Managed News Controls Political Opinion

*The usual warnings; please inspect such thoughts carefully, I can’t be sure about all of them myself.  I hate this kind of topic, uncertainties of any kind amplify every kind of mental fallacy, so thought is less reliable exactly when most needed. Please adopt the attitude of a serious skeptic being lightly entertained.

Also, I need  to apologize for this not being up to even my usual slack standards : it started out in one direction and got side-tracked and I didn’t fix the title or organization.  I see one place where the logic isn’t (and if I can find it again, will try to fix it, but first pass have not), otherwise it is more stream of thought than even I find acceptable. OTOH, the interface between what Israeli-Neocons + deep state have planned in government-takeover mode, at which they have great experience and where the many managed news streams originate, and Donald Trump’s phenomenal rise, himself also a master manipulator, is a complex arena with very many unknowns, this isn’t useless, but my high school writing teacher would give it a D for organization.

So sorry, but also I will probably go on doing such things.  Not just human error, but also a choice between putting my thoughts out to be critiqued by all of you and agonized over by me.  I do much better proofing after I have published a post, and read it back over often. Sometimes I get to gloat, other times wince, but it is part of the idea generation and thinking process. So I worn you with notes like this, more warnings you will ignore. ***

Added later : The essence of this is that I conclude, with evidence, that our PTB-complex has very deep control of the political process.  Besides funding all non-governmental aspects such as political parties and campaigns, the same oligarchs that fund such entities such as AIPAC own MSM, and their many allies in both parties and all ideologies do favors for each other and the various components of the deep states and mafias. That accounts for the complicity in Treason that was 9/11 FF and is the continuing Sandy Hoaxen and other false flags up to this very year. If I am correct about that amount of control, then it follows that either Donald Trump will be one of them and continue to do well and proceed to a genuine contest with Clinton (genuine because they don’t care who wins that), or will not be one of them and will have the convention denied to him.  That will split the RNC very badly and ensure Clinton is elected, in their current calculations.  Fine, it keeps the coup going and their heads attached to torsos at the neck.

Another interesting point about that : work the logic through from Trump’s pov in both cases, and think what his best course would be. My first few minutes thinking on this doesn’t see differences.  High strategy or just the way things work?

That summary rescues this, maybe.  And also, you see the process.  Analysis is evolution : make a conjecture and see how it fits.


Everywhere I look, I see the management of news.  Professionals must see far more than I can, it is their business, but they don’t tell us.  I find it remarkably that I can’t find anyone who consistently discusses that level of news and events.  I want to emphasize how easy it is to see where patterns where none exist, it is a major problem in science and I have discussed aspects of the problem there and in real life in dozens of posts by now.

Begin speculation about patterns I think I see.

ZH has a discussion going about Judge Jennine’s pro-Trump rant.  I immediately found another by Elizabeth Warren equally hitting on all points dear to the left.  There have been others from all the liberal ranters, Olberman and Maddow. At first, I had meant to write something like the comment I put over there, and maybe I will get back to that, it needs done.  But I started watching her performance, and, as a serious professional at the psyop business*, I have to say “WOW!”.  Both women hit every single meme you could possibly trot forth in Donald Trump’s favor, and do it in the context of hard lives of real people vs the GOP Establishment.  Trump couldn’t buy publicity like he is getting from everywhere, and that kind of stuff will pre-empt any last-minute dirt.

I cannot listen to either without thinking how directly every statement supports a more authoritarian state.  I read that as a message that the people Fox News represents are willing to throw over the entire GOP Establishment, meaning all of the ‘little Mainstreet oligarchs’ outside of DC, the ones like Koch and friends that oppose the continuous extension of central power as it is always to their detriment.  It means abandoning the crony-capitalists in all of the named sectors of the economy, including banksters.

