Avoiding Group-Think

I stole this from a ZH post’s comments.

Billy the Poet :
Seriously, it isn’t the Muslims who take half of everything you earn, make medical care unaffordable and force school girls to shower with trannies.

Lucky Leprachaun :
True, but that doesn’t mean the prevailing opinion here on the Religion Of Peace is wrong.

ME :

No, I think the mere fact that the opinion is the prevailing one is proof that it is wrong. It is far too simple and far too uniform. Quite unintelligent and unwise in nearly every dimension you can think of, yet everyone believes it, and a uniform and uniformly simple version of it.

That can’t happen but via exceptional propaganda, just like the propaganda that has covered up 9/11.

So if you believe 9/11 was an FF, you really should distrust your opinions on anything that allows our Israeli-Neocons to continue their reign of destruction.  They are evil bastards, and the anti-Muslim sentiments so eagerly adopted and renewed with every new ISIS outrage are a big help in their keeping their necks out of nooses.

Look at MSM : the same ISIS which one day is shown to be entirely a creation of the US, Israel, SA and other allies, operated at a command level by Israeli military and whose hospitals treat the ISIS wounded, is the horrifying sources of terror and mahem throughout the world the very next.  They reach into San Bernardino, and somehow schools stop, for something so obviously a false flag.

Then the stream of outrageous threats and events flushes all that ownership issue out of every reporter and editor’s minds, you never hear the embarrassing info again.

Remember that same pattern with the Paris attacks?  The info about ISIS was coming out, the attacks occupy the news 100%, and afterwards there are many, many threats out of ISIS that kept that going.  Now, when the next barrage of ISIS ownership info arrives, another FF and another barrage of post-attack ‘threats’.

People don’t get how much their opinions are controlled.  Mark Twain said “It is easier to fool a man than convince him he has been fooled”.

That is one of the Maxwell Equations-class of maxims in PR, I understand.  Allows them the confidence to pull off 9/11-class operations, leave science-quality-truth smoking guns everywhere, and completely cover it up insofar as any political effect.

Your opinions on a religious issue was trivial compared to that operation. You aren’t paying attention.

Israeli-Neocons are the existential threat to America.

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