Played and Played and Played

Summary : Trump has not changed the functioning of our political system so much as took advantage of the changes and so revealed different aspects of them.  The changes are the standard separation of elites from the rest of us, the deep corruption in all aspects of our society and the corresponding control of political opinion.

Trump’s persuasion skills (the best serious argument for Trump I have seen, and it doesn’t convince me, more below), GoodFellas ballbusting and Mahattan real estate mogule’s view of the economy and Belusconi showing how control of the media can buy a politician a lot of ignorance about key issues in the voters discuss some different aspects of this.

This NYTimes article has a large number of journalists admitting that they mis-judged Trump, and or the public, and that he might become President because “they had never seen such a reversal of public opinion”.

Indeed, overnight Trump began being treated as a serious candidate, which also became the frame of all the straight media stories about him, only individuals in opinion mode thought otherwise.  Or seemed to.

We need to step outside of the system of producing facades to inspect it.  First, all of the arguments based on “it is obvious that Trump will win against X”, or the reverse, are bogus.  The PTB’s goal is to choose both candidates so that they do not care who wins.  It appears otherwise because of campaign contributions, but all of the big guys (except the Koches and some of the oligarchs they lead, and who are therefore reviled by the left) contribute to both parties. That is buying access in the division of the political spoils.

Second, choose the two hardest Likudniks you can find, and they may well disagree on whether Hillary or Jeb is best for Greater Israel.  Ditto with all other power blocks, none are monolithic on the inside, and many have wide variations and changing opinions as the campaign progresses.  Power blocks are small enough groups with concentrated enough interests that there can be a net vector increasing the influence of all. So particular oligarchs and foreign figures may be firmly part of a power block, yet have differing opinions on any given candidate.

Third, we are talking about very serious and experienced professionals in the art of manipulating political opinion.  While their individual roles in doing that may require adhering to some forms, they are not stupid and people like Olberman can describe the effects of his words on different groups with considerable accuracy.

Do they have no idea how much we hate them?  Those smug bastards who have been telling us what it is acceptable to think for so many years account for about 99% of Trump’s support.  And they surely knew it when MSM changed the frame of everything and Trump suddenly became a normal candidate.  It seemed to me that, and here, Trump was annointed from Jerusalem and the entire MSM began giving Trump a lot of air time, articles.

Possibly-relevant context is : The same entire establishment cannot notice 9/11 False Flag nor Sandy Hook Hoax and the many follow-ons.

I think this article is a standard insider’s answer, a 3-layer coverup : these commentators commenting on commentating are complete fools to the average believer of news as a clear view of reality with no intentional distortions, and they know full well what they seem, the news is the master of knowing that.

To the more sophisticated, they are acknowledging their loss of their former control to denizens of the networld, such as myself.  We never had much influence before blogging.  I would like to believe that explanation, as I do believe that the net may finally be beginning to effectively oppose our various mafias and deep states who have seized our government.  If so, I have very great hope for winning this without becoming Aleppo, which we fully deserve for letting this insanity go so long.  Otherwise, they deserve what will happen to them as a result of thwarting public understanding for so long, letting our systems of politics get so far out of balance, so un-recoverably out of balance.

The third layer, base reality as this entire psyop was hastily arranged**, is that MSM and the political establishment are having a hard time containing their glee and not bragging about their magnificent job of keeping their necks for another term, the biggest wag of any dog anywhere in history.

I infer this from the frame of that story.  That story expects me to believe they are not aware of the power of the media to control the public agenda.  Could they name for me someone they have not been able to destroy when asked?  Mel Gibson is the last not good example I can think of.  Snowden is without exploitable flaw, apparently.*** What was the last politician who was ousted because the media was doing its investigative job?  They covered up the Dennis Hastert case for 2 years after he was charged with money laundering and the base reason, payoffs to prevent a man he had abused as a boy, was published.  For some reason, nobody in MSM found that worthy of investigation.  Still doesn’t, including the follow-on cases of Jeffrey Epstein.  Have you noticed how fast any mention of Roger Stone’s Clinton’s War on Women and it’s discussions of Epsteins friendship with Bill? (To me, that seemed like a way of insulating Trump from the same effects of long-time friendship with Epstein.)

To label MSM commentators, funders and political party insiders as kingmakers understates their actual role.  Yes, kingmakers forever and know it.  Their normal job is to winnow the field so the actual choices of candidates don’t actually mean much for any policy and then to emphasize the differences between the candidates to make it seem voters had an important choice.  But no differences between candidates are ever discussed that could affect major political block’s interests, so nothing changes.  Candidates, of course, understand all this, rules of the game.  Nothing changes that opposes those interests.

Trump has rather changed the media’s role, he took their winnowing function away from them by seizing the Israeli-Neocon’s talking points on foreigners and foreign policy, so carefully constructed with their very long-term propaganda campaign, AND the authentic resistance to DC’s many policies forced down American gullets. Neither were difficult to discern, unless you were inside the beltway.

But Trump may or may not be in the Israeli-Neocon camp, and the pattern of supporters and detractors is variously interpreted.

One interpretation of all this is that the Israeli-Neocon + deep state mafias are opposing the two  major political parties.  This is the political aspect of Wall Street vs Main Street for Republicans and some division like Empire-military vs civilian priorities for the Democrats.

Thus, I would expect many people and at least some power blocks to strongly oppose Trump, as they do all the other candidates, and that the pattern would take a lot of interpretation, as individuals can have very many reasons for their decisions.

