NSA’s Capabilities Have NEVER Been Reduced

This, this and this are backup thinking to ‘9/11 was a false flag operation’, if you need that.

Everyone is pleased that the courts finally went against the NSA in its obviously-anti-Constitutional wiretaps.  This is the facade. Why it doesn’t matter that NSA’s phone metadata collection is shut down.

at 6:13, that discusses AMDOCS, the company that does billing for all of the big telcos.  That requires the Call Detail Records that NSA uses, they are the ‘meta-data’.  NSA may get also the cell records showing the location of the cell phone, those would not normally be part of billing data, I believe.

If NSA does not now get those position records, it is the first time NSA has been rolled back.

But of course NSA uses AMDOCs data, Israel was getting raw access to some of NSA’s data, they trade these things.

I think the evidence is very strong that Israelis were involved in the 9/11 False Flag operation.  I believe that False Flag operation is the major driver of everything in politics, world-wide.  It was a huge gamble, and it is unraveling. MSM can keep the discussion off media it controls, but it controls less and less of the world’s information.

9/11 is a key : if our rulers and their MSM can keep it out of public discourse, they can continue their kleptocracy for a while.  But if it escapes into public consciousness and becomes a political event, they will be instantly swept from power.

9/11 means that sectors of the American government are controlled by criminals and traitors who will be executed when that is finally properly investigated.  Treason is colluding with foreign powers against the interests of the government. 9/11 certainly meets that definition.

This is the huge risk of the world, and is the cause of all of the attention on terrorism and the Middle East, the intensity of the propaganda. There is no danger for anyone outside of the ME in those areas and people, but the distraction and fear is very much needed to keep attention off of 9/11 and continue the foreign policy 9/11 enabled.

The people who did 9/11 tossed very large dice.  These people are now desperate, and every time they have failed, they have doubled-down. Rational people should expect false flags, and every time before Paris there were indeed indications of False Flag operations.

Intelligence professionals say “Judge capabilities, not intent.”  Deep state capabilities have not changed, their intent must still be domination of our government, because otherwise they hang.

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