Are You Sure You Want A Vengeance Culture?

As a gun-carrying* pacifist, I very strongly council for playing only positive-sum games. Why take the chance of losing?**

Nevertheless, most any man can be convinced, given sufficiently high taxes and humiliating oppression, to give up our wonderful positive-sum games of civilization and adopt some measure of the old feud and vengeance measures that manage lesser games of not-civilization.  I have long resisted the many judgments of “Burn it down” that have crossed my screen, and still believe we believers in Freedom are decisively winning the reality game.

Our many power centers have not yet entire grasped how they are losing, and thus are playing their hand very poorly.  Let me help.  I think your future system cannot possibly work as a stable system, and it cannot therefore be in your interest.

First consider a world organized by your security, then I will lay out our Freedom version.

Your’s will be a cashless world, every cent is tracked.  You need that to manage the economy and secure our safety.  That is a solid argument, we all have to agree that if you could manage our economy for the beterment of all and could secure our safety, you would need those tools.  But, problems : Implementing that also means everyone is an instant law-breaker, because you won’t be able to stop yourself from making a lot of products and services illegal. While that has the advantage of making your citizens easier to control, it also means you need to outlaw anonymus emoney and conversion of *ANYTHING* to or from those currencies, which, in inevitable turn, would end on-line commerce : How to stop an electronic transactions from resulting in bitcoins instead of a physical object?  Not possible, so only authorized dealers in any object could be allowed to translate your electronic fiat spending into or out of physical objects, or certified testimony to that effect.

Fascism in modern form, vast corruption immediately results from outlawing cash, can’t happen.

Far worse, you would have to prevent any form of encryption, overlay networks, … and enforce the edict with ubiquitous surveillance.

OK, you won’t be able to do that, will have to settle for eliminating new $100 bills, and thus forcing the adoption of anonymous eMoney.

But soon your future will see every movement of every individual can be tracked, no mass of people can avoid surveillance, no individual crime, much less uncivil insurrections can occur. And all electronic communications inspected in detail, no crime can occur undetected.  Except cameras and deep packet inspection don’t deter crime even when thickest, and it isn’t that hard to screw up ID of a person, real life or camera. Except not everywhere, yet, and it is generally possible to know where and where not, even to arrange subterfuge, for clandestine meetings.  At some expense, driving up the price of sin, and always opening oneself to blackmail.

Except, you all taught us about making such abnormal things look so normal, to our long-term detriment.  Except, my kid’s future is not nearly as good as a result of your miserable leadership, you treasonous criminals. No kid’s future is as good as the last generation’s, back to the baby boomers after WWII.  The generations before were upwardly mobile, the ones after 1970, less, and after 1990 not.  We got lectured about personal failure, and indeed there was a lot of drug addiction in the failing parts of society.  As those patterns of failure in minorities arrived in rural white society, the drugs and crime came along.

But we people have not failed.  We kept the faith and have largely gone on with positive-sum games with each other, our peers.  You have destroyed our opportunities with your government policies, just as the major European governments have done.  It happened here faster, and all of us don’t accept the situation as normal yet.  I think all of this most abnormal in fact, not possible in a society managed by our Constitution’s principles.

So if you expect me to get behind a candidate in the coming elections, or even cease proposing your immediate demise as a government, you people in government and the parties  need to allow us to fix it, as it is clearly beyond your capabilities to improve.

I do hope you allow this society to aim itself in the right direction again.  Your signal to me can be to have Congress authorize an independent commission of citizens, chosen by citizens completely independent of any political affiliation and themselves pristine, to begin digging into the vast corruption you morons have allowed to happen to us.  The connections to 9/11 False Flag operations and the many hoax or false flag shootings like the Sandy Hook hoax should be most instructive.

If not, have you looked at the rapid evolution of the sociology of criminal gangs in the modern era?  It is a very common thing for revolutions to incorporate criminal elements, sort of a head-start on the new order.  I don’t recommend that, negative-sum, use it here as a teaching tool.  What you will find is rapid evolution of all of the criminal gangs toward an early-modern corporate structure : VPs in charge of finance, accounting, … specialists and muscle.  The first one of those that decides to play even a little bit nice will be in a position to take over a little town somewhere, already do throughout Mexico, I think.  Less legitimacy, but higher income for everyone in town, at least lower taxes and more freedom to go about your business.  Pretty soon people in adjacent towns decide they are honest enough to do business with, given the bargains. See where that leads?  Even to some ordinary citizens deciding to avoid the taxes directly for anyone who would like to play via bitcoin on an overlay net.

That mostly-peaceful path is the best any of us can hope for, a gradual replacement of this corrupt system with one that can possibly work again.  The process is ultimately bottom-up evolutionary, thus inevitably will produce a step in some direction.  We can’t know how ultimately successful it will be, but evolution selects each step for adequate=same-or-better than the current system.  We can only understand that this requirement, that we replace our current government, is a phase of that evolution of government forms. We should have anticipated this result of history speeding up.

But more likely it is going to go through an extended phase of mafia domination as did the USSR after it collapsed.  The interaction of those attempts at old-style rule and the modern reality of Bunny Banging and KickEnder accounts will produce the next government form, I believe.

How fast is the problem.  Mafia cultures tend to authoritarians and vengeance, a consequence of the more primitive management techniques most learned in their apprenticeships in gangs and armed services.  The inevitable consequence is no-trust relationships with pressure to consolidate, to take over other’s rackets.  That is the same dynamic driving our various mafias already contending for increased power over the world’s governments.  That is the NWO we need to be concerned with, these people are criminals on a grand scale.

How long would it take to end a war of mafias run remotely over the web?

That is the probable consequence of allowing armed gangs to take over towns.  If they are people prone to primitive personnel management, your future is much less bright than if they are folks you know and trust.

Middle class America, responsible people of your communities. Get serious and angry, or we will have that mafia culture spread to your community.

Measures to eliminate sin are how we got here, remember?  The exact reason there can be mafia, you do not eliminate sin from a society, you can only concentrate it in a mafia or leave it to local commerce.  It is 2016 in a first world country.  You have read that same rational analysis 100s of times if you are a politically-aware person, and the bureaucracies persist and the corruption grows.

Nobody presents the real questions, e.g. should we continue to allow all of the Asian and South American and EEuropean lovely women to continue coming to the US as nannies and tourists and … and then populating our brothals?  Or should we erect trade barriers to protect the incomes of local girls?  Do nothing, and Chinese pimps and whoever last won NSA’s blackmail database in the mafia wars will run your world, to their benefit, not yours.

Other countries have legalized sex, drugs and rock’n’roll and their civilizations continue. We better do something quick, this one shows signs of not continuing, all because of the corruption our laws against sins have produced.

Honesty now requires me to vote for the party favoring the most innocent sins.

*wherever legal, believe that should be whenever I wish, and whatever arms I wish, as all sentient beings share responsibility for their common safety and security.

**You might not always win at a positive-sum game, in fact, you may lose your entire fortune if you play badly, but that is nevertheless a system-level win, good for you, your family and all of society, the very society from within which you first gathered the great benefit of the fortune you lost, and where you have your best chance of gaining another.

Nature throws up plenty of obstacles to our good lives, we humans should not waste our efforts loading more problems on each other.  Really, there are literally no problems we peoples could not solve, the world right now has far more of everything than we need to improve all lives by a decade.  We know how to end the most of the crime in the world, etc.  The spending on corruption and crony-capitalist subsidies and the militaries alone around the world would pay for any conceivable project.  Or, even better, leave the people their wealth.  We have done a good job with it so far.


The usual link, this to the bad effects on Freedom of money gov can track.

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