust a person like that.


What a hybrid. An organization that makes my web site a back-end information server for his blog.  More than a hint of how the reader should proceed, and only someone who is known should attempt it, a point I just thought of as I write this.  And then links to other’s web sites and the homily, recessional.

Coda, remember about being critical?  Need to refresh the disclaimers and warnings and …?  Can’t be too careful when it comes to intellectual hygiene, modern mental viruses are nasty, designed and designer weapons.

The worst of the worst are the people who try to sow doubt in your mind, to make it seem that the world is not simple, that one must discipline one’self to an external reality to succeed by the highest and most honest standards of the best and wisest minds in our social realty.  Terrorists attacking the entire structure of our Status Quo at its intellectual foundations.

This site is intentionally such a sower of discord and sedition. It is my goal to insert my seditious ideas into the mind of every rational man and woman, and have them accept me as their personal guru and honor me forever.

You absolutely should not allow ideas into your mind without careful consideration of their possible effect on your life.  History’s failure rate is quite high, and the effect on populations literally catastrophic.

If you believe that, I am your guru. Gotcha!

See how easy that was? Despite all the warnings, I put my ideas into your brain, or branded them with my associations if they were already there, my identifiable set of ideas is now associated by me in your mind.  (The beginnings of ideology, so very dangerous.)

I didn’t need to tell you, although by telling you I more closely associate them and me by keeping the memes alive, refreshing long-term memory, this is a standard propaganda technique, simple repetition.  (Repetition as warning is cute, you might not have noticed without me pointing it out, each a new repetition.)

I bet many web sites don’t bother to warn you, before or after, about the ideas they are so anxious to thrust into your unsuspecting mind.  (Note the imagery, intended to repel the right sort of mind and attract the others.  The kind of thing I would do if I were aiming for World Domination, which I am, of course, and have said many times.)

Repeating warnings so many times they become meaningless is a standard technique in the world of information control.  Do you know what DHS’s terror threat is?  Already, you are ignoring my warnings, opening your mind to foreign thoughts, being too trusting.

As sneaky as I am, strive to be, bunches of places are sneakier than my best, and they don’t tell you.

How many parasite ideas do you think you are carrying?

Can’t say I didn’t warn you.

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