Was The Coup Planned?

Once you grasp that 9/11 was a false flag operation, and how much evidence, best case, had to be left exposed for all who looked to see, you can understand that it was not possible to cover it up.  Thus the conspirators knew in advance they would eventually be exposed, and could only hope to put that off long enough, as Pearl Harbor never became a political issue, or seize power more completely, as in the Third Reich.  They could not afford to lose, of course, as so many people throughout our society, economy and political system are Complicit in Treason as a result of 9/11 FF and the 9/11 Commission coverup.  Many will hang if events surrounding 9/11 are investigated thoroughly, e.g. all of the corruption indicated by things like the $2.3T the Pentagon lost, and then so unfortunately lost all records about having lost and the 30 people who could testify about the records in that nasty terrorist attack where bombs went off inside the computers holding those records, filling the Pentagon with the smell of cordite, killed, so sad. (You can’t make up stories this good.)

If these many indications of massive corruption are investigated properly, very many high level people in our society will hang.

I conclude that our deep state guides of political opinion in America knew that their control of the political consequences of 9/11FF rested entirely on the their control of the media, and that their confidence must have been very high, because 9/11 FF was a ballsy bet on a complex operation*.

That confidence has not been entirely misplaced. Although the conspirators were not able to prevent the 9/11 Commission because of the family pressure (payoffs were used to reduce the legal pressure, as with some of the Sandy Hook Hoaxes), 9/11 framed as the government’s version is the only one ever seen in all major media and all companies and organizations and their web sites aspiring to respectability. Nevertheless, the rise of the internet and easy dissemination and aggregation of blog posts and the many mechanisms for peer-to-peer links it makes so easy and fast, fostered the citizens who began investigations and their many reports.

Consequently, a large percentage of the world’s citizens know that 9/11 was indeed a government-sponsored event, and most also know who those governments were and implications for world peace. I believe that realization is one of the major factors driving political events around the world.

I want to add to everyone’s calculations the fact that very likely this situation was anticipated, in broad outline at least, and that obviously our deep state manipulators thought they could handle any problems.  So far, they are doing well, they have their heads and probably both leading Presidential candidates on their team.

First, exactly this kind of takeover of government has been standard activity of the CIA and predecessors in British Intelligence.  The standard pattern is a government in waiting and a series of events that drives the political system in the direction of that waiting government. The standard pattern uses assassinations and terrorism, as those have the largest effect on political opinions for minimum use of resources.  The standard pattern puts their people in key positions, and the right things go correctly wrong and at the worst possible times.  The standard pattern is bombs with good timing and a simultaneous drill to hide everything.  The standard pattern is many distracting and apparently-conflicting events and stories about events.  The pattern is a passport that miraculously survived the very severe treatment of bomb, fire and or destructive crash event in which all other forensic evidence was destroyed, it must have received to be so pristinely clean.  The standard pattern is patsies who left convenient trials of evidence, the depth in time and reality of that trail a measure of the planning, the forethought, first team or less. Passport found by the merest chance, the driver’s licenses and briefcases with all of their planning files, by the merest chance, found every time.  The FBI is so proud.  Strange how the security cameras never have tapes running whenever anything like this happens.

Second, 9/11 FF itself revealed a very long plan, with step-by-step control of the building’s security and their trusted people were in the correct positions in the White House, Pentagon and CIA, and the network of Israeli-supporters in all of the political parties was extensive.**

Third, Israeli society and their political system has been taken over by approximately the pattern being used here in the US.  The long campaign of anti-Palestinian propaganda was accompanied by a political process that seemed to many designed to convert the largely peaceful first Intifada into the rockets, mortars and suicide bombings of the Second and subsequent waves of Palestinian protest.  Combined with political Zionism’s clever distortion of Jewish history, the radicalization of the citizens of Israel, their authoritarianism arising from the threats their own government stimulated and extremist religious and political leaders fostered, the Zionist’s plan for Greater Israel and the criminal Likud party are in control of Israel’s government, security services, military and foreign policy.**

Israel’s Ynon Plan called for balkanization of the Middle East, reducing countries to a series of ethnic conclaves in conflict with each other.  That required powerful allies, and Israel has played its cards very well, every political and ethnic entity in the ME fears for its existence, the entire ME is authoritarian, run by royalty, generals and mullahs of power-narrowed vision.  That is a world where concentrated power can control threats against itself, and where Greater Israel could prevail.

The politics of Empires is often taken over by Cabals.  Corruption makes that easy. All Empires are corrupt, else why go to all that bother?  Empires are all more or less sophisticated ways of looting, history does not yet record the sophistication level of Larry Silverstein’s insurance looting or the frauds of deep-state+MIC missing $2.3T or their associates in widespread associated mafias, intelligence and military services around the world.