That is what happens in a political Revolution that turns government fully and finally authoritarian : some political force picks some enemies and friends in the press start hammering.  After an interval, everyone understands who is the enemy, responsible for all of our problems, and who has to be eliminated.  Standard sequence, perfected by leaders from anscient times, and illustrated in the French revolution, Russian revolution, Chinese revolution and again with the Cultural revolution, basically in some intensity of form anywhere an authoritarian regime is in trouble..

Who is Trump hammering on?  First foreigners, but those foreigners did not cause our nation’s problems, the problems will not vanish if we eliminate all foreigners from our midst.  All such steps will leave Trump in a perilous political position, one where someone has to be blamed to save Trump’s political neck. The nation’s psychology demands it : 15 years of losing wars and this is the third very major recession happening out here in mainstreet. Too many people think too many things have gone wrong, and Trump’s authoritarian stance will demand scapegoats.

Look at the dynamics : can any President do anything positive in any short period of time? Not in an endgame of too much debt.  But persecute widely reviled criminals?  Easy, and entire bureaucracies will be anxious to look like they are actually worth something after their long lethargies.

Who will be targeted? Qui Bono? On whose behalf, I ask myself?  Israeli-Neocons look ahead, I observe, so we will clearly know by how Trump does headed toward the Presidency. If Trump continues to prosper, and the convention can’t manage to deny him the nomination, then we will know Trump has continued the accommodation I so easily interpret this situation as being. (And also, in a world of facade, who knows what is real? But also, who is trying seriously to figure out what is real and tell us?  The ratio of those trying to obscure reality vs reveal it probably has never been good, the obscurantists have the biggest voices and the largest ink barrels these days — All of MSM, in fact.)

We cannot know what Donald Trump really is, there are too many levels of facade applied. However, we can know what Donald Trump is NOT.

Donald Trump is not the person to save America because there can be no such person. For me, “Save America” means “Return to an honest society based on Conservative Values that allow building civilization”. A person does not do that, a movement does that, a movement that has many leaders who embody the ideals of the movement. I do not know of such people in such a movement, but clearly nothing else will save a country so very corrupt.  Mafias have to be removed to the root, or your society never recovers its health, as Italy is the latest to illustrate.

Donald Trump neither embodies nor represents any of the values that I believe are necessary to return our society to greatness, beginning with honesty and a world simple enough that honesty is an asset.  Donald Trump is a man of facade, a man who must hide much of his past.  We have little idea how much has been hidden.

The last presidential candidate of whom we had very little understanding beyond his political-world words was Barak Obama.

In fact, Donald Trump is a very great risk to our nation, because we cannot know what he is nor what he represents.  Past presidents, e.g. Barak Obama, who we believed were going to guide the nation to peace and justice and freedom failed badly, the pattern is promising peace and delivering more war and for reasons unseen.  Obama promised ending the wars most persuasively, and early steps in his Presidence seemed to acceptance of Islam as just another religion and winding down all the wars.  But Obama turned out to be just another Shrub, worse in most respects.  Was he the CIA’s boy all along? It is very likely he had contacts through his family and his first job was with a CIA front company.  Or he could be blackmailable, the CIA does that to control people, e.g. Dennis Hastert.

And the CIA very likely has far more than enough dirt on Donald Trump, because Donald Trump is the kind of personality who doesn’t much care about laws.  When you start following links on the topic of Trump, you find examples of his accompanying Mafia goons threatening violence.  In fact, that is what appeals to modern authoritarians, he gets things done despite laws.  We don’t need no stinkin’ laws! is ever-popular with authoritarians of all varieties.

Mafias are authoritarian regimes.

If you follow the story arc of our recent history, you see artistry and expertise in the construction of events and their presentation to the public that must already being aweing scholars of the topic. The deep state and Israeli-Neocon mafia put their people in positions in government around the world, took over the US and much of Europe’s media without much awareness, much less comment or criticism, and led multiple governments through the planning and story-construction of an entire series of false flags and the resulting wars, which they then sold to the public and kept the growing awareness from bleeding into political discourse.

From the 1993 WTC through OKC, 9/11, MH17, and all the others, the world’s intelligence services have been driving events and the stories in MSM around the world dutifully echo their line.

