Dog Wagging : Shooting Massacre Hoaxes and False Flags

*An even better standard warning about intellectual protection for exposed minds.

I have spent much time in the last 10 weeks looking into the various shooting massacres, e.g. Sandy Hook, Aurora, Gabby Giffords in Tuscon, the church killings in South Carolina, San Bernardino and Santa Barbara. This first part is summary, followed by copying from my notes.

I find the first 3 to be obvious hoaxes, Tuscon probably is also, and San Bernardino and South Carolina have many of the signatures of false flag operations.

Santa Barbara, on the other hand, was neither, its reality is all too apparent despite the many claims of ‘hoax’, so I believe it is possible to sort them out based on their very obvious differences.  Easily seen if you go to the bother of looking, but they don’t make that easy, their management of the propaganda is very good, MSM and oligarch-minions cooperate fully.**

Similarities first : All generate amazing news coverage, there are 10s of 1000s of google and Youtube links for every one of them. All have conflicting information issuing from authorities, tho much more from hoaxes and false flags. All immediately generate claims of ‘hoax’, early claims included flawed reasoning and incorrect facts, serious analyses are delayed by government secrecy, propaganda and obfuscaction.  Snopes, Wikipedia and many news organizations quickly have pages refuting the critics of the government’s story, the early and false claims are easily refuted, latter claims from serious researchers are ignored.

The first major difference is the major sites that openly discuss evidence and exchange opinions between bloggers and commenters are largely on the side of ‘hoax or FF’. The sites that refute those understandings or support the government line do not allow comments. Second, in the real event, authorities are open, information is easy to get, people talk, the story is much more consistent because reality is doing their coordination, not a script, there are no false leads to be planted. In the hoax or ff events, authorities hide everything, nobody talks except witnesses who are actors reciting scripts. It takes FOIA to get information, and it comes slow and redacted.

Another major difference is the victims’ relatives. In real event, real people were killed, grief-stricken relatives are easy to see. At least some of the SCarolina people are real, probably, else what did they do with a prominent politician?  A major hint is that in SCarolina and 9/11, relatives are immediately bought off. I bet they gave up their right to sue when they got the $29M ‘assistance’ from the DOJ. (That Snopes link is a typical obfuscation mascarading as clarification.  It concludes, after many words , ‘True’, but nevertheless, in their view, thinking about implications is conspiracy thinking.)

In the hoax events, victims have no existence prior to their death.  That is actually surprisingly hard to prove for any individual, but when 25 victims cannot be connected to any birth certificate or any other record even children generate now, the lack of evidence becomes evidence of lack.

In the hoax events, victims not being real, relatives are not real, and the media interviewers know that.  Watch a few of the interviews, they are people saying lines, not relatives talking about a person dear to them recently unexpectedly and tragically killed.  Many of the relatives immediately have donation web sites online, in fact some the day before the tragic deaths of their dear child.  The Tuscon hoax had the Green’s lovely child with a line of clothes her mother had so fortuitously established the year before and named after the sadly murdered child.  These people are set up to profit from their children’s deaths.  This and the lack of reality beside ‘what the government stated as evidence’ to the murderer convinces you that Gifford is faking, she was never shot.  What happened to the Federal Judge?  Good question, but probably he is not dead, his funeral wasn’t quite right, either.  But evidence is vague, sort of a lack of follow through of a burial stone, etc.  Tuscon was one of their better efforts, very good documentation, death certificates, short autopsy reports at least (I couldn’t find the detailed version, organ weights, etc.  Investigator said a nurse had thought they were OK, but …)  One answer would be putting him into a federal witness protection, and telling all the relatives and fellow professionals to lie to protect him from Al Qaeda, ISIS or drug lords, whoever is most fearsome in the recent news.

In all of these, once investigators begin digging, the many anomalies start accumulating, and it is soon obvious the event was staged.  However, the combination of events created by the drills and Dog Wagging and intentional false trails make them hard to grasp, it is easy to make mistakes.  Those mistakes fuel the refutations, and so the propaganda edifice works to achieve the intended political effects among the mass of voters not paying attention.

