Joys Mono-Culturalists Miss Out On

I like many things that straight-laced mono-culturalists can’t allow themselves to experience.  Real genuine Conservative values in action, people having a hell of a good time being themselves and extending their cultures in different directions.

I liked this meme, it has echoed through the society, ritual dissing :

I thought that was very well done. Never watched the full movie, but have seen that many times with different people, all of our friends have liked it.

So look what a different part of the society has done with that ritual dissing :

My kid and I found that some years ago, watched it as a family.  He was already into dancing, was still scared of being on stage in those days, was impressed at those kids in front of big audiences.  The full movie, btw, gives you the context to see those people as people.  Documentary showing the good side of things, probably, mostly.  People, neighborhood, kids parties.  The growth of a genuine cultural phenomena that has since morphed into many other forms and affected other dance styles.

We watched tons of things like that, getting a feel for different people’s lives.  Up In Smoke, I told you about, my engineer’s functional version of ‘Just Say No’.  Weeping Camel was effective at making you understand exactly how dysfunctional your modern mind would be in such a primitive tribal herder economy.  As a person, you would fit in, probably would have a significant other in a year, so long as you were strong, healthy and humble. Really, you wouldn’t know anything worth knowing in that world, however astonishing you were in our own.  Dozens of such, people around the world.  He read books on the Soviet gulag years and people’s lives in them, Chinese of many eras.  And all of Bernard Cornwell’s novels, an excuse to talk about world history and how things fit together.  And Allen W. Eckert, people in hard times working to survive.

There are tons of musical forms, we listen to some of all of them, some are good in every genre, e.g. Genghis Blues.

We read a lot of historical novels together, and many books such as the experiences of a real ‘Horse Whisperer’ and how he understood how to break horses, how difficult it was to convince the ranching community.  Things that tied my sons’ understandings to something real, real people, real points of view, the kind of problems they have have and the enjoyments of their lives and the tradeoffs.

BTW : Another thing he learned is to look at the world objectively, people are people and some behave strangely in our view, no big deal, best to smile and be polite.  My kid knows that any anthropologist will tell you that ritual dissing is an old art form, quite often a prelude to battle.  My ancestors were well known for painting their asses blue and waving them at the enemy.  This was in later, more civilized years :

What did yours do?


Funny there are no re-enactment or ethnic artistic dance groups for a culture’s ritual dissing.  It should be one of our most Conservative-of-tradition art forms.

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