Treason, murder, crime and politically untouchables in charge of the most powerful military in history.  Or at least used to be, can’t be so sure any more, it was politicized also. The various mafias and ngos and politicial arms and arms of government merge, share data and operatives and tactics and software and suppliers and trainers.  Israel gets raw NSA data at the same time as our analysts see it, no filtering.  That close cooperation exists between many components of the world’s intelligence services and military and civilian police agencies.  Also, within state and local civilian, military and federal in enough relationships it is not possible to keep track of where the orders for billions of rounds of ammunition are coming from, nor exactly how many agencies of what sizes have SWAT teams and members who receive training on the latest military weapons?  And perhaps how to use them on civilian society, the kind of course we teach to the South American officers?

A complex society would inevitably have many career paths that appeal to and can be done by different people, even different kinds of people.  So complex societies wold inevitably be less strict in applying the rules, we have not solidified the necessary rules for our new realities.  All together, with all of the cultural innovation and entertainment to keep us occupied, it is easier to lose track of loyalties and fundamental values like the Constitution.    To lose the appreciation of what it means to play positive-sum games, the no-foolin’ requirement, and-gate to history.  If your civilization is not playing enough positive-sum games well enough, it fails.  Not really part of history, except as “Plutarch said about the <you guys> etc”.  You are archaeology, bones and graveyards at major battle sites.

We, the United States Of America and remoras of deep-state and associated mafias, are failing.  You can watch this system buckle from down here at the same time you guys are getting rich from the pillage producing the buckling and from all of the litigation aterwards.

As designed, I believe.  If you want to weaken groups, weaken loyalties.  Provide career paths beyond your agency, in another branch of government.  Set up lots of liasons for agencies overlapping functions, little groups of, functionally, spies in the bosom of your competitors for budget.


So the questions are to what extent are these events part of a plan? That is, continuing to a full authoritarian regime of some kind must have been understood, likely based on the military, NSA and CIA, controlled by Israeli-Neocons.

Easy to tell at the election whether the new President is acceptable to the Israeli-Neocons or not.  Either the inaggural won’t happen, or there will be no rooms in all of Israel because of people fleeing the coming plagues of anger and oligarchs will be sleeping in mangers, and the cost of vetted security, all those guys with all those guns.

You who think this fantasy, sure go take my bet.  Make it big, I deserve the $.  And for the rest of you, that $2.3T lost by the Pentagon makes it big, people.  The Israeli-Neocons used 9/11 False Flag to cover that little point up.

You know the corruption is huge when it takes a very major and very public operation the complexity of 9/11, things went wrong, but they carried it off and nobody in our very many government and intelligence agencies appear to have noticed.

What world do you think you are living in?  How could those things happen in the world I was told it was?  Would I like living in this world?

Could be I am insane, of course, don’t trust anything I say beyond the minimum to evaluate the strength of the reasoning and its sufficiency to cause you to look at the evidence.  Don’t take my prejudices along, you will be much more confident when you grasp all of it yourself.

These will convince anyone.

They expected everyone to believe that.  Really, so few now do.  Another one of those sociological overhangs of snow waiting to crash on the innocents in the valley below.  You folks in the third parties better get going, if you hurry we may be ahead of the beginning of the blood letting.

*Parts of which did not go as planned, e.g. one plane late and one didn’t take off.  Revealing improvisations ensued, e.g. Bldg 7 was ‘pulled’.  Someone would have gotten around to the nanothermite in the dust sooner or later, but Bldg 7 was an early clue things were not right and one easy to understand.

**Rahm Emmanuel’s time as head of the DNC should be seen as Mossad’s attempt at taking over that organization, and Debbie Wasserman Schultz was at least a partial success, as Hillary Clinton is a devout Neocon.  No kidding, look at the pattern of his candidates and their success, in spite of a lot of AIPAC money.  I think historians are going to see that as a close-run thing, one of those obvious-in-retrospect turning points in history.  You do not have to be in mood to see conspiracy when you see the network of obvious Israeli agents throughout high levels of American life.  The dual-passport citizens of Israel have a component who are agents of Israel working at high levels of the US government and running frauds and subversions and coverups.

The thing you should be amazed at is how obvious all this must be and is, according to many people on the record, to everyone in media and political classes and minions of the state.  And it is, of course, they think it normal, just the way it is.  “Yes you need to be much more cautious about opinions these days, people are touchy and careers get ended for slights. Yes, it is worse than I remember and so I just keep my head down and do what I am told.  I do my job and nobody hassles me.”

Every one of the career paths in that complex of MSM, regulatory agency, political operative, data scientist, political aspirant, PR/writer, script writer, PR data theoretician, software for oligarchs supplier, film producer, … has had an insider do an expose of the facades around their part of that mess.  It is the same story everywhere : a system driven by mostly-legal corruption, with the little people doing the most immediately dangerous or distasteful bits of criminality and enforcement of laws, and sufficient cutouts of peoples, roles, rules and responsibilities between them and the rulers that no blame can attach.

