Engineer’s Theory Of Mind

This was originally a comment to a ZH post. I apologize to anyone who read it there first and wasted a click finding it again, but I was weak, and it was too good to languish as a mere comment for an eternity of no readers.  Pat it for me. And do be careful of propaganda, things must be considered from many points of view, and I do write about other things, and I am an independent mind, no insanity in my family.

I agree, I think everything is now driven by the fear these Israeli-Neocons have of the noose.

They are losing in reality and their political positions are not stable.  Too many people know the reality of 9/11 being a false flag operation by the US government, a fact still completely blocked from mainstream political discourse, but probably not from mainstream political calculations.

Engineer’s theory of mind says that I KNOW what my politically-aware intelligent colleagues around the world believe, because they pay attention to the evidence, and when you do that for 9/11 the answer is very clear.  Newton was right, Einstein was righter, and 9/11 was a false flag by the US government.

Get your mind around how powerful propaganda is and how effective their psyops have been.

We have a political inversion, us down here know that, and so do they, but most have to pretend they haven’t looked at the conspiracy theories. At some point in the future, that unstable situaton will change, and that will be a death sentence for our Israeli-neocons.

Normal political processes cannot be allowed.

Anyway, this is much bigger than mere zionism, however seminal that and the neocon-trotskyite fusion was. Think about the kind of things that would prevent normal political processes that might lead to investigating 9/11 with Justice in mind instead of Coverup?

I think it will take a big false flag. Given proven conspirators, what can be done?

Russia is too smart to provide provocation, and too wise to what the game must be. ISIS can do a Paris-class outrage, at most, and probably not often, and the world is too-used to those, they don’t provide sustained outrage like they used to, and every one is a risk now that ISIS is known to be funded by our loyal intelligence services and allies.

There you are : The Saudis and Israelis have the motive to help as needed. Now think how many people it would take in the US government to plan and execute a massive false flag, e.g. an atom bomb in a major city.

Would they need to be in the US government?  How much lead would need to surround an atom bomb to hide it from Custom’s inspectors at ports?  No problem, it just means the ship has to be empty and enough bracing steel inside to distribute the load.

I wish I thought I was crazy.

Atom bombs can be traced to the reactor that made them and the date by analysis of the isotopic composition of products, I believe, given honest investigation.  I have always thought that was the factor that has kept this from happening.  At the moment, their control of MSM is solid, but we on the web must be seen as a huge danger. They will never have control of us, the technology does not allow it.

We know they can’t win a civil war, but winning isn’t the point for them, staying out of the noose is the point. ‘The horse may learn to talk’ plans.

And, having had that thought of the bomb, did we not just have a couple of scandals in the military relating to control of the bombs? Changes of command, policies and procedures and training? Wonder if that could be related.  It was post-9/11 for sure. The people who did 9/11 are intelligence professionals.  They must have anticipated this.

1993 WTC bombing was FBI. OKC was ATF and/or FBI, but I don’t think we entirely understand either Emad Salem or Andreas Strassmeier. Did some foreign intelligence service help us out by putting them in place? Maybe a domestic intelligence service, or as part of an alliance? 9/11 went international and highest-level federal from the beginning.

Modus operandi, I think investigators call that.

And escalation to international. Yes, that is the answer.  What country’s city is best as a target of evil international Muslim bad guys, aided by Russia?

One of the things 9/11 revealed was the Mossad running around the US like they owned the place. Mossad has done many false flag operations, and Israel boot-strapped itself via terrorism. Their ‘real-politic’ was formed in the Warsaw Ghetto, is the overall impression we get from the outside.

I wish I thought I was crazy.

What a waste of a perfectly good blog, you guys owe me a read.


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