Pound The Frame

*The Usual Warning.

A friend sent me the link.  At first thought, I was very impressed with the positioning of the thought, exactly where it would catch the most minds with the contradictions everywhere in the background.

But no, I am nearly sure I was too optimistic, it was mixed in with many others showing that is aimed at the devoutly anti-Muslim mind.  It blames Obama for being Muslim, not for being the leader of a government with a foreign policy that intentionally creates war and is allied with one that has lead a campaign of propaganda against Muslims ever since before its founding in 1948.

This persists despite the amazing amount of evidence that Israel, the US of A and their many allies are running all of the terrorist operations in the entire world, and have been since WWII.  OK, with the possible exception of a few in Africa and a few in the Americas, which we welcomed for the training and government infiltration opportunities.

Those two sets of understandings exist in the same political landscape, not at all equally-well supported by evidence.  In fact, the extent to which the Moslems are bad guys in this story is exactly proportional to the stupid ways different societies have treated them in various periods in history.  If any one of the western societies involved were in Muslim shoes, we would be bragging about how philosophically advanced and inhumanly restrained we were being., a point made by each of Israel’s last 2 liberal prime ministers.

On the other side, the US’s support of ISIS, for example, and Israel’s Greater Israel Ynon Plan’s need for balkanization of the entire ME and especially Iran, and the entire saga of False Flag terrorism with which these treasonous criminals have driven events in the Western political world, so well-supported and obviously-true as to never merit even a denial, much less refutation.  9/11 investigations have generated many facts and put together a consistent story.  The government and guilty parties are silent.  The investigators of Sandy Hoaxen have produced many obviously impossible facts and questions of major inconsistencies, the governments and guilty parties are silent.

In none of these, does the MSM investigate.  In fact, in the Sandy Hoaxen, it is clear that major network reporters are assisting the government in generating dog-wagging stories.

All of this works because enough of the standard frames of MSM stories, always the government’s side, get into everyone’s mind.  It is an alternate reality, and therefore the person with those 2 realities in their mind has to decide which one to go with.  Without a good reason, minds go with the flow, what everyone believes is generally most right and causes the least trouble.

Big Lie Propaganda At Work.

If this is true, polls would find the greatest skepticism of the 9/11 and Sandy Hoax stories in people who don’t watch TV and least attend to MSM.

That is a prediction you can test by yourself, and I bet there are more you can make.

Turn off your TV if you want to avoid their standard simple frame, is my thought. Stop reading the main outlets except to see what they are telling each other and want you to believe, never as a source of external reality.

*The usual warning.  If you close your eyes while listening, you get a very different impression of this song as compared to seeing who is singing it. Then appreciate what you hope is subtle humor. (I think the guy in the song is bragging : I could stand being dissed if I was tired out like that for that reason.) Makes you want to hear more of their stuff, probably.

I keep telling you that coming back here is dangerous to your ability to think simplistically.  Don’t know how much clearer I can be.

To pound my frame into your minds, 4 English and Music majors, who met in a big city more or less randomly created ‘art’ entirely for the goal of making you learn their names, art that can do that kind of thing to adult human minds.

Consider what an engineer might do?  Do you think it possible that agencies such as the CIA and FBI have put serious $ into working through all of the standard patterns of political and media control and consequent political evolution?  Do you think that it is working?

I do not believe in a single central conspiracy, but that doesn’t prevent cabals and interests fostering memes and political movements that assist their interests.  Nor pruning competitors. Evolution can be guided.  Evolution of our deep state and mafia ecosystems may be far advanced of what we understand.

And here you are, having accepted the frame of frames being a danger.  And a warning about them.

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