Embracing Trump’s Reality


“The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media.”
– William Colby, former CIA director

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” – William Casey, CIA Director (from first staff meeting, 1981)

What is the ‘Mighty Wurlitzer‘? The honorific of Frank Wisner, the first chief of political warfare for the Central Intelligence Agency, used to describe the C.I.A.’s plethora of front organizations and newsmedia stooges that he was capable of playing (like a great organ with many keyboards) for synthesizing any propaganda tune that was needed for the day.

“You have to repeat the propaganda over and over for it to sink in.”  ~ George W. Bush 43rd president of the former United States.

“Above all it is essential to refer to things by their correct names. If things are not referred to by their correct names, then our language will not reflect reality. If our language does not reflect reality, then our actions will not reflect reality, and will be exercises in futility.”
— Confucius, The Analects, Chapter 13, Verse 3

The Usual Warnings.*

Just guessing, I think our Status Quo is going to have a hard time selling Hillary Clinton, and their polling knows it. Thus, all of MSM piling on Donald Trump, which Joe Bob Briggs does a very fun job of describing.

Full disclosure, even if I did not have an ultra-serious reason preferring Donald Trump for President, which I will get to in a minute, I would choose him over any of the others because he is uncontrolled even by his advisors. The man cannot button his lip. Far from being the negative trait of personality others deem it to be, I tell you in all sincerity that that is his most valuable trait. For that, we should gladly tolerate anything. He may appear to be stupid a lot, even be stupid, he may piss people off too often and for both good and terrible reasons, he may be a laughing stock for reasons of lack of depth or any of so many other reasons, and nevertheless, the man says true things which no other politician is willing to say, probably can’t even think.

And, those things cause discussion, always revealing if only of MSM bias. Among many other positive effects on our society Trump has been a mechanism that has revealed the reality of a one-party system, deep state’s control of both nominal parties, and biases in judgment throughout MSM, academia and our other major institutions.

More than a fair trade of attributes in a leader, it seems to me. If that jolt to the national psyche, e.g. his recent “sell your stocks, the market is dangerous”, keeps you out of one catastrophe in 10, it would be a big payoff. Out of one of those ‘exercises in futility’ history is full of. It must be admitted we have not been doing so well with selecting our leaders. From the evidence, we should change our selection criteria.

Trump is the different we got, TPTBs have screwed up, we peasants are stuck with the choice of Trump vs Clinton. Thought they were clever, and now we peasants going to goose the hydraulics on that ram.

The public profits from that man as President in a myriad of ways, he will provide more waves of every emotion and contradictory combination of emotions than you can imagine every week sweeping through America’s public life, more than any dozen of our present pallid political leaders combined, as amazingly corrupt as they are. All of which will be instructive, we will be told many versions of why from all sides.  America will get a real education in character analysis. Past time we had that, we haven’t done well of late, not until Trump. The man will be in his element, Reality TV Star. No kidding, we will now have a Presidency done right!

I can see that the media will be pissed at the competition, but we all need to fully appreciate what just happened. Donald Trump told them what he was going to do, did it, they did just what he told them they were going to do, and he is on his way to being President courtesy of MSM’s free advertising. And neither side feels taken advantage of, because the media are doing very well in advertising revenue from the other political candidate. Without Trump’s ability to attract an audience, and Trump selling MSM on the idea that making a horse-race would cause her to attract $ from the deep bankster pockets, then spend it on advertising, both sides would be much poorer, Trump and the media. I wonder how his media portfolio did during the campaign? Bet the guy made a profit there and will clear a larger profit on the entire campaign, as he loaned his campaign $ to get himself to this level, he is now collecting campaign contributions at near-Clinton rates. I am awed at the depth of that plan, the excellence of its execution.**

As an example of a sophisticated marketing campaign and business strategy, I think that should be a B-School case study. And a good bit of it was thought through by Roger Stone, and, from the evidence of  the identity and background of his Campaign Chairman, Paul Manafort, of the firm of Black, Manafort, Stone and Kelley before he left for Davis, Manafort and Freedman. That first firm is described as a powerhouse lobbying group, and they were part of many Republican party campaigns, including Presidential. Davis et al were, depending on your point of view, sleezy far past the already slack ethics of the K Street lobbying and PR firms, or young entrepreneurs searching the world for opportunities to link us together, in one big family of mutual dependence. Allegations of transmitting bribes, via fees for their PR work from foreign entities with suspect links, and speaking fees and campaign contributions to allies of particular US sitting officials and political entities, campaign funds, … Baldly, from foreign dictator and friends to Americans in positions to make things happen and friends. Seems to have worked, the firm and partners prospered, and no one has been charged so far. Thus, the assertion that Trump’s campaign team has no relevant foreign policy experience is false, they have already grasped the only major skills that Hillary Clinton showed as Secretary of State.

