Musings On 5Th Generation Warfare

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Introduction to my* memoirs about the development of 5GW Psyops and our First Volunteer Panzer Psyops Corp.

Fifth Generation Warfare has proven to be by far the most effective uses of minimum force of any wars ever.  It has evolved, certainly devolved in terms of all prior wars increasing violence, to people moving thoughts and then a few bad, but strategically bad and rarely causing injury, much less loss of life, things happen to whatever humanity had judged to be a threat, and the problem fades away.

5GW was the first warfare pacifists could enthusiastically participate in and had long development by First Volunteer Panzer Psyops Corps and associated people and groups.  The case that first made world headlines was far from the first our early units investigated, justice evaluations judged and sentenced, and execution units performed.  While some of those actions were judged to be hasty by our later standards, our open inspection of operations rapidly improved them.

The early breakthrough in theory was something I first discussed, falsifying paper trails AFTER a genuine accident to make it appear that the accident was sabotage.  In this particular case, when the FBI came calling, they traced the problem back to a the organizers of a series of false flag operations done by their own agency, using one of their major outside groups to do the actual operations, lead by a woman used in many prior cases and known in the criminal defense community, as the direct link.

That was an elegant case, a prototype of so many of the First Volunteer Panzer Psyops Corp’s following operations.  Nobody was hurt, the corrupt authority’s own investigative arm both was and found the source of the terrorist event, the systems’ own corrupt justice units made one of their own a scapegoat in order to look good, and a completely guilty person ended up in jail, innocent of anything to do with a crime that had never been committed. They rarely achieve that level of elegance, but the standard was set.

That particular case also stood out for the after-action work.  There, after the woman was sentenced for effectively the rest of her life in prison,  the operations group leaked the whole story to the woman’s cellmates.  The resulting rumors and gossip as she fought to regain her own freedom and thereby further damaged the FBI’s already-low reputation amplified our perceived power 1000x.

That bit of work was, of course, far past our initial efforts of merely taking credit for accidents as ‘patriot actions against oligarchs’, and the resulting attribution of every accident to ‘patriot action’ as a way of screwing the insurance companies. Nobody believed in our omniscience in those days, they just pretended to, but that built the initial image.  But those many campaigns built our Corp from the bottom up, distributed far and wide around the world.  Because we constructed the plan of the operation that would have produced each of the accidents we took credit for as a psyop, we collectively understand all kinds of accidents very well as a result, and know how to make them happen if necessary.  Turns out, entropy doesn’t need that much help, small nudges can move large objects from orbiting one massive object into the orbit for another, if administered at exactly the right time and continued over enough years.

Complex systems provide many surfaces to attack, many points to push. We had tracked down many of those in our accident analysis in preparation to constructing the plan for the accident, and knew the natural causes to push. As our various ‘accident analysis’ started individual’s consulting practices, we began being approached for cover to insurance frauds and other scams.  We turned those down, negative-sum.  If we found someone guilty of causing an accident, we reported it.  We could never allow reason for suspicion, and made sure we documented every such interaction in great detail.  If we had no further reason to distrust the entity subtly asking, no action was necessary.  But as prior evidence influencing other decisions, that was often useful.  Being scrupulously honest is an amazing advantage, when used well.

The evolution of our leadership in 5GW was among the most interesting aspects. Early on, I understood that everything had to be voluntary, that it was the kind of thing that would attract adventurous souls and needed good and active minds of a creative nature.  If we wanted real enthusiasm, we needed lots of feedback and encouragement, and groups forming to engage in the many aspects of an evolving 5GW contest.  Adding the restriction of ‘no harm’ to our operations allowed us to attract the best and keep up morale long-term, handling messy body bags so saps the spirit of an organization.  Allowing everyone to embody the very highest ideals of humanity while preventing the civilization from allowing stupid things, and doing so with careful justice and minimum disruption, that kind of image is a hell of an advantage in running a world.  Accomplishing big things for civilization without generating opposition is worth a lot of thought, we had found. Makes you wonder why governments ever gave this approach up. Scholars concluded ‘assholes in their many dimensions’, all the studies I saw.

Further, elegant solutions to the problem would take a lot of different kinds of knowledge and understanding, and so cooperation across many people and skills would be needed. We needed to make that easy.

So obviously, a system evolves with games and prizes and entries and judges panels and as much social hoopla as we wish to add to the basic process of finding people behaving in ways that destabilize the world-wide economic, social and political system without noticeable compensations in the foreseeable future, spotlighting them for pubic judgement, and if the world so judges, preventing that in an elegant way.  With the success of our many operations, most bad guys now fold up tent as soon as we begin publicizing the situation.

All of that happened entirely independent of me and the other people thinking about the problems of opposing government.  I am known, indeed known to be one of the great military thinkers in history, fully on par with Sun Tzu, entirely as a result of adopting a better market position and image than they, not because my ideas are any better or more revolutionary.  I did a better job of product positioning, putting my career (well, Nth career, I had had a lot of failures, as befits the hero image.  Trump got that right) in a path to greatness.

