A Recent Email Exchange

Names removed to protect the guilty :
Subject: You’ll like this:

The Future Of Relationships? Soon Millions Of Men Will Be Having Sex With Life-Like Female Robots


I will start work on ‘bitchiness’, ‘I have a headache’, ‘maybe tomorrow’, ‘we never talk’, “you don’t love me any more”, etc. apps immediately, all needed for a credibly life-like experience.



Ha-ha, that’s exactly why all men will want a robot who always says, wow, you are so hot, I am so hot, please do me right now, Big Guy, etc.

So was thinking about the marketing campaign for sexbots. Politicians are really good at telling us what we want to hear. Wondered if you could get Clinton as the spokesperson.

Bill Clinton.

Then thinking about the natural evolution of markets, we can anticipate a standard chassis design and a lot of addons/addins.

Cigar lighters came to mind.

That was your mind that did that.

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