Considering that record of dominating the selection of Presidents since LBJ and the fact that Hillary Clinton has been carefully developed as another deep state-Israeli-Neocon asset beginning with the CIA drugs through Mena airport and the stream of wealth that propelled their political career, what is the probability that Donald Trump is not?  Add in the prior that the same MSM that cannot detect any of those intelligence services dominances gives Donald Trump more airtime than all of the other candidates summed.

The people who did did that long string of false flag operations, who embezzled so much from the military budgets that a false flag of 9/11 blowing up their own people and own computers was judged a reasonable tactic to deal with the threat, cannot allow peace.  If peace, they hang.

Those same people orchestrated the flow of refugees, the tortures to tie Al Qaeda to the planning of 9/11, the messages of “Go back to your offices, we have everything under control” in the stairwells of the WTCs that 9/11 there in NYC.  I don’t think they leave much to chance when it comes to preserving their heads’ attachment to their necks.

And I do not think that Donald Trump is chance, whatever he might think.  Trump hijacked the Israeli-Neocon stories, out-promised wrt Muslims and Mexican illegals both. The manner he does that appeals to authoritarians, just who the Israeli-Neocons depend upon for their support.  What evidence I see exposed says he will be in that militarist camp and someone like Trump is very likely the next step in their necessary and inevitable plan for the takeover of the US of A.

For the traitorous criminal bastards who killed 3K people on 9/11, so many with that ‘go back to your offices, we have everything under control’ message in the stairwells, there is no success but more power.  They cannot allow an independent Donald Trump in the Presidency, especially not one with internal opposition and catastrophes in economy and foreign policy.  He would need scapegoats, and it would be hard to choose anyone else, given the amount of amazingly obvious, clear, indisputable evidence in all of the False Flag research that is available.

The choice is Bernie or a 3rd party. Donald Trump is not a rational nor safe option.

Please don’t think we have heard the last word on Donald Trump.  The huge tell in all this is the media is doing the same sterling job of investigating Trump and his very many connections to the world, e.g. Jeffrey Epstein.  In a couple of minutes on Google Images, I can see that Donald Trump has been in the presence of Jeffrey Epstein, both in the company of lovely women, on many occasions, over many years.  I can see that Donald Trump has been in the presence of mafia bosses on many occasions over many years.  In 2 minutes I can see major CNN stories like :

CNN)Donald Trump’s glittering empire of New York skyscrapers and Atlantic City casinos have long had a darker side, allegations that the mob helped build them.

Trump’s alleged ties to New York and Philadelphia crime families go back decades and have been recounted in a book, newspapers and government records.
“The mob connections of Donald are extraordinarily extensive,” New York investigative journalist Wayne Barrett told CNN in an interview.
Barrett, the author of the 1992 unauthorized biography “Trump: The Deals and the Downfall,” wrote that Trump’s life “intertwines with the underworld.”
The allegations are getting new scrutiny as Trump runs for president, largely on his record as a successful, and extraordinarily wealthy, businessman.

Of course, we can’t trust CNN any more than Donald Trump, so it is hard to know how much weight to put on stories like that.  But Wayne Barrett has a good reputation, the reviews of his book on Trump include ‘relied on threats as much as charm’ and discussions of the vast dishonesty in NYC real estate.  I do not see that it is possible to separate Trump’s success from the mafia’s successes.

Perhaps the Israeli-Neocons are concerned that their mafia may be Trumped with NY mafias?  And so the United States is a pawn in a mafia war?

Trump’s genius is that he took a mafia war and Goodfellows ballbusting to business and political dimensions and has been winning! Unconventional warfare or just the continuing centralization of mafia power we see happening around the world?

If I* cannot tell what is going on, someone’s analytical services are intentionally on the blink.  Donald Trump’s connections are well known and of long standing if only because the FBI and NYPD was following so many of them for so many years years. Retired detectives all over NYC know everything about Donald Trump and his criminal and  other relations, likely ditto various other cities.