But do not expect me to believe that Keith Olberman to have thought that his rant about Trump and moving from one of Trump’s properties to have hurt Trump.  That was for Olberman’s reputation with the left.  Ditto Rachel Maddow and many others, they may be aware of helping Trump, but that is not their intent.  The intent was to rally the left against Trump to promote Bernie and/or Hillary, their motives were no doubt diverse.  Chicago was part of that.

Unless they were paid by Trump, of course.  How much do you believe they really believe?

I made a comment on ZH to the effect that “Trump probably paid Olberman for the opposition”.  No, on reflection, that requires more flexibility than any of them have. They are intelligent enough, even have the overview, but their roles in MSM and reputations among people supporting the left require hard opposition.

As Trump knew they would.  I can also interpret all of this as Trump gaming MSM, which is what Trump’s fans would like us to believe is the reality.  Certainly it is a known and lauded tactic, I was very impressed when Taleb used it in a book, talking about how a particular negative image would sell his books and then cultivating exactly the personality characteristics that would match his contrarian point of view, just daring reviewers to write negative reviews.  They did, very many times, they couldn’t help themselves any more than MSM, Olberman and Maddow.

But the higher-ups in the generation of facades, e.g. Crystal et al in the Israeli-Neocons, I don’t think they are so constrained.  Edelman and AIPAC have refrained from attacking Trump, Trump still says he is a good friend of Israel, he has many Jewish connections, just got a standing ovation for his speech at AIPAC.

Another interpretation of Trump is his economic views, that of a NY Real Estate developer. Scott Adams makes the best case for Trump I have read. But Trump certainly has no deep understanding of economics, no clue about what to do to make American great economically again.

Early advisors are not yet a strong indication, and I have read every side of what that might mean, more facade I know, because nobody knows what to think, beyond he has advisors that the DC crowd doesn’t think highly of.  Good for Trump, it would be hard to do worse than the ones DC lines.

Trump could be the beginning of a new revival of America, or he could be the next stage of the Israeli-Neocon + deep state coup, ongoing since at least Bill Clinton and the 1993 WTC false flag operation.  In fact, Trump and his very authoritarian followers remind one of the early success of fascist movements.  Having authoritarians in power as a country descends into the economic and social problems we see immediately in front of us is how catastrophes of civilization happen.

**Standard CIA practice is at least 3 layers of coverup for these large illegal operations, which we see in the Syrian op. Level 0 was the public story of an evil dictator torturing his citizens to suppress incipient rebellion.  I haven’t heard those claims for a long while, and don’t know why Assad stopped torturing people.  In fact, the only people we know for sure were tortured are the ones that Syrian intelligence tortured on the behalf of the US and allies.

Next was the valiant pro-freedom Muslim troops fighting Assad being assisted by arms dealers and unknown contributions.  Third was that awful Turkish dictator, Ergodan being so seriously off the NATO reservation by supporting ISIS, dealing their oil, supplying the weapons.

The reality, of course, is that the CIA coordinates all of it, 80+% of the valiant rebels are paid non-Syrians, many not particular religious, and that ISIS is just another name for ‘Syrian rebels’, funded by Saudi Arabia, given medical care by Israel and training and arms by the US at Turkish bases, support at the Turkish border and inside Syria by US and Turkish troops. Support inside Iraq, ISIS proper, from Israel, liason via Israeli Colonel who was captured with a unit following the Mosel conquest.  As all this came out, you saw attention pointed at the evil Saudis supporting their radical Islam and their allies in the Gulf States, and how important it was, whether we agreed with the Saudis or not, to break the ‘Shia arc’ connecting Iran and Syria, and how terrible Putin is for supporting them, and a huge threat to Turkey and NATO.

9/11 was 4 layers : public story explained by the Commission, which the Commissioners didn’t believe.  We have had another ‘expose’ by people like Richard Clarke every year, support for the basic frame of the story.

Understand, these don’t fool the enemy, Russia and China know perfectly well that the US is behind these Color Revolutions and the terrorist activities on their soil.  The coverup of 9/11 could not have fooled any intelligence professional, the long string of false flags preceeding 9/11, the many items such as Building 7, insider trading, dancing Mossad agents, and the planted passport scream False Flag Operation, and the 9/11 Commission’s report and failure to discipline any of the people responsible for this shocking lapse of normal operations throughout the government confirmed it for all to see.  So the understanding how exists everywhere that America went rogue. Foreign rulers and allies have been force to play along, but Russia took the opportunity to re-assert its claim to world leadership, and you can see the whole world beginning to lean toward Putin

Americans have not yet penetrated the last 9/11 layer.  Our political opposition is cowardly. We have no Zola, as yet, to pull us out of group-think.  As yet, the Emperor’s lack of clothing has been noted by none of our status quo, not even these prescient gentlemen.

***There are theories about that Snowden is part of a controlled release of information by our deep state, one managed so as to completely defuse the issue.  This theory has the advantage of that being the actual outcome, as well as being both an explanation for why the gov to crank secrecy tighter, another ratchet up of state power and coercion, and also the reason they actually did that.  If Snowden is a real whistleblower, they have to be very afraid that he might have more solid proof of 9/11, and the reporters are waiting to release it when it will have maximum effect to improve the future.

I don’t see deception in Snowden.  If he is playing a role, they picked a very very believeable person.  Snowden seems to me to be the quality of mind and integrity who should be running our intelligence services, not on the run from them.

Added later : This shows Trump either playing the political pros, or the voters. Manford reassures the party insiders that Trump is playing a part and understands that, that he is not against the RNC or their interests. The highest level of cynicism. Tarpley doesn’t think Trump is that flexible, has that depth of personality and mind. I agree.

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