Was Trump Annointed?

Many more than the usual warnings, caveats and reminders not to treat this as more than light-entertainment. Also, I make a prediction below, watch it come true in your favorite blog’s comments.

Interpretations of Putin’s approving words about Trump  from everywhere.

That was a sea-change, and shows that MSM and GOP are fully-cooperating entities in guiding our opinions on this.

Look at the sequence of events, I think is the most revealing aspect of this : Trump made several comments about 9/11 that sort-of hinted he didn’t believe.  This from 16 October:

That got extended and we all were all hopeful, e.g. from 20 October:

All through these, the dissing from MSM was consistent.

On Nov 23, then makes the ‘Muslims dancing’ comment  :

That is followed much controversy, Trump doesn’t back down, the issue fades into just another ‘Trumpism’.

Then on December 15,  he meets with Sheldon Adelson, the Israeli Billionaire.

During this, his acceptance in MSM grew. He jumped in the polls, MSM gives him even more time, and the Republican debates and debaters were kind.  Suddenly, he is indeed the leader in the GOP Presidential primary race, fully accepted as such.

There are, of course, an infinitude of alternative explanations.

It could be a change of Republican strategy.  The GOP could still prefer someone other than Trump, but attack doesn’t work.  But we heard about Adelson and his fellow oligarchs deciding they had no better candidate, and mere ‘change of gop strategy’ doesn’t explain MSM, suddenly friendly, friendly MSM, across the political spectrum. Why does MSM care who the GOP candidate is?

Another possibility is what Salon expected months back : Opponents have knock-out info, are waiting to use it to give their own forces max time to get organized to take advantage.  That does not explain MSM’s changed behavior either. Also, what Presidential candidate has that ability to discipline themselves and their campaigns.  We would have heard.

Trump has reached accommodation with Deep State forces. ‘Deep State’ is not monolithic, of course.  Israeli-Neocons are  large power block, but MIC, oil are others, probably also intelligence-world entities we don’t know about.  If Trump’s tentative use of 9/11 was a negotiating strategy, the “Muslims Dancing” bit was capitulation or agreement.

Putin’s approval could mean anything, but we have to expect him to have connections into all of the above entities, and his people can read polls and see the same portents I see.

Added later, Adelson and Trump agree on Israel. Told you.


I don’t think the above proves anything, I cherry-picked evidence.  But the data points are consistent with ‘Trump is Israeli-Neocon camp’, and suggestive of lines of research.  I do not now see evidence inconsistent with that hypothesis.

Israeli-Neocons are STILL the existential threat to America.  Trump is either ignorant about 9/11, or in the Israeli-Neocon camp.

If ignorant, Trump is not qualified to be President for reason of lack of curiosity.

If Trump understands 9/11, which one would expect of anyone in NYC with the variety of contacts Donald Trump has, then he is at least neutral in this rolling coup, and thus a very big danger to America.  Worst case, Donald Trump could be the man selected as our first dictator.

The Israeli-Neocon coup overthrowing the American government is still in progress.  They cannot lose, they will hang.


There is very much more to be dug out of the relationships between Trump and Israel, Neocons and his connection to Roy Cohn, the mafia and the deep state, but I don’t have time to be an investigative reporter.

This was lying on the surface waiting to be noticed, it hasn’t been that I can see.

I haven’t changed my thinking from We Are Being Played.  If that is correct, Trump is a big danger.

A prediction : If this interpretation “Donald Trump is in the Israeli-Neocon camp” is correct, hasbara of the world will now descend upon all the web sites of the world supporting Donald Trump.

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