Every political campaign results in insider stories, we thought we were getting the straight scoop, back in the old days.  But more and more, it looks like Presidents are selected for compliance and/or blackmailability (all the others), them and advisors all members of the Mutual Gonad Clutcher’s Association, endless jockying for power on behalf of some interest or other.

And Americans are herded toward authoritarian stances by the same kinds of threats that Israeli citizens fear.  Those evil Muslims proliferate terror endlessly via false flags, while the $Ts disappear from our government’s accounts and our civil liberties are curtailed at an an increasing rate and our economy is diving to Greater World-Wide Depression and our Status Quo becomes a mostly-legal kleptocracy built on faux expertise as wise men feathering their own nests by their work in government, NGOs, think tanks, political campaigns, on government advisory councils.

It isn’t sustainable, and there is a reason you elites with your Johathan Gruber-thinking advisors haven’t let there be a poll of the public’s position on 9/11 as an inside job since 2008.  At least not in the US.  It is the reason nobody takes my bet.  It is the reason our political elites are so puzzled at their loss of control of the agenda, their ability to set the question.  Turns out, they have to care about “9/11 was clearly an inside job, why have you not noticed?”.  Because if they don’t have a good answer for that, they will hang.

Either get a Truth and Amnesty Process going and turn it over to we, the people and so allow it to be credible, or be swept away by the rage.  You are all complicit in a treason that has killed many thousands of us Americans and 100s of thousands of fellow humans to cover up your embezzlements, your frauds. $Trillions of dollars in fraud that Rumsfeld admitted to, just before that nasty terrorist event, all those evil Muslims set those bombs in the computers, there in the Pentagon killed those people investigating the problems.  $2.3T that we know about.  No clue whether that is a big part of the total kleptocracy take or a small part.

And the rage those induce in normal folks is even before we get to the Boiling Frog Post’s investigations of the pedophile rings threading through our government.  The ones exposed most recently by the Dennis Hastert case that nobody in the media has thought interesting enough to follow up.  You know, with Hastert receiving little boys and suit cases of cash in his Chicago offices and hotel suites around the world?  Suites where the CIA’s procurers provided the little boys?  Funny how so many of the people associated with each other in these affairs are part of one impervious elite or another.

You elites have no choice, this is a very unstable political system, in the midst of a classic CIA takeover, except for this new thing, the internet.  You may own MSM and control every word, but you do not own the Internet.  Ask your NSA, stuff like mine is passed around a lot.  Most of the visitors to places like mine come from emails sent political list to political list.

You are losing this information war very badly, and NSA has failed to do much for your credibility, what with having no clue where all those top-secret government databases have gone and Snowden deemed hero for running off with all their jewels.  You guys are the danger to us and our freedom, not the evil ISIS your minions create and control.  Your false flags are not working.

Time for choosing sides, you advisors to oligarchs.  A taste of an amnesty program for you, probably the best you will get.

Mafias of the world, leave off the false flags. They don’t have the effects you want, any longer.  Now we in the west get to experience the range of emotions the Muslims must feel at what you have done there.

Start getting right with your God guys, because you are not going to be in power in a decade, probably a good bit less.  You have managed our civilization very poorly, and it is time to take the power from you.  We are, and you will be given justice, very fairly.  No screwups this time, we intend to extract the great deal of social learning from this disaster that we apparently failed to imbibe from Nuremberg.

***The Mafia now has it’s own special forces reporting directly to it.  Want to guess who placed the nanothermite in the WTC complex?

9/11 was the high-point, I believe, of a very long development of the Israeli-Neocon Cabal, a mafia establishing its control over the US government, focused on the military and CIA, and putting people into all of the positions necessary to manage the very large-scale frauds done by Israel and its many connections through the many corporations run by ex-army and -Mossad officers.  And, no doubt, by many dual-passport US and Israeli citizens who became advisors to people in high places.  Helped in the rapid ascents in their various careers by their ability to direct generous contributions to political interests, I believe.

Do you think that the CIA’s $50B heroin smuggling operation was a consolation prize in the revenue from the Pentagon’s fraud rings?  Do we really know what Johnathan Pollard was working on?

Why is Congress not investigating all of this?  If we see this on the outside, insiders must have been going crazy for years.  Damn few hints, and yet another reason they are clamping down on whistleblowers.  Snowden was the other, they must be afraid he got into records yet to come out, and that his very positive reception from the public would encourage other people.

Congress is not investigating all of this because they are owned by AIPAC.