Trump has been part of a shady group for a long time, socially and professionally. Fringe mafia, ritzy partying types, and city officials in the early days. People completely outside the usual blacker shades of shady crowd around DC and the media business, especially the network empires.  From those humble beginnings on the shady side of life, Trump seems to this observer to have grown a lot. He is a successful communicator, what is wrong with their research departments? What do they think a reality TV star does? I know nothing of his career in show business. How long did it take for his personality and ability to handle an audience to show itself? From beauty pageants to network TV, making money all the way and amplifying his brand, the value of his real estate holdings. Add the strategy behind this campaign, I think his ability to handle the oligarchy, incomparably blacker of shade tho they may be, has proven fairly impressive! Could be Trump is as impressive a negotiator as he gives himself credit for being.

And you have to admit, he collects beautiful and competent women around himself, we haven’t had that lovely and presentable a crew in the White House since Jackie.

All in all, a big win for voters who face 4 years of news bites from either Trump or Clinton’s group. These understandings will be seeping into the public’s conscious all through the next 3 months. Given the choice between the outrageous Trump and the dour Clinton, Clinton doesn’t have a chance.

There is an even larger upside, I believe, to a  President Trump. Suppose the man and his advisors are really smart. From the publicly available evidence of those consulting firms, they are the kind of people who consult for cannibals**** and not only get out alive, they bring the gold with them. All the gold, including a big bonus from the Dictator and recommendations to all of your new friends, both in DC and overseas. The man Indiana Jones wanted to convince us he was, for real.

Given how Trump has been ahead of MSM all the way, what do you want to bet he knows exactly how far he should have goaded them? What if this sequence has been on purpose? What if we can now expect peoples’ regard for Trump to rise just from seeing him bear up under the comprehensive bias against anything associated with Trump Joe Bob Briggs talks about, nevertheless continue the attack? (It already has, from the polls.)

What if Donald Trump is thinking better than our Establishment? Seems like a pretty standard sequence in history to me. You know, the outsider from the docks pushing his way into society, learning to compete in a hard trade, having a bit of luck that he turns into the highest office of the land? Romantic as hell. And thereby the standard in history, there are always a ton of romantic or ambitious fools doing that from all sides, but the dockside guys are more numerous, have less to lose, and so take more risks. They don’t win often individually, but there are a lot of them, and when they win, they win bigger.

The screenplay will be awesome. And the chance of that combination of “Go For The Gold” energy and the skills to have thought that strategy through and executed it so well, to have accomplished so much with so little investment and such upside potential, says the team may have many other thoughts, we citizens can expect much more of interest from a Trump administration. We can’t know what, of course, but when have citizens ever known the effects of elections?

The American people will come to embrace Donald Trump’s strengths and ignore the downsides, mark my words! Even Ronald Reagan was less entertaining than Donald Trump is going to be. We have been picking people we had to take seriously for far too long! He states Truths that nobody else would say. Big win for ordinary citizens, seems to me, and not his fault if we can’t figure out what to do with them.

I continue to think that Donald Trump is going to win walking away, both because of the quality and bias of reporting about him and because Clinton has email yet to be revealed. I continue to hope that Hillary and Bill Clinton end their lives in prison, to clearly reveal my biases here at the beginning of this next reasoning.

In most states of our union, we have no effective choice other than one of the two major party candidates : There are no meaningful and intelligent protest votes unless you write in a name, in which case your vote is wasted, as carefully recorded and tallied as it may be. No politician will ever notice your vote. It will affect nobody’s opinion or behavior, however it uplifts your emotions.

The Libertarians, the only third party on all 50 state’s ballets, and thus the only other one who could possibly put their candidates in the White House, that could have any chance of winning. The LP and those candidates would be perfectly acceptable to a majority the American voters in 2016, without question. But unless they quickly rise in the polls in enough states to convince voters they could win, they are irrelevant.

Sadly, the LP has positioned themselves so they cannot achieve that : the candidates are sort-of-libertarian Republicans, nothing radical, even a bit neocon and corporatist, support for some wars, sometimes and in some circumstances, and some trade treaties, in some other circumstances. They are not stating Truths startling enough to produce enthusiasm. Not the Party of wild eyed revolutionary, your grandfather’s LP. They can’t win because they have made themselves a wing of the Republican Party and are thus contaminated by the Status Quo, they are only possibly relevant by the votes they take from one of the other parties, very likely their intended function by whoever induced them to become respectable.

