Another Note To Third Parties

Yesterday, I replied to a fundraising email from some component of the Libertarian Party world.

Subject: Why would I be interested?

I just replied to Rand Paul for some event of his, with much the same

Rand Paul wanted to be President so much that he was willing to
compromise and be a Republican for real, not just protective coloration
the way his illustrious father had done.

The Libertarian Party wants to be a force in politics, which I think
means ‘gets a cut of the graft’.  So they haven’t been able to deal with
9/11 False Flag, or Sandy Hoax, or etc with any reality, either.

And because you both adopted the protective coloration of the Status
Quo, the Elites, and didn’t rock the boat when it really obviously
needed rocked, now you will never have influence.

Oops.  My poor country.

As an honestly honest member of the Honest party, I state that I was not polite in my closing.
Someone I shall not identify replied, slightly paraphrased to hide the entity :

I know that a lot of people are unhappy with the xxx ticket this year, but I believe it’s the only way to get any attention at all for the party’s message.  Yes, it may be watered down, but there would be nothing even remotely approaching it with only Trump and Hillary in the spotlight.

We should continue to be radical in opposition to government oppression across the board.  But we need to be sure people hear even a mild version.  Otherwise, the statists will be completely unchecked.

to which I replied, in a completely rewritten version which makes me out to be calm and clear-thinking, far-sighted person of great erudition in historical thought :

Bullshit. 9/11 is our Dreyfus Affair, but with far better, more open, scientific and obvious evidence produced by far more respectable analyses in the face of the most obvious coverup possible, and you complete incompetents can’t recognize it, can’t produce a Zola.

Can’t, in fact, produce a Zola in the age of the Internet.

Your worldview makes political images the priority? You are forced to go with what MSM lets through? Your grasp of opportunities sucks.  Why would I support any bit of it?

You people are pitiful.  No opposition has ever been given the weapons that 9/11 gave to anyone willing to be serious opposition.  Problem is, the corruption is so deep that a proper Truth Commission will sweep you guys away along with the others.

And I know that, because 9/11 isn’t something you have yet noticed.

And that is why all the 3rd parties are a waste of time, so Trump is the least evil.

I cannot say “Fuck you” often enough.

 Added 10 September 2016, I TOLD YOU.

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