9/11 Was A False Flag Operation

This is redundant with other posts, so don’t read this unless you want another run-through of 9/11 reasoning.  I wrote it some time ago and am posting just to get rid of it and allow my over-stressed browser a break. Nothing wrong with this, reading it over, just redundant.

This guy’s story is very comforting to me, and also an example of how serious the problem has become for our elites.

Before we go on, I remind you about my deep reservations of using mere words and logic as a way of understanding anything.  The error rate we see that the best applications of that tool of abstract analysis produce is far too high to trust with anything.  Real thinking checks itself against reality at very frequent intervals, e.g. math, science, engineering, practical arts of those. This kind of stuff can’t do that, as the only reality it deals with is a derivation of my mental maps, my concepts which are my models of how things work and how people will behave, as transferred through words with different nuances into your mental maps, which are certainly somewhat different than mine.  Thus, this kind of thinking and writing should be considered light entertainment and also propaganda of extreme virulence and insidiousness.

If that is not obvious to you, please do not continue, I cannot be responsible for the state of reader’s mind, going forward.

Back to light entertainment :

I can’t support any of that guy’s story, it would take time I don’t have, but he seems real to me and the story is all-too plausible.  So I assume ‘probably True’ until I find some way to cross-check it.

The reason that is comforting to me is that many of us are having variations of that “wtf am I insane?!?” moment.  The density of the frame from MSM in the case of 9/11 is very hard to resist.  As the 9/11 coverup unraveled, I literally went back through the evidence several times, and every time the evidence was the same and I would be a bit surprised at how much I had forgotten and so had moved toward accepting the government’s impossible story.

That sequence doesn’t stop.  Every year, there is another round of propaganda reinforcing messages about 9/11.  A few years ago it was Richard Clarke, this year it is this Tenet and Cofer Black starring in the distraction via this interview with the people who did 9/11, discussing why nobody believed their very many warnings.

But the previous version of the story was that the head of the CIA and Cofer Black were trying to recruit insiders by allowing them to run around the United States unattended for a year, doing things like attending flight schools suspiciously.

Those stories contradict each other in major ways, it seems to me. Someone is lying, and that should be a big red flag in the front of MSM. But that won’t happen, because MSM is intent on shutting down as much comment as possible, in this case by drowning it out from the center.

But back to my problem of sanity.  Unless I am insane or the physical constants of reality, e.g. gravity’s force, were radically altered there in NYC that morning, the WTC towers were all blown down in controlled demolitions.  So far as I can see, the information brought out by the various investigators in the Architects And Engineers for 911 Truth has not been refuted even weakly by the government’s supporters.  Ditto the pilots looking at the case from pilot’s point of view.  Ditto the military officers.  Ditto the academics who have looked at the case from their points of view. And other people consider many aspects of the case, people who appear credible to me and others, these people all say the government’s story is not possible for reasons well within their areas of judgment.

So either I am sane, those people or right AND our various CIA officials have a reason for misleading us all about the actual facts of the 9/11 False Flag operation that they ran, or I am insane, those CIA officials in fact are correct about everything, there is an explanation for their contradictions, AND the government and their supporters just don’t get around to refuting the evidence offered against their story, evidence that it would be no problem to refute because we are so very very wrong.  We must be very very wrong, because we think ourselves so very very, scientifically and engineering and etc, correct.

The evidence is not refuted.  The attempts are weak to anyone who can think.  I have no reason to believe I am insane**, there would be evidence of discontinuities in life, at least, and engineers don’t have problems like that. It is not my imagination that my wife loves me.

9/11 was a false flag operation by Israeli-Necons in our government.  You cannot repeat that too often because the frame of that and every other of the very few articles you see now is the government’s story.  It is no longer hammered into us, but no commentator will remain in their job and no author will ever be interviewed by MSM who brings it up in public conversation. Jesse Ventura was disappeared from public view the minute he did so.  Serious people like Ron Paul apparently cannot do more than tiptoe around the edge by saying the investigation should be reopened, as there are still unanswered questions.



**But, insane people don’t generally notice that they are disconnected from reality, so don’t take my word for anything, of course.


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