Daily Reading #246

Yesterday I ignored the ZH headline of the school shooting and didn’t see anything else all day. The incidents only fall into a few categories, the only info is which one. The kid will be either a) strange and/or on anti-depressants and/or stressed in some way, b) somehow connected with government black programs, or c) fake. We won’t know for a while which one this kid is, but early reports are both strange and stressed, having just lost his mother. Anti-depressants are a good bet.

Schools are too large and anonymous, teachers can’t be aware enough of individuals, they don’t have the training our time to enfold strange, stressed or medicated teenage boys into a classroom community. Schools are stressors in themselves, and have evolved to especially disadvantage boys because they are so controlling. News programs publicize these massacres, put the idea into other kid’s heads. Anti-depressants continue to be given to humans despite the high rates of suicide and murder. 1 in 5 people are on a psychiatric drug. Guns are available.

Unless one of those changes, the massacres will continue.

The fake incidents organized at Sandy Hook (no question, look at the evidence) and others were not the first, but the publicity from Obama’s string of massacres has seeded the minds of enough teenage boys so the phenomena is self-sustaining. That was done on purpose, without question. The Sandy Hook ‘parents’ all knew each other before the incident, organized Sandy Hook with the assistance of Obama’s Justice Dept, and greatly profited from the death of their non-existent child. Most of them had visited the White House in the months before the ‘massacre’. The state of CT got 10s of $Ms grants from Obama’s DOJ, as did the local school district.

The goal is to round up guns and extend the power of psychiatrists and psychologists by funding more school counseling programs and also to increase sales of psychiatric drugs. Big pharma contributes more to campaigns than gun manufacturers do and a disarmed population is necessary for the CIA’s coup to succeed.

This reasoning is evidence-based, not paranoia or conspiracy theory. These massacres are part and parcel of the CIA’s standard operations, specialized to the opportunities in US society. Here in the US we have guns, and guns are a hindrance in a police state, so teenage massacres and ‘Muslim terrorists’ are part of the social upset that  makes possible radical changes. The CIA’s ongoing coup needs tensions and distractions to keep their heads. Our government has enabled evil people.

If we want to eliminate these school massacres, begin by eliminating the CIA, FBI, … and restricting the use of anti-depressants. Meanwhile, the massacres are a great reason to take your kids out of school, which you should do anyway to preserve their sanity and allow raising an adult with human values.


Yesterday the Director of National Intelligence came out and described the national debt on an unsustainable path and a national security threat.” Another indication that we need to abolish all of our intelligence agencies. This was all the obvious end of Ronald Reagan’s deficits and the political-economic-crony system that produced. Big government always ends this way, who doesn’t know that?

Director of National Intelligence just catches on, 40 years after Reagan, 70 years after Dulles and the WWII MIC and Wall Street cabal plotted the whole thing before they formed the CIA. Not in detail, of course, but they had the big outlines of an international semi-government mafia controlling things. Dulles was a director of the Council on Foreign Relations in 1927, 6 years after the CFR was founded. He became the CFR’s secretary in 1933.

Given that, you could ask if the CIA controls the CFR, or vv. People do. Whose interest is NWO? But, the CIA developed great expertise in compromising politicians, military, … through ordinary citizens and using their information for control, money and power.

Of course, that is what intelligence agencies do. And, of course, they always turn their attention to doing it to their own government. It is why you don’t have intelligence agencies, they are too damn dangerous.

Decide your government is going to have secrets, and you build in instabilities that will ultimately take your government down, and will cost you enormously in opportunities every year of their existence.  You know, the lost productivity and opportunities the CIA’s illegal operations produce, the hatred, deaths, long-term enemies. Why do we do this to ourselves?

No, Constitution 2.0 must build far more transparency into the system.

I hit the same place every time I ask the question from another pov. No. The US government is not a viable entity, can never become so however brilliant Trump might be. It is clear we need to cut military spending.  It is clear no elected and electable government can do that, because of the combined political power of Israel, the NWO and the MIC. It is clear we need to reform banking and abolish the Fed. Ditto. It is clear we need to eliminate the intelligence agencies. Not a chance. It is clear we need to break up all of the large monopolies and abolish the agencies they are co-dependents with.  Don’t hold your breath.

The system has so much cruft, there are so many interlocking and mutually supportive restrictions that no possible political coalition can change any of them. Some things can’t be simplified. Computer programs, code bases, can have so many bugs over years and so many fixes which produce bugs that there is no way to understand the effects of any change. Legal codes, also, I speculate.

Those systems must be discarded and a better system developed. But companies and countries regularly fail because they can’t-won’t-don’t replace the failed. Thus, we go over the edge.

It is time to start thinking about how to make the transition as smooth as possible, to have as few long-term problems as possible tagging along over the edge. :


Charles H Smith is one of the people who have been thinking about how to make the transition. Insightful as usual :


Having a professional military is a very great danger to a country’s existence :


Jason Goodman interviewing Kevin Shipp. Shipp is solid in almost everything he says, imho, except for ‘the intelligence community is 50 years ahead of non-secret technology’. I can believe as much as 10 years, maybe, in some area where there isn’t much research. But even that is a big stretch, 10 years is 6+ doublings of transistors / square inch / dollar. OK, 3 of those in hardware and 3 in a parallel software effort is an extra doubling every 3 years, so 50% faster than commercial. The NSA can do that for codebreaking equipment and maybe for fiber taps, areas with little non-government research. But general purpose electronics or software, I don’t think so, there is too much investment in those for any amount of government money to produce a 50% increase in the rate of progress.

George Webb names McCaine as old-line Navy Intel, making money from the drug ratlines since Vietnam. The 2nd of these says that the DNC stole $220M contributed to Sanders and put it into Clinton’s account :



More leaks, but also too much focus on a single one of the many crimes. We can hope their are many investigators working on all the lines of evidence Webb, et al have uncovered :


The question is whether there are ANY outside agencies in Haiti who were NOT exploiting the kids :


Mike Pompeo is just another CIA scum on top :


Nature’s medicines are mixtures. Oncologists are catching on, otherwise medicine has learned nothing from these many examples :


Domestication is not an event, it is a continuum :


An example of how important diverse genetics are to improving domestic species. We should remember this as our armed forces kill off the world’s peoples :


If we can avoid catastrophe, the next era will be a materials revolution :


Vitamin D and self-quarantine for flu epidemics :



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