About the Massive Psyops

Once I start thinking about ‘that is a stake in the ground, what can I triangulate’ wrt 9/11 as a false flag, my mind whites out in bogglement.

But consider the joint facts { ‘9/11 was a false flag operation of the US government’, ‘The entire Status Quo of civilization has not noticed’ }.

I keep having to check my connection to reality, every time I run that through my mind.  What kind of amazing political system are we living in?  Is this the kind of thing people experienced in Machiavellian times?  Did they not end?

MSM hasn’t noticed, the military hasn’t noticed, the intelligence services have not noticed. They work hard at helping us not notice, e.g. this. Read this if you didn’t catch what that is all about.

Assuming I am not crazy, the control our Status Quo has over the thought of people within it is near-total. Ron Paul has called for re-opening the investigation and doing it right, that is about as far as anyone has gone, except for Jesse Ventura, who has been erased from public view by MSM.

I think nearly everyone believed the government’s story on 9/11 for a few years afterwards, however strangely it seemed to be handled.  We have since learned how controlled our understanding of that event was.

What else have they made you believe?

I am looking for where I might move if we ever follow Germany.


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