The US’s 2016 Election Is About War and Deep State Power

Hillary Clinton presided over US foreign policy for the last 7 years. True, the Obama administration inherited a mess from Bush, but there was no need to extend that mess to Syria, Libya, etc. as they have done. Be clear, it was an intention, a decision of the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton, e.g. this bit of evidence. The US, under Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, have trained, funded and armed ISIS, then protected them from the Russian bombs as much as possible.

Many intelligent people have, as a direct consequence of Clinton’s long association with these policies and the near-universal support from America’s Israeli-Neocon and Deep State-military supplier political factions, judged Clinton to be the most dangerous person in the world.

I agree with that assessment, and go further : Clinton is the representative of the Deep State cabal that is in the midst of rolling coup that started with the 9-11 False Flag Operation and has continued with the Sandy Hoaxen and the continual increases in the power of the police. If you do not grasp those FACTS, it merely means you have not looked at the evidence.  Nobody who looks at the evidence has any doubt at all, I have never won or lost a cent with this bet.

Most people, of course, do not look at the evidence. For many, it is the unconscious decision to not disturb the frame of their political positions, as is their continual reliance on the NYTimes, Washington Post, NPR and standard TV ‘news’ and programs such as Charlie Rose. You certainly will not be exposed to any contrary thinking or frames with those information sources.

For everyone else, Donald Trump is the best candidate to avoid WWIII, as the military and Deep Statesand their Israeli-Neocon political allies continue to push for more active attacks on Syria, a ‘no fly zone’ over Syria that would prevent Russia from bombing America’s ISIS and ‘moderate rebel’ allies.

I think few people have any illusions about Donald Trump. He is certainly not qualified to be President in any respect. But, he is the peace candidate relative to Hillary Clinton, the choice that was forced upon us by the insanity of our political system and the corruption it represents.

For me, and many people, voting for Clinton is voting for a major war, for the continuation of the ME wars, the killings and incessant flows of refugees. For me, and the 50%+ of people who understand 9-11 FF, voting for Trump is opposition to the power of the Deep State, the completely illegal side of our current government, the many continuing emergency measures our government operates under.

But, most of all, it is voting against the need for war. 9-11 FF and Sandy Hoaxen represent a major escalation of government power via illegal conduct. Sandy Hook shows the US Justice Department, the entire State Government of Connecticut and all of MSM to be complicit in the creation of a major hoax to influence political opinion in a way that increases government power and lessens risk to the oligarchy. Also that several other states and municipalities did the same, and that the volunteers to be parents of the dead-despite-never-having-existed children or the shot continue to get rich for their efforts. All frauds collecting money for their frauds.

People will hang for 9-11 and the war crimes that followed. People will serve long jail sentences for the many frauds that the Sandy Hoaxen represent. Reputations of people who were so careful to not see any of the evidence will not be high. This is not a world in which secrets can be hidden, the technology does not allow it, and makes any leak easily propagated. This will all be exposed to history, so many emails, so many bits of video, so many databases yet to be revealed.

The only question is when the negative political effect of those frauds outweigh the positive. To this point, many people have increased their wealth and promoted their careers as direct results, including Hillary Clinton. That is changing fast, and the realization of the causes, wealth, privilege and power of political elites, even faster, all due to the Internet.

Exciting times, end of eras.

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