A Service To Prominent Bloggers and Other Minions of the Status Quo

Please forward a link to this post to your favorite prominent blogger who does not yet grasp the reality of 9/11 False Flag operation against the American people or the Sandy Hook Mass Shooting Hoax.

I have made a bet with friends to coerce them into looking into the evidence for those cases.  I ask how much they are willing to lose in a bet, write a check and tell them they can cash it if they decide, after watching 10 hours of 9/11 or Sandy Hook Truth videos that I select, that the government’s story is plausible.  If they decide the government did not explain the happening, they write me a check for that amount and send both checks to me.

My friends do not take me up on that bet, I am not known to bet on chance.

I recently extended that bet to a prominent blogger in the open source world.  I told him I would require him to write a post explaining his decision if it went against me, only fair that he open-source his reasoning on this important intelligence issue, aspects of which he also blogs about.

Being ignored, I carried on the usual fruitless exchange with 9/11 supporters in his comments, I believe they are all hasbara by this time, none ever make sense.  I challenge them to deal with evidence, they cannot.  I keep dumping evidence on them, never any reply beyond handwaving and diversion and attempt to get me to say something inflammatory enough to get me banned from the site, and likely all my comments deleted.

The Israeli-Neocons who planned and executed the 9/11 operation and the ultra-Progressive crazies who are running the mass shooting hoaxes and false flags are losing the public opinion battle, and also politically, so a lot of executives and bloggers need a way to change their minds that don’t make them look too bad or have to explain too much to themselves, so I think extending this bet is a general service that I can provide for the bloggers of the world, a straight-forward bet that allows them to escape their crumbling political and intellectual positions.

Take my bet, or get some wild-eyed acquaintance to propose it to you.  “Easy as pie to make a little cash” you can brag to your friends, who also know you are going to lose and so need a reason to change reality structures, the Israeli-Neocon promises falling to nothing as they always do.  A Saul on the Road To Damascus moment, and so cheap, just whatever you post on your site and can convince me to send you a check for.

If you wish to make some money off your friends in the Status Quo, or just make them take the evidence seriously, feel free to use the idea.

I told the blogger I was commenting to I would provide the set of links ahead of time, so he couldn’t lose.  For 9/11 :






I found this later :

That says that Barbara Honneger is wrong about a lot of things.  Just to let you know I am honest, and history that happened and is documented is solid, but interpretations and recountings of it change.  That is true, even before the government tosses in disinfo.  Now, where did the young woman who swore it was a bomb, and she went out the hole, no airplane parts?  So, some of Honneger’s presentation is correct.  I also see that Jim Fetzer has parted ways with sanity in some of his analyses, no idea, and I don’t have time to pursue that, either.  But, nevertheless, nobody died at Sandy Hook.

So, some things are refuted every now and then in this contemporary history-detective story, but the evidence keeps getting better, deeper and more complete. When I get omniscient, you won’t have to be careful, right?


For the Sandy Hook Hoax :


No one who works through these, judging both the people making the comments and their evidence, and has a rational mind will still believe the government’s story has any validity, so it is a safe bet with anyone you trust to be honest. A good tool, I find.

Found this later, covers a lot of them well and quickly :

Wed 6 July 2016. Orlando was a hoax,  in fact, Orlando was an especially poor hoax. There are many links, but not documentaries yet.

I  think Ataturk Airport also, but haven’t dug into it, not enough time, so don’t have anything definitive, tho this is pretty convincing. Maybe they have had a lot of experience cleaning up after suicide bombers.  However, a woman I knew had been in an airport bombing, was protected by a pillar between her and the bomb.  People in chairs on both sides of her lost their heads, literally.  Her description of the scene was not one that could be cleaned up in 4.5 hours, and there were less than a dozen dead in that incident, vs 42 in Turkey.

Both of these are fine examples of citizen journalism : many people took the standard ‘news’ clips and did analyses that lead them to identify anomalies pointing to the correct conclusions.

Found later, an excellent source if you would rather read. Another.


22 thoughts on “A Service To Prominent Bloggers and Other Minions of the Status Quo

    1. Actually, you are not alone. I had never even heard of the nuclear hypothesis, have not yet evaluated any of it, but Fetzer is one of the big researchers in all of these, has credibility.


      I knew that Judy Wood had rather far out theory, for which she did not have extra-ordinary evidence, and that that had had some effect on the opinions of people like Ron Paul and possibly other prominent people, hadn’t gone further.

      Manufactured news everywhere. Thank god for the net, we wouldn’t know nothing.

      Thanks for the comment, I will follow up.

      I have not yet followed up, and probably won’t. The reason is that I ran through the films of the towers falling, in my mind. The patterns of the spurts of gas and clouds of debris are those of many sequence small explosion from top to bottom, not 10 different mini-nukes vaporizing everything. The explosions and vectors in the ejected debris, same. So I see no evidence. OTOH, the USGS’s analyses with so many other chemicals needs thought, which I don’t have time to do just now, what with honchoing a 5th gen revolution and all.


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