Only greatness of image! you gibe?  Right, Trump got that right too, that was the first problem.

Nobody can know what paths the future will take, of course, but it will very likely be one of the bleeding-edge ideas of the future combined with eternal verities of humans being human.  We have reasonable understandings of how things must work. Make it easy to be good, reward good better than evil, provide some ethical mechanisms for reporting and debiting evil’s accounts, hey people respond to incentives and you can get the entire system on a virtuous circle. But however obviously optimal for all that situation is, however lauded the greatnesses of the civilizations that have best achieved that for their brief moments in the world’s history, actually arranging that and keeping it working seems remarkably difficult, judging from history.  Solving that precise problem is what I set out to do.

If I have a unique insight, it is that all of the great philosophers are ignored, the tools make the man.  Allow your leaders to kill, you will have killers as leaders, and organizations lead by killers and other criminals experience short and eventful lifetimes, historically speaking.  Allow the legal community to have any control of the laws, and it will all be legal, also. Even in modern times, such have made themselves our leaders, and I made it my task to end that situation.

I had had the advantage of some marketing background.  I always thought I had natural talent in identifying opportunities.  For example, I saw the constant stream of politically dynastic marriages going to DC or state capitals hoping to emulate the Underwoods, but the constant separation would be too much and one or both partners would engage in some stupid affairs or hookers or sexting or … As I learned about politics, I first thought that there would be a market for consulting services, coaching dynastic couple in how to handle all of this.  On thinking through the business plan, I was proud of understanding that my chief competitor would be intelligence and police services, who would not wanting me improving partnerships by removing reasons for scandal, and set my sights upon an intelligence career.  That was an interesting market terrain.

So I decided to adopt the winning position from first principles of marketing, “Please the customer”.  All manuals for people wanting to start businesses begin with the question “Who is your customer?”  And followups of “What is your competitive advantage?” How does your customer define value and how do you provide it better than all the competition? is the basic problem.

Further, as I intended my son (sons, I hoped, I bet Sun Tzu had groupies), to inherit my Generalissimoship, it seemed to me that I wanted a sustainable system.  But not static, which ruled out most of the approaches to design of a system, as anything even slightly static is prone to centralization, the end of dynamism and life.  Designing in death would not produce a sustainable system.

Finally, it was supremely important to do all of this without arousing significant opposition.  If there is one thing that a life-long devout of the Discordian religion, adherent through dozens of schisms and endless examples discussed in our ethics groups of the many and continuing examples of organizations done in by the opposition they arouse, so often opposition from within their own ranks which saps the organization of any ability to cope with changing reality, and so often converts the actual results of the entire edifice to the opposite of the stated intentions, knows, it is to avoid arousing opposition.

Nobody can control the side-effects of their opposition. The intelligence organizations inevitably rediscover that fact as their empire ends. ‘Blowback’ the last empire’s non-intelligence organization called it. Why do that to yourself?

That requirement put many restrictions on my possible strategies.  Positive-sum, all the way, of course, but fitting a solution into the rapidly evolving world of the early 21st century’s institutions, culture and technology was a challenge.  Fortunately for marketeers, human nature doesn’t change that much, more the nature of the societies and the consequenced of cultural triggers of atavistic human emotions.

Character and attitude that drive daily unconscious decisions, the expression of deep human nature for every individual, are evolved things, and they evolve throughout life as a result of everything.  “What is the nature of a human?”,  you ask.  “What is the nature of water?”, I reply.  “What is the environment?”, you will inquire. “Specifically, the temperature and humidity and air pressure and mixture of air? ”  We all understand that the character of water is an agreed thing between the water and its environment.

Intelligences are no less sensitive to the influences of their environments than water, we metamorphically freeze, sublime, boil and steam also in our many individual and social dimensions within our political and economic and social environments.  So over time and with wealth, we have become more controlled and peaceful, along with the longer life that forms the longer view and rewards the longer-term decisions, and the increased amount of the total society that is those views rather than the impetuous trigger of the 11yo in an adult’s FPS.  In the old days, the impetuous won a lot, and thereby generally FUBARed their systems in proportion to their power and influence. Obviously, channeling impetuous, and criminals and the deranged are impetuous, minds into useful channels, e.g. the leading edge ‘try it out’ arenas where our dynamically-stable evolving side of the system meets those trying for gains via un-safe in- or too-static- stability of the longer term, is a necessary aspect of a winning strategy.  We care less, with a good system design, which side any given individual is on than that they are all concentrated at that interface where we can watch them and use them to occupy each other while generating useful security system information and avoiding the downsides of international free market commerce combining with criminal minds.