Where are the journalists?  How hard is this? Do I have to think of everything? Here is a list of questions to ask them.

Another pattern I believe I see forming is the serious political discussion coming out in a few places (WaPo and WSJ both at the same time) giving journalism and political writers the lead about how they are going to manage the Trump Phenomena.  They are now discussing the real effects of a candidate so unpopular with major segments of the electorate.  He looks bad even compared to Hillary, and the dicussions have Republicans losing.  I have seen several aspects of that discussed since.

Now you will begin to see that Trump is exactly the phenomena of a public gone momentarily insane, that authoritarians are the danger the Founders were protecting against via Republic, not Democracy and limited voter eligibility, etc.  He is the danger all of those changes opened us to.  True and rational vs authoritarian rage against the establishment, hard to know what side to adopt.  Was this also planned?  Israeli-Neocons and US deep state seem to me to have been ahead of the world-domination game via coup of the most powerful government.  Whatever, Trump has shown them the power of the authoritarian voters here in the US, something now cranked into everyone’s plans in every power block and individual campaign.

Now I have to stop this, normal standard analysis is such a waste of time, and even thinking closes your mind to the nuances of reality as it streams past.  So many times in life I have flashed on a memory and ‘oh, that is what that was about’.

*Generalissimo Grand Strategy, Intelligence Analysis and Psyops, First Volunteer Panzer Psyops Corp.  Cleverly Gently Martial In Spirit.  As an honestly honest blogger, it is important not to mislead my readers by understating my qualifications.  I am indeed the outstanding theoretician of 5th Generation Warfare’s psyops, there being no others that I know of.  I have a 100% success rate with my predictions in that position, of which I have made none. That unblemished track record does not in itself qualify me for anything, especially not as a leader of people or founder of movements, although I note that it leaves me far ahead in such measures compared to any declared Presidential candidate or other political, social or economic-thought leader.

Unusually pedantic, picky mathematicians may object to 0/0 = 1.  They will acknowledge the intuitive appeal to lesser minds, however, as the limit of 1/x as x –> 0 = infinity, and 1 * x as x –> 0 = 0 and the the balance in these two equations, along with the confirming fact that no missed predictions is a perfect record of not missing.

It is important to grasp the essence of psyops here.

**This was that comment :

‘Candid and honest’ within a frame of reference carefully ignoring the very important questions of the day, most of them.  And therefore making you think that Donald Trump might change anything, and thus the elections are important.

And thereby keeping the Israeli-Neocons’ heads on their shoulders another election cycle, at least, and best case, another 4-year term.  Suppose the combined take of our various mafias, counting all of the companies they own and the amounts borrowed with stock as a collateral and the profits from the financial side of things (don’t forget the downside they must worry about, their portfolios crashing to dirt at the same time they are on the run as international war criminals) a few $Trillion a year.

How independent do you think Donald Trump is?  Social ties, banking ties, mafia ties, deep state ties (stone and probably lots we don’t know about) and of course ties to Jeffrey Epstein, who is very likely Mossad in charge of entrapping high-level people into sex with minors.  Trump was an early part of Epstein’s associations, we will find.

Donald Trump is a bad bet because he is very largely unknown, and intentionally so.

Reminds me of Obama, in fact.  Obama turned out to bee a deepstate guy, CIA, probably and that is no cosnpiracy that is probabilities based on his many associations.

I feel a blog coming on.  Thanks.

To which I add : a few $T a year buys a lot of power, this could take  while.  Also, one of Epstein’s willing procuress was the daughter of a previous Mossad agent, Conrad Black.  OK, she was broke, but what is the probability she would decide her best career path was committing criminal acts for Jeffrey Epstein?

***Really, I did not plan that bit, but you definitely should not believe me.  Also, I should brag about that focusing your attention and memory via mentioning ‘error in the logic’ and not being able to find it, that is the kind of thing I do think of.  Aren’t you glad I am honest?

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