This was surely the most massive fraud in history, $Ts.  The entire Pentagon brass is covering it up.  The CIA and military are up to their elbows in drugs.  Elites in Congress are taking money from Turkish mafia bosses in Chicago and little boys from them and the CIA’s procurers.  Leadership positions in Congress are purchased with donations from one campaign fund to another, with large sums going to purchase positions supervising pages, and more to cover up the surprisingly frequent scandals of congressmen using the youngsters for sexual pleasures.  Covered up by the highest levels of power in the political world, across international boundaries, recorded by multiple intelligence services and police agencies.

Orchestrated by an international fraud wring centered on just about every secret power center on the planet. Very cooperative people, our professional intelligence agencies and military people.  Also our political operatives now move country-to-country working on campaigns and political PR.  Some of those went to Russia, I recall. Good training for the CIA operatives coming back to work in those jobs in the US, I bet.

Once mafias have infected your political and legal infrastructure, a society has a big fight clearing it out.  Italy is not a good precedent, it seems to me.

We don’t know how deep ours is, but $2.7T is a lot of fraud and at a high level.  We have no idea at all, and we see high level officers like Admiral Lyon telling us how evil Iran is but not noticing any of the above.

Way far past time.  We need a “none of the above” slate of honest nobodies chosen to be exactly that, the ultimate FU to the establishment.  People so benign, nobody can object, the least possible evil.   Clean sweep of every spot in Congress and all judgeships and all statehouses and legislatures.  We have those people, and we have an internet to coordinate them and beginning discussions to make it happen. Better hurry.  If they lose, they hang. Said to concentrate the mind, the prospect of hanging.

8 thoughts on “Was The Coup Planned?

  1. (Note: I like your blog, but it’s nearly impossible to read! When you put in several YouTube “inserts” it takes about five (maybe more) minutes to load a page! Also, I would consider using the WordPress “more” function to move the (often lengthy) lower text to a new page. That way you can have five or so articles on the front page, giving your readers a sense of “continuity”.)

    I have three points —

    (1) In the NYC 9/11 event, thermite-type material was probably involved. But that material could never have caused the Twin Towers to explode as they did from top-to bottom. Thermite is a very “low velocity” explosive. Low velocity explosives produce an air pressure wave that moves at the speed of sound. High velocity explosives push a gust of air that moves faster than sound (so it’s a shock wave), and these have different effects. The Twin Towers were certainly blown apart by something that was at the very least comprised of shock waves. Considering the violence with which the steel and concrete were blasted to dust, I would be very surprised to learn that nuclear devices were not involved.

    (2) Over decades, I have noticed a succession of individuals who claim to have been “gang stalked”. People follow them around in an obvious fashion, take pictures of them, empty their gas tank, etc. Very often this ruins their lives completely, and many are driven to suicide. I once had a microwave communications job, and one time brought a large scary-looking rack of test equipment to the very roof of the United Nations building. There were no security badges, and no one approached or even looked at me. So if you are under real true surveillance it will not be even slightly obvious. The openly stalked people nearly always feel that they are being punished for some radical transgression, yet as I read their stories, I find they haven’t done anything radical to speak of, ever. Whereas I have organized protests and done all sorts of things like that and never am openly stalked. So what is going on? Well, I think my radical behavior disqualifies me from being openly stalked. You see, they need to vet sociopaths who will willfully harm innocent victims, not obvious trouble-makers like me. Then, if the rookie stalkers “pass” their test, they are given various tasks, such as blowing up the World Trade Center. And of course they will never blow any whistles, since they are sociopaths and have no conscience.

    (3) Once at a 9/11 conference, I expressed the opinion that 9/11 was not a false flag at all, but rather a psy-op. What I said was that the entire event was deliberately designed to look just like a false flag. A sort-of false-false flag. Either consciously (say if they are truthers) or unconsciously, they are completely convinced that the government did it. And this engineered learned helplessness effect has socially paralyzed them, so they can no longer even protest what is done to them.


    1. Not ‘nanothermite’, it is an explosive, but some of the things I read thought the explosions in the basement were more conventional. I do not recall details, don’t know of anything that would rule that out.

      I tentatively agree with you on the ‘gang stalking’, have a page open to look at that, but haven’t gotten to it.

      Yes, false flags are psyops. Amazing to watch an entire society so aware of the awesomeness of the Emperor’s clothes.


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  3. You made a reference to some sort of “truth and reconciliation” process for 9/11. But many more references to the gallows.

    The idea of “reconciling” with these evil fucks sticks in my craw. Just can’t see it.

    Use their own Nuremberg example (victor’s justice) against them. They need to be on the end of ropes.


    1. Reasoning is that we need to dig deeply to clean out the mafias, they survive normal court proceedings and investigations. You cannot run a modern society with mafias, they are the issue in the entire world now, and the Israeli-Neocon mafias need a war to maintain power. If they lose power, they hang.

      So I agree with your visceral reaction, would love to hang them all, and some will hang. But reality.



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