Contemporary Diggeridoo

Yesterday my brother reminded me of music I hadn’t listened to for a long time:

So the next time I went to Youtube, I saw this in the suggested videos :

That taught me how diggeridoos are played, the kind of music they are good at, that there is a contemporary style and the traditional style, and also that playing it is a cure for obstructive sleep apnea.  That is one of six TED talks about the instrument.

I had listened to a lot of diggeridoo classics, e.g. David Hudson :

Starting a search, I noticed Youtube says it has 400K links for ‘diggeridoo’.

Some years ago I had noticed that many bands around the world included a diggeridoo player:

There are a lot of women players :

There are more advanced music written for diggeridoo, interesting it can be played along with other instruments so is an addition to a one-person band :

There is an amazing variety in one-man bands :

It is used in covers of old classics of all kinds, here rock :

I added this later, once Youtube knows you like things, you get to see all the new and viewed.

And finally, an active ecosystem supplying diggeridoos, teachers:

The Australian aboriginal culture is much diminshed, but their art and music is being incorporated into the world’s culture everywhere.  There are surely more diggeridoo players in the world today than at the height of aborigine populations and culture.  Also more people using and appreciating the Aboriginal motifs, artistic sensibilities.

Kind of reminds you of how there are more Neanderthal genes in the world’s genome now than there were at the height of Neanderthal’s population.

They still have genes we need to incorporate, so you folks who are serious about your blood line’s improvement should start learning to appreciate all this, you will need advantages in the mating game.


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