Libertarian Party Is Controlled Opposition

This is  a grealty-improved version of my note to an acquaintance in the LP. He had responded to my FU missive which had been forwarded to a mailing list.

You are an intelligent person, a good guy, and I am sorry if I seem to be a monomaniac beating on you. I am not, I am an engineer, I make my living solving complex problems of reality. I have reasonable judgement of people and a great reverence for facts, data, logic and I work at having solid, grounded understandings behind any ‘opinion’ I express.

I invite you to take my bet if you need convinced, but assure you that nobody can look at the evidence and the solid, intelligent people with skin in the game who have produced that evidence and remain unconvinced. Why nobody looks is very mysterious to me, I cannot get my mind around this at all.

3 points irrefutable that the government’s story on 9/11 is without support are easily summarized in one paragraph*, I will be happy to do so if you need it.

This is the end of an era. Very disgruntled citizenry, the internet has revealed that everything is rigged to the benefit of the rich and powerful. We desperately need a rational alternative. The LP presents itself as that rational alternative, the locus of the most independent minds with careful historical judgement and deepest understanding of the mechanisms which are needed to produce a positive-sum world and ever-more civilized society, largely outsiders and so independent of vested interests, objective. We were the party best positioned to take advantage of exactly this election, the only independent that had a hope of displacing a major party, in fact.

Instead, the LP has apparently been taken over by Israeli-Neocon-Republicans, one expects via $, just like the Tea Party was subverted. The LP is now just an extension of the political Status Quo. Now another barrier to reforming the system is first reforming the only possibly-effective opposition party, the one best placed to pick up the pieces as the Rs and Ds implode.

Libertarians as a party have decided to believe the government’s conspiracy theory.

Somehow, America’s Status Quo has agreed not to look at evidence, to believe our government on the deep state’s most vulnerable points. And the LP is doing their part, despite so very many intelligent young, well-spoken people who continue to research and publish on these affairs, all this is very widely known within the LP, they could not avoid knowledge that 9/11 was a false flag, that Sandy Hook is a hoax.

The LP has made itself irrelevant because it has adopted the mindset of the Status Quo : nice gentle opposition, nothing unexpected, no Alinski tactics, no firebrands, no Zolas, no press events beyond the sedate presser in standard format with the standard talking points. The Libertarian-wing of the Republican Party had primary elections completely stolen in several states, no kick from the LP.

Irrelevant from not being willing to think anything not acceptable-to-the-Status-Quo, that cannot be voiced in the very politest society. Controlled opposition by carefully averting Its eyes from the evidence of deep state’s continuing takeover of power and all that implies. Carefully walking away from the issues that could lead to the fundamental reform we have said we were working toward.

Consequently, the LP has not captured the minds and imaginations of the young people, Bernie did.

Instead of a clean choice including an idealistic and grounded political opposition with prospects in proportion to the loss of confidence in the Status Quo, most of the country has Trump vs Clinton, the usual choice of the least evil. No question in anyone’s mind, Trump. She has a track record : criminal, war-criminal, war-monger, representative of oligarchy and deep state. Her constituency cannot allow peace, they will hang. He is a mere ignorant ego who learned his PR as a reality TV star, made good $ at it, skirts criminal behavior in every endeavor, filled with authoritarian bombast, but has yet to prove himself to be in their class of evil. Completely unqualified to be President, and a very substantial % of voters don’t care, it is the only choice for any chance of any reform, as slim a chance as Trump is.

Many Trump supporters are intelligent people expressing versions of that “least evil” reasoning, I read their comments, I talk to my relatives. You can’t dismiss them the way MSM is doing, and apparently the LP also. And they are lost to the LP because the LP is not an alternative, rather another aspect of the political Status Quo.

I have a 19-year-old son whose future seems to me very bleak, what with a world-wide Greater Depression beginning and a political system so FUBARed that shooting revolution is increasingly likely. And if you think that is an extreme opinion, it only means you have not looked at that evidence, either.

9/11 and Sandy Hook have clearly exposed the Deep State’s power and goals, which make a clash of citizens with government inevitable if a political party cannot produce the needed reform, begin to expose the corruption and the massive abuse of power. That power has NEVER been exposed, much less rolled back, in American history. The Church Committee clearly had no effect. Snowden’s revelations have produced exactly nothing to affect our national security state, its accretion of power continues.

Such an amazing waste of Ron Paul’s legacy, of all the $ and effort that people like me put into promoting Libertarian ideals of how to create a just and wealthy world good for the average Joe, of the best-conceivable tool to expose and displace our very, very corrupt system.

This is not a time, does not have the technology, to keep secrets, the fact that will end Clinton’s career very soon. All of 9/11 conspiracy and responsibility for that treason will be exposed, sooner or later. At which point, every person and political group will need to answer the question “Why didn’t you notice the so very, amazingly obvious?”. Why did you not take advantage of that historic opportunity to advance what we thought were LP interests?

If the LP expects to have any reputation after that event, it better get a head start.

Keep in touch.

Added later : Libertarians don’t think Johnson/Weld are Libertarian, not just me. The party was taken over.

Added yet later : Johnson/Weld do not believe in the 2nd Amendment, and thus do not believe in Personal Liberty. Not at all libertarian, more Republic light merging with progressive ideology. We are left with Donald Trump as the peace candidate, relative to Clinton, and freedom candidate, relative to Libertarian and Green candidates.  If Clinton, the choice is whether they can get WWIII going before the citizens overthrow that government.

Added yet later : Yes, far more interested in taking votes from Trump than getting elected themselves. “Clinton is the most qualified!”. Not Libertarians, certainly.

*The points are : 5 dancing Israelis set up to take pictures before the first plane hit the first tower. Very well documented and displays prior knowledge and government complicity, Chertof let them go after 71 days in jail and over the objection of all law enforcement, whose investigation had shown their van had traces, and, tho I have not seen direct evidence, there are many references to another van that was filled with explosives stopped on 9/11, part of the same crew. All Israeli, Mossad.

Nanothermite and microspheres in the dust. 2 articles in peer-reviewed solid-science journals, at least one by a very reputable physicist, and 2 more I have only seen references to. That evidence is very consistent with the details of the events, the huge clouds of dust, the fragmentation of everything the towers, the massive explosions heard in every TV broadcast and the testimony by so many first responders, the dynamics of the falling towers, the collapse of Building 7 which was not hit by any plane and had mild office and fuel-oil fires.

Many other indications of prior knowledge : the 4K Israelis who did not go to work that day, the largest insider trading investigation in FTC history which was stopped and all the records destroyed, the message in the stairwell that greeted the first people to evacuate the Tower : “Go back to your office, we have everything under control”, and Rumsfeld’s press conference on 9/10 which revealed serious accounting problems in the Pentagon’s budget, and an office that was working on resolving them, said office and computers and all but 2 people who stayed home that day killed. Those computers apparently had no backups, because the issue has not arisen again, in itself an indication of foreknowledge.

There are dozens of anomalies, easy to recite. But you have to study the evidence, and think.  Tapes from 80+ security cameras with a view of that side of the Pentagon collected by the FBI, yet no pictures released showing any image of the airplane that hit the Pentagon that day. Part of the coverup, and certainly a hint that the airplane that hit the Pentagon was not one hijacked. On and on, all of the investigations are ignored by MSM, the Status Quo. And the LP.

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