Explaining 9/11

I must apologize for publishing this before its time. Twice I have thought of things that needed to be part of the explanation.  I should have unpublished it, was optimistic.  Just like code, you can’t do a patch on a mission-critical system without testing.

Every time I contemplate the bet that was 9/11 False Flag Operation, the careers and necks on the line, the political futures of entire nations, my mind whites out in bogglement at their confidence.*

Simple extrapolation from 15 years in which the obvious fact of 9/11 FF, documented in at least 50 quality videos and 1000s of pieces of scholarship, has not been noticed by anyone in any Status Quo anywhere, the inability of any public to make 9/11 FF a political topic, suggests that their confidence was not misplaced.  That needs explained.

I have 3 separate but intertwining threads of explanation.  First, consolidated power. Second, the coordinating power of crime. Third, constant practice.

So forget all the conventional explanations of evil Muslim terrorists, all that is generated and managed news to move political opinion in ways to allow continued crime.  Of course, that explanation has always struck almost everyone as too complex to possibly be true, how could you hide it?**

Which is both the large problem that needs explained and the major indication of the crime. Indeed, the many kinds of scientific lab quality evidence, smoking guns connected to 9/11 FF are so obvious that they cannot have been missed. QED : coverup, and the evidence of something to cover up.

But all of the evidence is ignored, Status Quos around the world have not noticed 9/11 FF. Many different people in many different professions and classes within professions are being all silent, or at least not amplifying initial remarks. This takes explaining, and I find none of the conventional explanations powerful enough for the profound political and social effects we see every day.

First, consolidated power.  This shows you one effect, a NY very senior fireman, retired, who says his fellows can’t talk for fear of losing pensions.  We hear of people in the news business and now academia who have been fired for investigating and publicizing the Sandy Hoaxen.  My friends in the academic community close their ears whenever I say anything political, they find it hard to even criticize Trump for fear they might offend.  I believe I see the concern that anything said about ‘false flag’ would put people in an awkward position, so they don’t.

Nobody in any defense company could discuss false flags, especially if they knew anything.

I think a great deal of the ‘entitlement thinking’ in the world comes from people who expect to collect very nice public pensions.  Public employees have been bought by pay and benefits, everyone I know begins talking about retirement and their great pensions 2 days after they start work and realize how dismal their work lives will be.

The systems they work within make it easy for everyone to both deny the problem and to deny knowledge of and therefore responsibility for it.  Technical jobs are just to do a low-level thing, rarely in itself illegal, or find some bit of info, ditto.  They do not have responsibility.  Ditto clerical and all people.  The criminal stuff is discussed out of earshot and the orders go out to set up accounts and transfer money and connect fiber optic splitters to particular fibers and … It all just happens, with nobody knowing nor responsible.

I know people who work at major tech companies, I get email about how irate they are that their company is accused of cooperating with TLAs, they know their company is innocent. But for a company the size of the AT&T, the world’s largest telco, how many people did it take to deal with the NSA as AT&T copied all of the world’s internet data to NSA?  Some senior VP sent a memo to the operations VP to provide a room after a private chat in the men’s room to the effect they had something special for a sensitive customer, could he please follow it up, but no paper trail as anything special?  So the VP allots one of the equipment vaults, he has the final word on those, and tells an ops guy to split all the incoming data cables and run them in there.  Some other ops guy connects outgoing data cables, and foreign techs install equipment in the little room.  No one knows nothing.

Every major internet company runs on fiber optic cables and wavelengths that they do not have end-to-end control over (Google may be an exception on internal lines, they installed a lot of their own equipment, but they don’t control user data to their servers.)

Thus, the secrecy and deniability and power of the budget and the shadow that casts everywhere stops much political discourse on anything sensitive. The CIA and NATO handle heroin and cocaine, the Pentagon is hiding something by destroying its accounting computers on 9/11, NSA maintains a major database of blackmail information, and in organizations around the world, your future will be hurt if you mention any of this.