Trump’s Democratic opponent is a criminal war-criminal war-monger of considerable experience but whose only accomplishments are her personal wealth via soliciting bribes that she earned via her Senate seat and State Department approvals and her destruction of several nations. Hillary Clinton is a habitual liar, a fact admitted by even her allies, very untrustworthy, a representative of the oligarchs, banksters and deep state. She has few reputable supporters, as there is still so much evidence of her recent criminal behavior surfacing from leaks that it is politically dangerous to be associated with her.

But, those are not the reason to vote for Donald Trump, as powerful and persuasive as I find them. They are the very least of the dangers that Hillary Clinton represents. Hillary Clinton is the representative of the Deep State, the CIA and military special forces and drone corps reporting to ‘political powers’. ‘Political powers’ are, in this case, oligarchs and politicos. Banksters and Oilsters and Pharmisters and all the other cartels vying for an administration’s favor.

Those political powers are the targets that PR firms such as the ones Stone and Manafort founded. War is a racket, we have long known, and money flows to anyone who can sway those forces, perhaps help to get an enemy on a list of people to be droned. Or sway military aid or foreign aid or … The US of A has many programs. Those programs almost always have civilian boards selected by political appointment who have considerable influence on who gets grant funds and why. Responsibility is diffused, and careful selection  for bipartisan members can make sure 2 votes control 95% of decisions, and those 5% don’t have sponsors of either side to pay bribes.

It is very clear that, beginning with the OSS in WWII, clandestine forces associated with the US’s government have been increasingly powerful in the world.  With the rise of Israel, the Mossad became another. They merged recently, a political union of our two nations and their intelligence services. In fact, the US’s various secret agencies have remarkable sway in the world. We do not have much information, but every time a news story reveals an aspect of it, the story is a version of the country’s secret services failing to warn their political leaders of America’s spying, total copying and sorting through their communications or another foreign editor or reporter admitting they were on the CIA’s payroll.

The Deep State is not soft power, it is black power. We suborn and mislead and blackmail and murder and massacre around the world, directly or indirectly. So many times with terrorist events or forces behind them, we find connections to US funds and US training. I remember reading about the elaborate covers for the CIA and NSA’s purchases of computers. Two levels of cutout, each a layer of indirection, manufacturer and another inside CIA’s receiving organization. Nevertheless, such links are there to be seen whenever any investigative reporter looks, and others such as the CIA running much of the heroin distribution world-wide. After a while it is not so odd, you are forced to conclude that we are the bad guys.

We really have to face up to that as a nation, we have become the bad guys, and we citizens are going to have to fix that. It won’t fix itself, and it is very unlikely to get fixed at the ballot box. Donald Trump may say and otherwise reveal enough versions of that that we make the required changes. No way Clinton would or could.

Around the world, American’s name has been blackened and people are not so willing to cooperate with us, many are anxiously anticipating our downfall, and willing to help. We have very considerable evidence of the CIA managing terrorist events for political America’s advantage. Advanced Colony Control, we could call it. Controlling an ‘allied’ government by channeling its population’s opinions for it.

Those Deep State forces are out of control.  They run foreign policy. They are the people pushing for more war, for confronting Russia along its entire border, for training and supporting radical Muslim terrorists and sending them into the Caucasuses, etc. Ditto China and its borders. Making the world worse in as many ways as they can as often as they can.

The Deep State’s actions produce continuous wars, escalating conflict across an ever-wider swath of the world. That cannot be in the interests of ordinary citizens in the US, much less those of any of our allies.

As bad as all that is, the Deep State’s methods of controlling political opinion and effecting transitions of political power are now routinely employed by our Deep State here at home. The assassinations of JFK, RFK and MLK were their work, increasingly clearly as time passes and more information is revealed.***  9/11 was clearly a CIA-Mossad false flag. Nobody died at Sandy Hook, it is a hoax. They reveal a very big change in our political system, a scary event in the political life of any nation : a transition to government control of the media and systematic manipulation of public opinion. In our recent case, via terror produced by our own government. Those events are clearly intended to do so, and MSM has so clearly cooperated supporting the government’s intentions.

I must conclude that Donald Trump is the only possible choice for President. I do so because his handlers are obviously unable to control him and more and more representatives of the Deep State are supporting Hillary. We need an uncontrolled President, one with no Deep State strings attached. I cannot think of a higher compliment for a candidate to any office than ‘uncontrolled’. In our choices of the least evil, everything else is irrelevant.

I embrace Donald Trump as the perfect President for our times.

