So Many People, So Few Stereotypes

I had seen most of these at different times, decided to round them up, concentrated cherry picked evidence is revealing in its own way.  At minimum, someone thinks there is an audience for all of these, and for several there is indeed a large and long-lasting audience.

Get your mind around what is happening there, note how different their stars and acts, and it isn’t just the music.

This is DJ Arkin, who plays the Turkish ‘ney’, and who moved from Detroit to Istanbul and pioneered Sufi devotional music mixed with so many other roots I can’t distinguish them.

Note that this largely Turkish artform plays all through Europe, and I doubt much of the audience anywhere is unstoned* nor read the Koran recently, this isn’t about religion, it is about mining the culture for modern art forms.    This is later, it all keeps changing, this guys change genres every year, other groups change acts.

This is one of more than a few faces of modern American belly dance.

Our culture is not the only one in the world changing rapidly via mixing memes. Everywhere I look I see other examples, for example this Pakistani historical drama or the Iranian art scene.

Each of these shows that culture is dynamic, ever-changing, driven by forces internal to individuals and literally everything else.  Culture is an open, evolving very complex system.  To freeze a culture is neither possible nor desirable, as all progress in evolutionary system results from different lines of memes or genes hybridizing and the resulting hybrid vigor. Matt Ridley’s “Evolution of Everything” is a fine exposition of the ‘general theory of evolution’, an extension of Darwin’s ‘special theory of evolution’.

Modern humans are an interspecies hybrid of Neanderthal and then-modern humans who had evolved in Africa, separated by 400,000 years.  We hybrids got a lot out of our union.

The human lineage seems a series of such combinations, we can see at least 3 sets of ancestors in modern genomes, and before that the archaeological record shows dozens of hominins different enough to be called separate species, but perhaps not too different to interbreed with.  Based on Neanderthal and Denisovan examples, likely not too different.

As hybrids of hybrids of hybrids in genetics, culture, technology, and every other aspect of the evolutionary systems we are part of, any restriction on interchanges impoverishes your future by depriving your evolving units of the variations that will make the future.  Stop doing sex, your line dies.  Stop mixing ideas in business, science, technology, or culture and your evolutionary unit dies.

The internet lowers the cost of exploring ideas in all areas, evolution is speeding up.  That is good, it has to outrun the planners who are responsible for most of the misery in the world.  Plans can’t match evolution.

*Watching a dancer twirl in one place for 20 minutes selects for such, I think.

2 thoughts on “So Many People, So Few Stereotypes

  1. Thanks. I am seeing more and more ME and Indian artists mixing the various genres. There were 2 Indian/Pakistani female singers in England 15 years ago, and a Sundanese Ud player, did some composing. Also Ravi Shankar and his daughter, of course. Shanker goes back to the early 1970s, I think.

    I thought all those were very good. I can find the names, if you are interested.


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