Delusions of Control

Concentrated, cherry-picked evidence generally supports whatever the writer wants you to believe.  Can’t say I didn’t warn you. The usual disclaimer*

There I was, looking for something interesting to listen to in my Saturday AM reading, and I found something I had never seen anything alike before. I like unexpected, new and different, so went looking for more.

This was another example for me of how little I can possibly know about the world. This despite the fact that I work at understanding and knowing enough to have a lot of points of view.  I systematically look for new information representing new points of view and have developed ways of sampling widely, and as a result Youtube returns an entirely different of suggestions for me than it probably would for you.

So I follow things that I find unexpected when I can make the time, because every one is an indication my grasp of reality needs improved.  Without that, the future cannot be effectively hedged.

I didn’t watch all completely, but every one was worth a minute of evaluation.

This is interesting, and I bet I can find the same kind of panel discussing the same thing for every other ethnic group, it is one of the reasons Israel is doing very well.

Wow, this woman can talk.

There is, I believe, no gentle way to introduce a anyone to Rick and Morty. My son did it for me, I propagate the fact that Mad Magazine aesthetics are still being implanted firmly in our intelligent children, now animated, with lots of sex, on drugs, very vulgar, extremely violent and pretty clever. Satire, sort of, mostly, in a way, much further afield than South Park-era equivalents, much less the first-generation of this genre, “The Simpsons”.

If you like any of the first few minutes, go and watch an episode. “Autoerotic assimilation” was a good one. So was the episode dealing with microverses.

This is a high level of humor, you can’t quite be sure.

Canada generates a lot of weird stuff lately, most so very vulgar.

For other measures of the breadth of your imagination, consider this.  Or, find one of the porn aggregation sites on the web that shows you the live stream of queries from all of the users.  What proportion do you grasp?

The world’s cultures and economies, including all major institutions and all information flows that they need to function, are evolving at un-precedented rates. All institutions dependent upon bureaucracies managed by law and policy, are facing rates of change in their environment higher than they can deal with. Those include accumulated evidence of failure and comparisons, now so easily available to all, with previous versions of institutions and outcomes. Nearly all of the world’s major institutions are easily seen as failures by anyone who looks, despite 50+ years of leadership by our Progressive Elites of the left and the right.

My son’s generation’s worldview about everything, but especially what they think of as normal, is entirely different than older generations, you may mistake them for your current elite’s worldviews.  My son has has friends and relatives in 5 countries, his friends have relatives in several dozen different countries, he carries on conversations with people from other countries daily, and in their language, as part of both work and social life.  Yesterday he told me he spent 2 hours interpreting in a telephone conversation between their buyer, who can’t yet speak English well, and the purchasing agent for a major big-box chain. We attend birthday parties where the children speak 3 languages, not overlapping, and teach each other, in homes were the dining room table can’t be used because it is an workbench for projects that could lead to a startup.  His friends have included some openly gay, he hears about some of everyone’s sexual experiences, and some seem to have rather wide experience at what seem to me, at least, young ages, and none seem to think any of this is in any way strange.  I agree, all that is base standard human behavior, the Puritans and Victorians were not.

But my son’s friends are a pretty good lot, I do not see any problems.  These people work.  I don’t see loss of values, my kid and his friends still spend evenings and weekends at work on their cars and bikes and cycle hard or work out in gyms in training, pretty normal young man behavior, including cookouts in the park by the lake.  Many use cannabis, not all.  Some drink alcohol, not all. Their drug experiments are moderate.

At the same time as these young people are living and growing up in surely one of the richest communities on earth in technical and scientific expertise combined with world-wide business acumen, they are being members of families.  My son goes to help out his grandmother most weekends, sits and talks for a couple of hours. She tells stories about living in the old country.

This is completely normal, it seems to me, normal evolution of a wealthy society with an unbelievable surplus of information, the first time in history this has been true.

You folks in our elites are riding high, more billions and billionaires than ever in history, with hedge fund managers making $1B/year. Nevertheless, you must see the cracks in the systems.  For example, your minions have been surprised by rejection of political establishments around the world, including some strongly supported by the US. That was one measure of your lack of knowledge and understanding, how fast the world is changing, and the fact that some of that change is obsoleting institutions you depend upon for legitimacy and control. Voting and revolution are lagging measures of those.  Leading measures of the rate of those changes is Youtube. How many of these cultural trends did you know about?

For individuals and institutions, problems come at some average rate in a distribution of sizes.  If the entity deals with them cleanly, the entity prospers.  If it can’t keep up, usually because it can’t deal with problems in ways that avoid future problems, it begins failing, and the failures cascade.

Failures are clearly cascading for Status Quo Establishments around the world as they fail to deal with the changes produced by the very fast evolution of our world’s open, evolving, complex systems, and your inability to deal with them cleanly.

You guys in the status quo can’t grasp what is happening. My son’s generation and so many of us in the older generation hate you all, e.g. Travis Country GOP Chair.  That is the same hatred as powers Trump, and a lot of it is driven by 9/11 False Flag and Sandy Hoaxes, none of which you have decided to be aware of.

*The usual warning goes on and on warning you about warnings and propagandizing you about the dangers of propaganda and trying very hard to get inside your thoughts by using the finest logic and the purest facts and distilled essence of wisdom.  You are very lucky I have not deployed those here, as the average mind is putty when exposed to the force of my normal warning about propaganda.

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