This power of the budget and promise extends through the US and much of the world. Programs for training police, government agencies and independent institutions have provided many contacts throughout the world.  NGOs are Few people in government anywhere have no US government people in the rolodexes, and those contacts can have remarkable effects on income.

Crime is an overlay to that layer of control.  We, the US public, are not the only people oppressed by our system  Our kleptocracy runs on an international scale, e.g. “Economic Hitman“.  The result of their activities in controlling political systems in so many other countries throughout Africa, Asia and South America is the growth of crime and militarism and crime + intelligence agency police states + oligarchy regimes as here at home and in Israel.  There is very great growth in crime, and also a blending of criminal and legitimate enterprise. The criminals and deep state forces need banking and logistics of all kinds, businesses grow to provide the services.

The power of crime to control and direct, and its pervasiveness, was illustrated in the Dennis Hastert case.  Hastert was House majority leader, a pedophile, accepted the CIA’s little boys from their pimps on world junkets, took suitcases of cash and little boys as payments from crime figures and/or the CIA’s drug running, and was one of the CIA’s agents in Congess.  After Hastert was exposed in a Vanity Affair article, he remained in office 2 more years before MSM found the case interesting.  Hastert was just recently let off with a plea bargain no jail time, and there have been no further investigations for any of this despite the obvious questions, e.g. were the suitcase of cash because of his position in the House or because of his Chicago Congressional seat or because of personal contacts prior to politics?  After all, Hastert was a pedophile before entering politics.

The other pedophile cases, drug links to high figures, … the indications of criminal behaviors in public life are endemic, and very much what all of the insiders discuss, BFP is only one of those.

After crime came the practice of crime, the practice by the many mafias and crime syndicates in and out of state control, a broadly cooperative crew.  So the CIA went around assassinating people around the world, it was apparently good training for our special forces teams in counter-insurgency ops and local military training garrisons in their support. This wide and long cooperation on matters as sensitive as arranging JFK’s assassination has lead to nearly all of the nation-states in the world suspecting their intelligence services of being more loyal to the CIA than their national government.

I stole this from a Esquire article. It shows the deep state behind the modern FFs, beginning in the 1993 WTC bombing, which was entirely an FBI operation, run by its agent provacateur :

As Cruz makes the case that he is the last, best chance to prevent Trump from winning his party’s nomination, his foreign-policy advisers include not only Gaffney, but also three others who work for Gaffney’s think tank: former CIA officers Fred Fleitz and Clare Lopez and former Army Special Forces Master Sergeant Jim Hanson. Also on the list is Andrew McCarthy, a former assistant U.S. attorney who prosecuted the first World Trade Center bombing. McCarthy has been outspoken in his view that adherents at least to political Islam are seeking to impose Sharia law in the U.S.

So that prosecutor is still part of the team running the false flag operations? Outspoken in his view of political Islam, at least, so part of the psyops. Yes, the usual psyops, a link I found before this post was a day old.

The long association of the CIA and components of mafias who commonly do the dirty-work and provide cutouts to detour blame has been profitable to both sides.  The CIA’s assassination programs and subversion of companies via either propaganda or blackmail was continuing training  for every new generation of operative. The overthrow of governments, the patient blackmail and political influence operations to place an agent of influence in positions to influence political careers, the amount of money spent on bribes and PR for candidates.

These operations were the subjects of study and training both in classroom, drills and in apprenticeships in agencies, military and police units around the world.  If there is one thing all these people know how to do, it is subvert and overthrow and run false flags. Those are their daily habit, the focus of their lives.

The consolidated power of very large government combined with pervasive criminality accumulating power of cash flows, personal relationships, formal positions of institutional power and the very wide-spread acceptance of ‘politics’ as sufficient explanation for silence explain the silence on 9/11.

No different than any previous authoritarian, dangerous political rule.  Another thing not noticed.

