My Goals : Peace and Freedom

Get your mind around “Return to your offices, we have everything under control” at 1:15.  Our current rulers did that bit of planning.  Our entire Status Quo elite has avoided recognizing it.

Do you grasp that cold blooded calculation, part of ensuring 9/11 killed enough people to drive their political agenda?  We know they did that planning, because they also planned for 4K people who worked in those towers to not go to work that day.  Those lucky folks happen to have all used an Israeli messaging service, and someone sent a message to all of them to do their insider trading from home on 9/11. And we know they did that, because the SEC subsequently ran the largest insider trading investigation in SeC’s history, and later destroyed all of the records of that largest insider trading investigation.  No indictments, I never heard why.

I want what everyone wants, peace and freedom, which I know will produce plenty for all and has been doing so consistently throughout recorded history everywhere it has been tried.  And before that, the places that allowed the most peace and freedom did best, and those that like war and plunder and oppression did pretty poorly.

Turns out that the guys at the top can’t, long term, do better than the guys at the bottom. Attempts to do so must, in the nature of humans, produce individual discontent, and in the nature of communities, people talk and produce political powers, and in the nature of political systems, the discontent produced by focused and diffused injustice eventually costs everyone far more in lost benefits of civilization, in the increased poverty and disease and decreased life left for living than any benefit the top tiers of the society gained.  For the lower classes, at best, life is lost to disruption of everything and coping with it all takes time and attention that we would otherwise be using to live and generate more wealth.

Every episode of political convulsions is enormous opportunities lost forever, the compounded growth of knowledge and the wealth knowledge produces stopped for as many generations as it takes to put civilization back on track, to start playing positive-sum games again.

So these episodes are disasters for our heritage, loss of the wealth of one or more generations and a restart in the accumulation of savings paying for apartments and factories and mines and hospitals.  Look at the pictures of Fallujah and Alleppo, and understand that the losses they represent decrease your wealth next year : we are a single world economy, however it is convenient to measure it and however slight the measurable effects.

That is what I think we should avoid.  This is not difficult to grasp, any of it, but our MSM is very good at preventing these fundamental understandings. Turn off your TV if you expect to learn anything about reality.

In fact, we should avoid it all, but they would have to allow the change to be peaceful.  They cannot allow peace. The people who ran 9/11 operations that declared war on the US citizens, killed 3000 of us and far more killed and wounded in the 15-year war since, will hang.  They will destroy the United States and Israel before they allow themselves to lose.  It is an unfortunate consequence of the tools they have employed to achieve political power, fraud and force create opposition.  Never create opposition.  One of them eventually gets credit for doing you in, but everyone was happy to do their bit, is what the detailed history shows.  Nails and horseshoes are symbols for the logistics of civilization.

The nails and horseshoes of civilization are coalescing to obstruct these people, if Russia continues to lead steadily and avoid the traps to WWIII, we may get out of this with the ability to set type intact and enough of a genome to propagate the race.

The US military has been entirely subverted.  Even assuming top officers are part of the corruption, I don’t understand that at all, but the Pentagon brass allowed the 9/11 FF to kill their soldiers in order to cover up some fraud, we know not what, except it must be very large and very wide-spread.  So many silent officers, so few have spoken out about even 9/11 FF.  1500 or so, last I checked. (No new signers since 2010.  Some new non-disclosure law or agreement?)

The US government, and apparently every government entity in the US, have also been entirely subverted.  I assume that is the combination of flows of funds from DC and State Houses along with the fear for pensions.

Across the entire upper eschelon of our society, in business, government, media and social spheres, very few people have noticed 9/11 FF.

So 9/11 FF is a fact, I believe there is no credible evidence to counter that and the CIA’s extensive planning, and if you do not know that, you have not bothered to look at the very extensive evidence. No one has attempted to take me up on my bet to allow their mind to judge, just to look at the videos I believe will settle the issue in their minds.  Everybody knows 9/11 was a False Flag operation, and everybody pretends they do not know, but that pretense is also underlying the coming political events.  This is going to break.

The coverup of 9/11 FF has been massive. Murders of journalists and independent investigators, the way they treated Susan Landauer and all the other possible whistle blowers, all show the 9/11 conspirators are very concerned about more confirmation bring the issue into public consciousness.

The groupthink and media control that represents is the same as all of the great social-political disasters of the last century.

This situation is very unstable.  If the Israeli-Neocons and deepstate believe they are losing power, they must do whatever is necessary to hold onto it, lest they lose their heads.

Given that assumption, I believe that 9/11 will suddenly become a topic of political concern at an inconvenient moment because secrets cannot be kept.

This is all very inconsistent with my goals of Peace and Freedom.  I urge everyone to join the resistance now forming.  Do not put it off, the day is nigh when we citizens take back our freedom.  You must learn enough to be an effective part of whatever actions strike you fancy.  Remember the ROE.

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