An Open Letter To Third Parties

SuperTuesday just put Trump vs Clinton on track for a contest in November.  Both parties must realize how extremely vulnerable they are, as any alternative to either of those <many bad words> people will win.  Israeli-Neocons are OK with either candidate, it seems to me, and the allied deep state and Brzezinski-Kissinger cabals at least not strongly opposed to Trump. But other interests, and especially other oligarchic interests, surely oppose both of those 2 candidates, they are increasingly against the war and see the revolution staring them in the face.

Did you think that our great for-profit social commentary for the last 30 years :

and leaving absolute scientific-quality proof of 9/11 False Flag and Sandy Hook Hoax around in public for anyone to understand, once we all got cynical enough to to look at the evidence,  would have no effect?

Even with the best a major party might field, all except Bernie Sanders completely acceptable to the listed mafias, 2016 is the year a third party can sweep the Presidency and the Congress.  I think that winning is easy, hammer on the corruption that drives it all and the failure of the Status Quo to address it. None of the Republican candidates can stand up to that, and all of the Democrats exposed to the ‘facing up to it’ part, especially the bankster part.  Both are equally extremely vulnerable on the government’s deficits and the continuously-worsening economy.

There are 2 huge and hugely-obvious, very well documented examples of our Federal government gone insanely off the rails and taking our entire Status Quo with them, 9/11 False Flag and Sandy Hook.  Nobody who bothers to look at the evidence has any doubt whatsoever, as my offers to bet with prominent bloggers have shown.  Whatever they claim, nobody in any position of responsibility believes the gov’s story, and therefore we all understand the deep corruption our various mafias have spread through our society.  The $2.3T the Pentagon has ‘lost’ is part of that, and we have no clue about how big a part.*

That very wide-spread corruption is the issue, and if your party is not facing up to that issue, you are not going to win the elections except by local variables, no clean sweep is possible based on local variables.  If you intend change I can believe in, you will need to aim for a clean sweep, because nothing else can work against entrenched mafias. (Ask Italy).

The deep disgust so many of us have for our political parties and the entire Status Quo, who can’t bring themselves to talk about, much less deal with any reality that they don’t like, means we are in a pre-revolutionary situation.  The middle-class, those of us who normally originate and captain those affairs, have been pushed out of the economy, and increasingly the society, by our centralizing Status Quo via their increasing control of power and flows of money. Our share of the economy diminishes annually. Our entire Status Quo, all complicit in the treason that was 9/11 False Flag Operation and the propagation of propaganda such as the Sandy Hoax series of events, continue to do well.

We now have a strong authoritarian political group in America.  One of the things that is really important to manage a situation like that is getting out in front in defining who authoritarians are pissed at.  Political situations are unstable when they include mafias, deep states, too-large militaries, lost wars, massive surveillance, false flag operations and terror, large authoritarian blocks of voters who consider other blocks of voters to be less worthy, even less human, AND media controlled by whatever Cabal controls the government That is a standard 3rd world country, in fact, or Israel.

And now it is us. We are that unstable society with that good chance of consuming itself in some social-political disaster designed to prevent the Israeli-Neocons from hanging.

I think all Americans have very good reasons to be very angry at the treasonous criminal bastards who did 9/11 and are looting the nation, businesses, banks, pension funds, state and federal treasuries, surely the greatest kleptocracy in history.  Does Guinness have a record for the size of a fraud?  Where does the Pentagon’s $2.3T fall?  Larry Silverstein’s 9/11 WTC insurance fraud of $5.3B is, of course, relatively small potatoes.

And if you parties of reason do not get off the stick and get the political attention of our authoritarians pointed at those people, authoritarian-party’s anger will quickly be pointed at you.

Say the words : America has been betrayed by our elites.

Vast and amazing evidence, beginning with that $2.3T the Pentagon lost, and how nobody noticed that 9’11 was an inside job? Come on.  Trump is a symptom of that growing understanding. His early popularity came while he was playing with 9/11 revelations, and we were so hopeful.  Consider the political implications.

Scapegoats will be found, it is a law of political nature with mafia rules.

Seize the anger, lest it seize you.

*Another Lebowski Enlightenment, why do we discover this in a blog by nobody?

WRT the bet with prominent bloggers above, honesty, so necessary in an honestly honest member of the Honest Prty, impels me to admit I have won nothing.  Nobody will bet. Turns out, there is nobody smart enough to understand the very attractive terms simultaneously so dumb as to not watch the videos first, a minor flaw in my strategy.  How foolish of me. All those people who went and watched enough of the videos and thus knew not to bet.  I will never get rich at bar bets, I guess.

However, I do wonder at how few prominent bloggers have used it as the religious conversion experience they need to shed their current political albatross positions.  I should check how the ex-Nazis and ex-Stalinists managed their transitions, they all couldn’t have been hired into our intelligence services and thinktanks and universities.


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