The first problem was to attract those minds to a noble and worthy cause in a structure that would ensure it remained honestly honest for so long as it had influence. Thus, the general control mechanism most exposed to the light of day :  Psyops.

And, of course, whichever mechanisms, the game does not end, this generation’s foils of attacks will inevitably combined into next generations clever feints and multi-pronged attacks, and criminal minds are most inventive.  The history of the STUXNET cyberattack is the history of the development of the technology of subversion.  And normal human minds are endlessly enveigled  and good become bad, I didn’t expect that to change. Behavior changes, lusts don’t.  That is the ultimate evolutionary arms race, most lusts are mostly sublimated to civilization’s many satisfactions, most of us easily harnessed most of the time.  Power and sex remain problems.

Which is a constraint for the next decision, in fact, recognizing it determines the answer. There will be forever an economic incentive, along with associated power incentive and lusts, to game the system that is the rest of us, to violate the laws, rules, regulations or assumed standards of decent behavior that allow increasing knowledge and wealth at maximum sustainable rate.  It is an aspect of intelligence and systems, a phenomena of evolving intelligence’s emergent nature as fundamental as gravity. Further, people have evolved in environments where taking advantage of unstable environments, even generating them, with inhuman action was often enough a genetic win to avoid extinguishing the alleles biasing our mental outlooks in a defense-against-violence-with-violence direction. It is the other side of a questing nature seeing the environment as existing for satisfaction of our basic biological natures and having no inhibition about making changes to other subunits, ignorant of consequences, our social equivalent to a lethal-submissive gene like sickle-cell. Systems have gravity of many kinds and forms, inexorable forces. Live with it.

Because there can thus be no end of crime so long as there are humans, we need long-term, persistent organization(s) to watch the world, to identify problems early, while something can be done, and to coordinate and guide the solution(s), and do so very reliably, the future of our human race being at stake. By this time in the study of institutions, we have a full understanding of the path of such an institution.  It will begin full of confidence and ideals, as effective as any goal-seeking entity can be in environments of infinite complexity, and in 3 generations of bureaucrats be transformed into an entity by its own employees and all who deal with them that accomplishes the effective opposite of the intended goals, if that, on a good day.  Most days it will do worse. This will be done by perfectly ordinary people choosing short-term advantage over the long-term good of everything : that happens a lot because their short-term advantage is so much more obvious than the maximum good for the sustainable future.  Most people need help with the balance.

I know of no way to counter that but to make it a volunteer organization transparent in all things.  After the fact, at least, openly responsible for decisions openly arrived at, as publicly as possible.  Every decision open for discussion. We all have to be involved in, or at least somewhat aware of, the daily operations of our world’s intelligence organizations, the justice organizations, and the execution of any enforcement actions.  Secrecy cannot be allowed, that always leads to corruption.

This was my social-design solution to the problem of ‘Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?’. Political systems made up of, operated by, human animals cannot stop the abuse-revolution cycle unless everyone can watch the watchers, and cheer or jeer as they believe appropriate.  Even brick-bats from other independent organizations, even a world-wide discussion of things fundamental.  In all times, a well-managed investigation and enforcement operation can be entertaining for all, and socially instructive at the same time, well-run operations can survive on the subscriptions, so long as everyone trusts you. Ditto philosophers and analysts and commentators and commenters in the endless profusion that any social form brings.  Including, naturally and of course, betting and attempts to influence the outcome.

Who but I could have guessed the future of human institutions would be so like the past?

My version, however, is orders of magnitude cheaper than previous versions of NWO. This one avoided the periodic convulsions in the cycle of the growth, senesence and death of ruling classes, that was a bad dynamic civilization had been going through for the last few cycles, the world wars were getting threatening and the scholars among us didn’t know how to predict or control the oscillations of centralization of power and crash that prior civilizations had progressed through. Nicholas Taleb, for example, says the statistical distributions that Pinker and others believe indicates an increasingly-peaceful world, correctly interpreted in the context of extreme value theory, are not valid conclusions being drawn, e.g. we do not have a long enough intervals  between the major was of 10M+ deaths nor enough data points to estimate the rate of such wars.

Wars are civilizational disasters, even small ones cut the rate of the world’s increase in wealth.  A small cut in rate for 7B people is a big compounded and cumulative effect over the subsequent 100 years. 0.5% is 60% growth per 100 years, even rich people would notice their grandchildren living 60% better lives. For poor people, it is the difference between half of their children surviving and 90%. For countries, it is a population of working poor vs a population of starving thieves and beggars.

Humanity simply could not afford such inefficient world management, the level of New World Disorder that the Israeli-Neocons needed to keep their heads was quite extreme, even for those benighted times.


*Generalissimo Grand Strategy, Intelligence Analysis and Psyops, First Volunteer Panzer Psyops Corp.  Cleverly Gently Martial In Spirit

Surely I don’t need to warn anyone about any of this?

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