9/11 Is Our Only Problem

Conclusion I just came to. Obama is indeed intentionally trashing the world, but not at all for the reasons I see given.

My reasoning about the fact of 9/11 being a false flag run by Israeli-neocons lead me to the conclusion that they need the world in chaos, because if any significant part of it gets sane, 9/11 will become a political problem rather than the asset and base of their story that it now is, carefully kept there by MSM.

Everyone politically aware KNOWS 9/11 as a false flag operation, because anyone so aware knows how important the question is, and they assigned their smartest people to look at the issue.  Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth is all you need to know, the science and engineering analysis is solid, it is supported by pilots, military and academics of stature and judgement.

The question “Was 9/11 a false flag operation done in cooperation with the US government?” has an answer easily understood from the evidence and people presenting the evidence. YES.

That means, I reasoned, a lot of people were involved, and will be considered traitors by their fellow citizens in the Status Quo, most of whom are still carefully hiding their eyes from the evidence of Israeli-Neocon control of politics and media and oligarchy. We know people are hiding their eyes, because the few polls done (now all in Europe) show that at least pluralities of people believe the government commission’s coverup story, meaning they have not looked at the evidence.

Understandable. Nobody wants want to have a politically-controversial problem with that power, AIPAC and the US deep state.

But people know the reality, I have not seen any argument with ‘9/11 was a false flag operation by our government’ above the level of dumb for at least 5 years, and that reality and the knowledge of it is not going away, as the Israeli-Neocons lose and lose and lose in reality and the opposition to them grows continuously and as they lose control of the information stream that most of us see every day, that form our opinions.

MSM is economically failing institutions, and also failing to perform their normal function of making systems transparent.  The many players here on the web are doing that, and doing it much better than MSM ever did. It seems to me that the level of political understanding of the average person is much higher than ever, and I am actually encouraged by those trends.

But MSM still works for a while, and Israeli-neocons have considerable influence still in web space, people believe both ‘9/11 was a false flag’ and ‘Muslims are the great dangerous evil assailing our civilization’.

‘Politically volatile’ is a weak description of what I think our situation is, and I think it is intentional, a necessary part of Israeli-neocon strategy. Around the world, problems of reality are not a particularly big deal.  Fisheries, etc are things that could be taken care of by the interested parties entirely without government.  Here in the US, or in Europe and the ME, strip the politicians out of the equation and things get simple.  Most of the people in Europe without jobs will go back home to live cheaply, as an example.  Politicians are busy ramming things down citizens throats everywhere.  I am not in favor of using force, ever, except in self-defense.  Without the force, there would be fewer extreme views, and our communities would trend more peaceful.  We have been doing a remarkably good job,from the statistics.

But without chaos, the political classes associated with the wars, especially the Israeli-Neocons and their 9/11 associations, cannot maintain political power. Ending the wars will make them as useless as Churchill, who was gone within months of the end of the war.  They cannot allow 9/11 to be re-investigated, and that call has reached high into the Status Quo.  It lurks as a menace to our treasonous Israeli-neocons in and out of government.

The only solution for them is more power. The way to more power is more chaos. So long as they have the power to control chaos, 9/11 will never be investigated because they will continuously obstruct any legitimate reforms or investigations.  They cannot allow them to succeed, they will hang.

Political QED. The only return to legitimate government is over the Israeli-Neocons power block. They are-own the deep state and a substantial part of the politically-connected oligarchy.

Prepare for shooting revolution and great poverty.  Make damn sure you understand what you are supporting, when you choose to support.

As I just said in another blog, the false flag operation this time will need to be enormous to keep the Israeli-neocons in power. How long have our good allies helped run such operations against us? Done it on their own?

I originally named this “9/11 is Our Dreyfus Affair”, but that isn’t analagous enough. There is not nearly the attention to the non-government side in this case, nor the clear opposition that major political and literary figures presented to the gov’s story in Dreyfus. In fact, the only person I am aware of was Jesse Ventura, who has been disappeared from MSM. Can you say ‘Control’, I do not know how to explain that, but I know how to recognize power being used when I see it.  Many lesser individuals, some lesser in many dimensions simultaneously, do no disappear from public view because of MSM.  How bad do you have to be, exactly?


Back to careful thinking mode.  You all see, I hope, that I am trying to make ‘9/11 is a false flag by the US government’ a respectable position by being a reasonably rational person with interests in a wide variety of topics and intelligent thoughts about many of them, some fun. This kind of exposition of thoughts with bits of humanity thrown in like this is devastating in impact on other human minds. When the world has a certain proportion of its opinion formed from points of view such as this, a tipping point will have been reached, and the era of allowing states to have secrets will end. Along with a lot of lives and fortunes, guard yours carefully. Propaganda like this is a big danger, it changes people’s minds, sometimes involuntarily.  Weakens psyches and libido.

Added in the evening : I remember the was a Russian who was said to be an advisor to Putin who gave a speech saying US foreign policy was intentionally producing chaos. I can’t find a link, too many links with all those terms in them, lots of people say things like that.

A thought added to that : The fact that I did not claim that fact as a Lebowski Enlightenment means I am slipping and is also proof I am not a conspiracy theorist.

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