At the same time, for anyone who pays attention to the data, the situation is obvious.  We get labeled ‘conspiracy theorists’ and tarred with the early mistakes made because of the false data trails.  That makes everyone working on the research or writing about it very cautious about generalizing.  Conclusions long delayed don’t have political impact.

The goals of this domestic continuation of 9/11 are gun control and more control of people by mental health professionals.  Both are standard aspects of totalitarian societies, and these are intended to move us to that level of control.  That seizure of power was a necessary goal of 9/11, these are further steps.

This technology of dog-wagging propaganda is a continuation of what we saw with JFK, RFK, MLK assassinations, with Vince Foster and the Clinton-era drug running and sex scandals, and the CIA’s continued drug smuggling,  the many pedophilia (Dennis Hastert remained in office a full year AFTER it was published why he was paying bribe money) and congressional sex scandals including the use of pages as sex toys, etc.  Given control of both the government’s story and MSM’s reporting, obfuscate, ignore, delay, and the scandal does not have political impact.

Pieces of everything are reported, the press appears free, but total context is missed, there is no overview, so the underlying causes, the symptoms of the deep state, are not seen nor discussed. As the government goes rogue, as institutions fail, injustices accumulate and that is what is driving the extreme politics, the ranchers challenging BLM, etc.

These people know how to manage events to generate political effects, and there need not be much correspondence between events in reality and the story that remains in people’s minds.

OTOH, the legitimacy of the Establishment, Status Quo, government, all of our social institutions, continuously decline.  All this increases costs, and puts the entire system at a disadvantage relative to any entities more subordinated to reality.  At some point, enough sub-systems fail to function well enough to support the required complexity of the total system.  Cascades of failure to less complexity follow.

And anyone who thinks about all this now assumes ‘false flag’ or ‘hoax’ for any new such event, because that is statistically true. After you watch Anderson Cooper help generate this propaganda, you will have a much different view of MSM’s role in our overall system.

*This blog uses words, images, reasoning, links and quotations to influence your mind, to make your thinking more like mine.

Those are standard tools of propagandists and have proven to have great power in generating political opinions, including opinions so divergent from reality as to lead to mass executions and deaths from starvation and war and incarceration for non-criminal reasons under inhumane conditions. These tools of politicians have proven to be the major threats to their own populations, the most important thing for people to protect against.

This blog’s approach is nearly irresistable for even prepared minds, as it uses superior reasoning and OK-BOB honesty as its major and most insidious methods, combined with interesting combinations of memes. As there are an infinitude of such combinations, they are relatively easy to find, and it is easy to make a blog stand out enough to get bits of attention. Every mind infected is a minor change in the zeitgeist’s net vector.

There are many sites like mine, and we have the massive advantage of having subordinated our opinions to external reality.  We are thereby being coordinated in our individual work on the joint task of grasping the workings of our society by that external reality as well as reading each other’s posts. That concilience of opinion and observable fact ultimately will overcome any mind open to change.

The problem for all of us is that apparent consistency of opinion is easy for propagandists to arrange, e.g. electronic death records for people who never lived, and you can’t depend on my honesty, however apparent. I can use my well-deserved (wife thinks so because I am not good enough to lie to her) reputation for honesty to lie, and you won’t be able to tell without checks.

Minds must QA the information and reasoning they allow to become the basis for their thinking. Otherwise, your mind will be just another tool working for other people’s interests, not yours.

I am good at this, people often come to agree with me. Be warned.

**That realization is important.  Our oligarchs and governments have information services of all kinds for which they pay much $.  Not all are incompetent, so what I realize is well known.  Thus, we know the takeover of government that is happening is well-known. They haven’t decided what is in their interest yet, is the most positive possible interpretation. Tax farmers mutated to financial farmers.

