A Note To A Liberal Friend

I know you to be an intelligent, humane and loving person, so I think you can’t understand what is going on. Please get straight with reality. Otherwise, our progeny are going to have bad lives.



You have sided with the CIA and Deep State and continuous war, the opposite of the Peace and Freedom I think is in all our best interests. Clinton was the representative of the Deep State, a collection of mafias in and around government. 9-11 was a false flag operation a couple of those mafias did, and it is finally being forced into political discussions.

People of your political persuasion have not looked at the evidence, the idea was too crazy, a ‘conspiracy theory’. But nobody who looks at the evidence has any doubt. The evidence says this is not paranoia, not conspiracy theory, very real, and the consequences are playing out now.

Look at the evidence, please?

This might help.



I did that yesterday, today I find this lecture by Jordan Peterson, an excellent view of the evil that ideology produces. Reality must be your guiding light if you wish to improve your life :

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