*I have decided to adopt the motto “You can’t be too cynical, but you should damn well try hard!”.

**So far as I know, I am the only one to have noticed, hope you are impressed.

***How do I bet on the probability of Trump’s assassination? It is a wager I can get better Vegas odds on today than any time to the election and after. Donald Trumps most important attribute is the fact that his advisors do NOT control him. If our boy goes on putting his foot in his mouth clear to the election, he wins walking away from Clinton. If his polling margins are large enough, they can’t steal the election via Diebold, it would be too obvious from the exit-polls.

No kidding, I like the guy better every gaffe, the more he has to be kept away from the levers of power, the more bars they need to put around him, the safer we will all be. That is what the President was supposed to be, of very limited powers. They can’t allow such a President, their worlds would stop, what work would K street have if there were no privileged Executive? Thus, the falling odds on the bet, and the gathering of lone shooters in the cities of Trump’s scheduled campaign stops.

****This took a while longer, but, as always the link appears that proves the general case.


Additional thoughts : As a future savings of cost in government, I think we could get the media to sponsor the Presidency, if they could select really interesting candidates like Trump to run. Those candidates would have to be better than the current sponsors : It has been the Goldman Sachs Presidency several terms in a row now, they really should get recognition for their support. “The Goldman Sachs Presidency of Hillary Clinton. We need to be playing board games, imagining different Presidential contests.*

Trump vs Jesse Ventura would be interesting, sorry I mentioned it. Even as a might-have-been ephemeral thought of a future, it made me feel sad. Ventura is the man who should have been President, the only one I could have any confidence in at all.  It was insane for the LP to have passed him over. McAfee next, he is almost as good as Ventura, maybe would be an interesting team, a couple of the stronger more Libertarian Senators as chiefs of staff, able to communicate with the non-politicians currently expressing the will of the people, FU. Younger Libertarian Senators, of which there are none, Young Paul will have to do, perhaps one of the younger guys, I don’t know any of them.

Just after publishing that, I find this, so very brilliant in planting doubt. Beyond anything that Clinton’s side can even think to throw at Trump. And there are so many more, the long string of deaths of people who oppose Clinton , so many ways to point out her terrible history in judgment.

Earlier in the week, Trump said “Sell everything”, clearly good advice and one no other politician could voice, some constituency would be annoyed. In modern politics, anyone serious has to be very careful about voicing opinions on anything. In a world of cell phones taking videos and cheap huge disk drives, your words at a PTA meeting in the smallest, least significant borough in your state on the least important bond issue ever considered by voters will never die and will come back at you from an opponent’s campaign for the rest of your political career.

Trump, the clearest way of sending the message “FU! to the ends of the universe and beyond” to our Status Quo. If the message of Trump does not work, I see no positive-sum alternatives left to citizens who see the need to roll our Deep State into its grave, because the trends are strongly toward a hard authoritarian state enforcing obedience by an automated surveillance apparatus to detect any deviant political thoughts and propaganda that forces out all thought other than what is approved through official channels. Don’t let a normalcy bias fool yourself, it can happen here, easily, and is happening.

This spasm of outrage against what is, at base, expressions of the Deep State’s values, is probably 40 years too late. Probably it was too late by the Church hearings, certainly they have not prevented dominance of the civilian political system by the Deep State’s forces.

Arguing with friends after I published this. She is far more criminal than Trump. She is far more dishonest than Trump. Ego is equal, just differently expressed. He is simpler, we can trust his version more, it is easier to understand, possibly easier to manipulate. Both are at least intelligent. He is in far better health. He has a far better crew around him, people of independent stature, if they need to be. His team haspeople who tell him things he doesn’t want to hear and don’t get fired.  From the example of her email server, there are none in hers.

I know of only one lurking mine in Trump’s case, the law suit by the girl who claims Epstein and Trump had sex with her when she was 13. Very believable because of Epstein’s involvement, of course. And the major danger with Trump as President, because Epstein is certainly an Israeli agent who organizes blackmail via sex with underaged girls, just happens to be his thing as well, so a nice cover. Trump has long been associated with Epstein in at least social affairs, lots of pictures of them together.

But Clinton has far more. Their Foundation was a direct recipient of bribes from foreign entities for their lobbying and signing power, and much of that is known, a serious book published on it, just suppressed by our MSM. Trump won’t let that go. More email, …

No stretch of the imagination is Trump qualified to be President of the US. But Clinton is anti-qualified, she has proven herself to be unfit, repeatedly. We should not elect criminal war-criminal war-mongers with such bad judgment and poor teamwork.

Whatever bad things you say about Trump, I see no comparison that makes him the greater evil.


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