Of Course We Want Syrian Refugees

I think we should never pass up an opportunity to add to our genetic and cultural stocks for our various individual selective breeding programs.

We are in an evolutionary race with other cultures. We got where we are today, are the people in genetics and culture and technology and points of view and history and everything that we are, because of the merger of tribes and bands since time began.  We merged and then sorted out what suited us. It is the process of evolution, works at every level of society and culture.

We are hybrids of hybrids of hybrids in every dimension you can think of, because that is the winning strategy in any evolutionary race.  Why do you think sex is so good?

We accept risk when we marry someone in another ethnic group or race, our move in the selective breeding program that is our individual bloodline. For each of us, the goal is to combine our genes and culture with another’s to produce the best possible offspring in genetic and cultural endowments.  Optimally, those will be much superior to either parent, a phenomena called heterosis or hybrid vigor.

Hybrid vigor results from a lower probability of matching less-optimal alleles in the other parent, so the offspring has at least one optimal and is more likely to have 2 optimal. But we don’t get the hybrid vigor if we don’t step outside the ancestral blood line.  If your grandkid looks much like your parents, you did something wrong.

Ditto for culture, we need to provide more alternatives.  Thus, when we select a college, try to guide our offsprint with the family and community wisdom, treading the traditional path reduces their life’s opportunities.  If your kid is doing the same job as you with the same point of view as your parents, you would not likely believe your civilization a complete success.

All that fits very well as a solution to a non-problem : integrating Syrian or any other refugees.  Disciplining a new social unit to the dominant culture is no problem, marry their women.  You guys haven’t had any of the warrior spirit in your bloodlines in too many generations.

It shows.


I wrote this as a comment on ZH, decided it shouldn’t get lost.

It channels what I have been writing here since the beginning, but honesty requires I tell you I am reading “The Evolution of Everything” by British House of Lords  member and science writer Matt Ridley. Not just clever, eruditely clever and beyond that to full-context wisdom.  Wish I was that smart.

Also, I did that.  I met a refugee here in the US and married her. Our son is a fine example of hybrid vigor : taller and better looking than either of us (both above average), all of the best attributes of both of us and few of our defects, so far.


Added later, carefully cherry-picked evidence on the need for all the genes of a species if you want to improve it.  Seems like to me we need all of the genes of humanity for our improvement, the same reasoning.  Also, evidence of specific traits in native populations that we may well want to have.

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