*The usual warning about propaganda. This is written by the same mind as the Generalissimo Grand Strategy, Intelligence Analysis and Psyops, First Volunteer Panzer Psyops Corp.  Cleverly Gently Martial In Spirit

Be assured your mind has no defenses against a mind so clever with words and images as to compose that inspiring motto of the modern peaceful warrior, volunteer guardians of the world’s integrity, and our logo and patch, an eye unblinking with many smaller eyes watching it from many angles.

And if you buy that kind of cheap kitten-picture emotionalism  and allow any image with any inspiring humanity into your mind, you deserve the kind of dissing you are going to get.  Pay attention, bad ideas end civilization, bad ideas can cripple your ability to think, they so have on so many political occasions through history, and have on the issue of 9/11, and don’t let mine make your life worse, OK?

And, on the other hand, I purvey superior propaganda, clever and interesting stuff, so be cautious.  For example :

Being cleverly, gently martial in spirit means we avoid discord if at all possible and violence always, it does not mean we are defenseless against kleptocracies in all their criminal forms.  Given knowledge, entropy can be nudged in ways opposing the kleptocracy and their powering oligarchy.  Our application of Nudge Theory.

And did you notice the top layer of this little framing cake?  The one where you accept the frame of the warning, the frame that there is propaganda that you need warned about?  That propaganda of framing is everywhere, mostly imperceptable, and you can’t trust anyone.

I keep telling you. Clear thinking and decisions without opposition are good for all of us, no side-effects.  System-level actions without side effects are devoutly to be desired, we pray for them.  Unless you are the average gov entity, for which FUBARed is more budget.

**Hide it from the firemen (who don’t believe it, whose buddies were killed by it, who have been are dying in droves from the toxic dust due to the nanothermite) and hide it from the military (who can’t possibly believe it, their buddies were killed by it, multiple explosions, cordite fumes not jet fuel everywhere, and bombs going off inside the Pentagon and the Pentagon’s computers, they all knew from the 2nd day, as soon as they got to talk and put pieces together.  Started happening immediately, military and all other people in all other organizations talk privately. The entire compos mentis military knows, and we can only bicker about what proportion are compos mentis.)

Does it seem like a guy obsessed with sex with very young women, lots of very young women, and who organizes his life around his obsession, would have run a ‘trading company’ now said to be worth billions?

2 thoughts on “Explaining 9/11

  1. “I have 3 separate but intertwining threads of explanation.”

    I think your explanation needs one more thread – utter cluelessness in large segments of the general public. Here’s an example:
    Even if this is just a hired troll, the fact that such drivel can pass with so little protest – especially in a forum where the average participant is likely quite a bit smarter and better informed than Joe Average – is pretty telling.

    OT: Here’s something you might find interesting:

    And glad to see you back – I was a little worried that the abuse you got over at WRSA might have made you just say to hell with it . . .


    1. I was watching a lot of the Sandy Hook Hoax videos and reading that background. Painful research.

      Global warming is only one of the issues where MSM sided with elites and only presents one part of the story, and it is probably idologically driven, aimed at depopulating the planet, but I haven’t studied that so don’t have an opinion. But a standard frame to everything, which is why it is so hard for contrary views to gain ground, same as this entire anti-Muslim craziness.

      I chose wrsa to interact with because I thought that blog had the most intelligent comments and commenters. The anti-Muslim stuff is quieting down a bit, but all the revelations about false flags and our support of all those terrorist organizations continues to fade into the background. Big lie works.

      So pleased someone recognizes me, and I brag about each incessantly to wife and kid, but would be a terrible leader just because I am not so bothered by any of the calumney some of the patriots heap on me. Mostly, I end up using those as stimulus to new and better understandings, so it is overall positive. It only keeps me awake at night when something makes me think I was wrong on some point.

      My entire family has very independent brains, I didn’t have much choice about being satisfied with the results of my thinking as compared to what other people believe. So they either attempt to convince or it isn’t significant. Still tickled at recognition and praise, however. Thanks.



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