The Next False Flag

There are only 2 kinds of people in the world, those who study the evidence and can be right versus those who do not study the evidence and can be wrong.  People who can be wrong should not allow themselves opinions.

9/11 attack on the WTC towers was a false flag operation, no rational person who has considered the evidence can have any doubt.

This video is all you need, but there are at least 20 with equally-good presentations of aspects of the evidence, military, pilots and others, including some intelligence professionals.

The 9/11-Truth movement is an understanding and doubt that started from the periphery and spread through the population.  The authorities have wanted to label them as ‘conspiracy theorists’, but that argument is undercut by the fact that too many of them are senior people at the top of their professions, full professors of physics, architecture, engineering, or equivalents in the military, including a Lt. Colonel.  Lynn Margolis was a National Academy of Sciences member since 1983, a long-time senior scientist on the world scene.  These serious and senior people with skin in the game show that many obvious facts of 9/11 case cannot be explained except via ‘explosive demolition using thermite’.  They uncover additional evidence monthly.

People and evidence, nobody can rationally support the government’s story. Use that fact : if you have doubt, it means that either you have not studied the evidence, or you have not been rational about it.  Ditto for everyone.  Don’t argue, just suggest that people study the data before they allow themselves to have opinions.

If you have any doubts, it means you have not studied the evidence again recently enough.  I went through that several times as the investigations progressed, would be convinced, and then the density of the frame, the propaganda, would have me doubting enough so that I didn’t follow the line of thought.  It has taken all this time for me, a strong-minded hard-head even among engineers, to get to the point of fully considering ‘what does that mean’.

9/11 invoked NATO on the US’s side in what has been another attempt at World Domination by military means.

I now think that the consequences of 9/11 drives all of the world’s politics and military actions, but not for the reasons the Israeli-neocons who did 9/11 want us to believe.  That was pursuit of raw power. Now it is their fear of the consequences for them when we finally grasp what they have attempted, what they have done.

The fact carefully not admitted to the national discourse is the obvious problem of government that 9/11 represents, the extensive network of people willing to betray the fundamental values of the United States Constitution and human rights, a deep government that is obviously very powerful, and a visible government very incapable of rational action according to long-term interest, a visible government that does not respond to citizen opinions and interests.

9/11 was treason as defined in the Constitution, working with a foreign group against the interests of the US government.  It was criminal, it killed 3K people and defrauded insurance companies of $4.5B. It was exploited for propaganda value, changed the course of world history and has revealed that our government is not the rational democratic republic run by an Executive, Congress and courts representing citizens and under the Constitution that we thought it was.

Congress now appears to have no power at all, our Presidents act remarkably alike whatever their pre-election rhetoric, and our courts are very reluctant to rule against the executive or agencies.

From the outside, we don’t quite understand what is going on.  Why is Ron Wyden, a US Senator, afraid to buck the CIA or NSA on a matter of secrecy? Feinstein on torture is another example. A year or so ago, a minor import-export agency defied Congress’s demand for documents. Are those due to pressure from inside Congress, or from outside it? What combination of “you may not” and “are you sure you want to present yourselves, your institution, as that totally powerless?” determine those decisions?

Congress is clearly that totally powerless, tho we can’t quite say why.  I think it is not worth speculating why, we don’t much care.  Having noticed that major government Institutions no longer function as intended, we must realize this is not a mere problem of reform.

Whatever the reason, the coverup of 9/11 and the coverup investigation is widely known.  At 36% of people ‘having doubts’ in 2008 and increasing acceptance since then, by this time in a normal government with normal politics and media, the Israeli-neocons dual-citizens would have been investigated in a firestorm of media attention on whistleblowers from every corner of government, then every association since grade school exposed and carefully evaluated.  People would have been tried for colluding with a foreign power and executed, many others would have escaped into other countries.

But has not happened, and shows no sign of happening. ‘9/11 was a false flag’ discussions NEVER happen in any public forum above talk radio. They NEVER happen on important web sites, even 3rd-tier such as Lew Rockwell. Those are all organizations and people trying to be taken seriously, the rules clearly are that nobody is serious who deals with the evidence and states the obvious, 9/11 was a false flag operation.

People the stature of Ron Paul only call for re-opening the 9/11 investigation, they don’t come right out and call for investigation of the False Flag operation.  They all hint all around it, ‘serious questions of responsibility’ and some of them no doubt are taken in by the CIA’s cover story of the CIA’s top 3 people trying to recruit Islamic terrorist bad guys by letting them run around the US for a year on their own, meeting with whoever they wished, doing things like taking flying lessons suspiciously. The newest version is out.

9/11 was very likely done in collusion with the Mossad.  That meets the Constitutional definition of treason.

Article 3 – The Judicial Branch
Section 3 – Treason

Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.

Nobody was fired or demoted following 9/11, in fact all were elevated afterwards.  It is prudent for citizens to assume that all people in our government security and intelligence services who have been promoted in their positions are guilty of at least after-the-fact knowledge and failure to inform the proper authorities.  All of the high-level executives must assume to be guilty.

We have treasonous criminals running major elements of our government, and many more who have after-the-fact knowledge and understandings that they have not disclosed.

Those criminals will be arrested and charged if 9/11 is ever investigated as it should have been, not in cover-up mode. Dozens and dozens of very important people will be tried and executed.

That fact I think explains the extreme behavior of our so-called diplomats in the Ukraine, the spreading ME wars, etc.  Those are not the result of stupid mis-understandings, not even unintended side-effects of the methods they are willing to use, rather those are the intended results. They need chaos and war to keep everyone’s attention off of 9/11. The continuous increase in domestic federal, state and local police powers and aggressiveness is an aspect of the same thing.  Rational government long ago would have seen where that was leading and reversed it, this government welcomes the inevitable chaos.

Likewise the very extreme and widespread anti-Muslim propaganda and the personal attacks on Obama.  The first has no basis in reality, the second very little, Obama is doing what Shrub would have done, and the Israeli-neocons are only down on him because he isn’t willing to create even more chaos.  MIC is a beneficiary and ally, oil is a beneficiary and ally, but the driver was always power and is now power and fear.

Added later : Ditto the prosecution of whistleblowers and torture of prisoners. Torture made sense to get confessions to implicate Osama Bin Ladin, but it was also an attention-occupier : arguing about torture kept people from arguing about 9/11’s reality.

The best thing you can do for your country now is to watch 9/11 Truth videos, get outraged, and start calling your Congress critters and making a lot of noise in internet comments, make it clear that it is a major outrage and on many citizen’s mind. Congress is impotent, but someone in the political world will eventually decide that 9/11 truth is a way to power.  The Internet means they can get their word out, but they have to believe there are enough outraged citizens looking for honest leaders to make it worth the risk.

Meanwhile, understand that our rulers like False Flags, they control the media to an extent we could not have imagined, and they double-down whenever possible.

The only reason not to fly with Muslims in the airplane is that they could be the poor schmucks chosen as patsies by the CIA-Mossad-FBI-ATF for the next false flag.

The coverup is still working.  You should point that out to all the people who claim they could never get away with it, and that therefore it could not have happened.

As Mark Twain said “It is easier to fool people than convince them that they have been fooled.”


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