Ever-more Meta

This a more serious warning than every before, only you of stout and sound minds should proceed. This could get recursive.

I want to be clear that I don’t think I have invented anything new here, and probably every second blogger does this, some may have talked about it, but I don’t recall reading about it.  That means less and less as my child gets older.

I advertise the blog by posting comments on zerohedge, and those very intelligent people choose to follow my links and read my stuff.  So, experimenting* as always, I try a bit more dynamic front page, possible because zh allows me to edit comments after they are first posted.




I haven’t looked at Trump lately.  Will go look, come back in a minute to note if anything has changed.

No.  Just scan the headlines at news.google.com or most anywhere else.  Is that a set of headlines driven by a serious campaign team? That is a set of headlines that are weakly driven by the candidates’ activities, not by controlling the message, wroking a press corps.

I am going to add that to the ‘Assume You Are Being Played’.

Later I add the thought that if it is obvious to the average engineer the kind of stories you expect of serious Presidential Candidates, why is nobody in MSM telling us?  The great insiders who know all and share all?  The slogan of the times, which they are careful to not tell us, is “played like an organ, played like a populace”.  Good title for a blog.

This could sprain your brain, careful.



So 2 edits, a zerohedge comment is my dynamic home page for a period, one of the static ‘peer to peer index pages’ thereafter.

I updated my ‘assume you are being played’ and then came here and started this.

Lagging indicator that I am, very likely this interesting facility is already scamming people across the web.

I could misuse this power to turn that into another Lebowski Enlightenment, and quick run back to zh and update the comment with a link to the new LE. and then post this and quick put a link in both and update this.  Readers and I both would have sprained cortices thinking about it.  Need tools for consistency.  Can the web support tools handle this?

One level of indirection is all that are needed for a Turing-complete language.  So if my language considered zh comments as named items in shared memory and others as program space, stack, scratch, … This level of indirection and feedback and separateness seems very generally useful.

Go Meta Young Man. ‘Plastic’, I mean ‘Meta’.

No kidding, that is a very generally-useful thing in programming, a shared memory or message exchange facility. The combination with overlay networks and ‘darknets’ will emerge entirely new phenomena, I predict.

‘Linda’ in hyper-space.  Connoisseurs of older alternate forms of programming will remember Linda. I bet that many of the strange old architectures for program execution would fit the new memory-messaging architecture. The darkest darknets are the newest, and so exist as overlays in lower-level, previous-generation overlays, each new generation of processors and processor organization making the last generation’s encryption crackable-with-effort-if-stupid, so, there being so very many stupid, the need for the next-generation encryption and overlay darknet is very great and very variable.  Ebb and flow of commerce along with bandwidth on the darknet, the rate of one’s flows of fortune in the various realms, such a good word that for the things happening in these parallel existences. “It isn’t real!” some protest. Do be serious, our reputations will follow us realm to realm, if we make it happen. The exact reason for darknets, and the exact reason espionage is a large business in every realm, and the source of so many meatspace ulterior motives, we are all layered with them.

Sorry, I always wanted to write science fiction, got carried away. (It was an extended digression into layered thinking, the idea that one mechanism invoked on a stack can screw things up very quickly.  We are pitching extreme distrust of all change today, you never know when thinking will run away with you.  Be careful with your thinking.  Just like ‘top’ on linux systems, if any of your threads is consuming more than 50% of your attention, they better be really sexy, otherwise you aren’t paying attention to the right things. Real life has more things going on at once than that, all the time.  If your active thread count dips too low too often, you aren’t living life right.  Add people, is a good rule. End of extended digression of digression.)

*’Experimenting’, in its most primitive form, is ‘do something random, try hard to remember what, what happened, and the sequence’.  I quite literally cannot shave in the same pattern day to day. I am a wonderful bug finder, if ‘find a bug’ does not include the requirement of being able to reproduce the sequence of actions that elicited it. They think their ‘fuzzifier’ testing gets my kind of errors, but again and again I show them incapable of fuzzifying at my conceptual level.  Really.

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