Added later :  This is Jim Fetzer and he talks about 9/11 (clear ff) Sandy Hook and Boston(clear hoaxes) San Bernardino (hoax, maybe a death, he can’t tell) and Paris (Hoax).


Copied from my notes.

This has the main Sandy Hook links at the bottom.

‘SANDY HOOK HOAX’ is the right description of the government’s propaganda campaign.  Once you start digging and find the serious researchers for each event, the similarities stand out.  They must be very obvious to professionals in policing and media.  We don’t hear that.

In this environment, it is very easy to be wrong, and so you can see the best researchers digging into everything in order to see what is real and what mere facade and also carefully seperating fact and interpretation.

Stephanie Sledge is the serious investigative reporter on the Tuscon shooting of Gifford et al.

Her web site has a lot of very detailed posts and her videos are excruciating as she talks slowly and discursively, takes a long time to get through a short understanding. But lasting through her discussion of Judge Roll, it is hard to convince yourself he is dead, the evidence is all officials saying so with minimal documents, there just aren’t any crime scene, etc. pictures. Nobody IDed bodies, etc. These are not treated like normal crimes, did not produce normal consequences and trails.

But she is a good investigative reporter, very factual, did a hell of a lot of digging.

Giffords is just like Sandy Hook, very many anomalies and little prior existence of the people supposedly killed, excepting for Judge John M. Roll. This case has much better documentation, including autopsy reports and death certificates, but the funerals etc start to lose fidelity to reality, contradictions and acting and funeral directors denying they had anything to do with the bodies, and it isn’t clear there was ever a body buried anywhere.

This article has more of the very many strangenesses of this case, including that the mother of the beautiful little girl supposedly killed set up a clothing line in her name the year before. The families of the dead, as at Sandy Hook, are really intent on extracting as much $ as possible out of their terrible loss. Different than the real people’s families killed in Santa Barbara.

Another thing, these people, except for Loughner and Roll, as all of the victims at Aurora and Sandy Hook, have very little on-line existence prior to their deaths. Google any of the names and compare the number of hits with that for your name, or the name of anyone you know. Most names have many people associated with them and 100s of 1000s of hits on Google, and the person you know is among them. Not these mass shooting victims. That is very different from the Santa Barbara victims, they have very convincing on-line presence prior to their deaths.

It is not even clear that the Loughner in Federal custody has any relationship to the Loughner in the background documentation. Contradictory reports of his death at the beginning, some photos don’t look the same, the usual crazy stuff. There are no good pictures of the sentencing trial, no videos of him entering or leaving the courtroom, pretty traditional perp walk.

One of the elements of the Siebel Edmonds novel ‘Gladio’, which she states is all truth with made-up names, had a major terrorist sentenced to Federal prison. They put him in a supermax solitary cell, not even his lawyer could get at him. Later he is seen carrying on his former line of work, FBI people very upset.

Nobody died at Sandy Hook, probably not even Roll at Tucson, and nobody at Aurora. Pretty clear. People died in S Carolina church shooting and San Bernardino, but patsies took the fall. If he exists, Loughner is or was a patsy. Whoever Loughner is now, the alleged shooter was a patsy. Holmes was.

Hell of a novel plot they are executing.

As soon as I started looking for shootings which were hoaxes, I found lots. Santa Barbara is one I didn’t know anything about, there are dozens of youtube videos claiming that is a hoax, so I watched a few.

First thing is that the info for a hoax is sketchy, and there isn’t much research behind it. Clear difference with the ones that actually are hoaxes. I have not found any serious researchers looking into Santa Barbara. All the videos I have seen are over-interpretations of the evidence, there is no consistent story.

Second, the sheriff’s report is full, complete, detailed, and no hints of stonewalling anywhere. There were victims, identifiable, death certificates part of the Sheriff’s report. Victims have existence clearly separate, from far before the event. The names are NOT unique in a google search, something people have noticed about the hoaxes. There were no drills going on, at least I haven’t seen any claims of that.

Interviews with parents are qualitatively different, from the glimpses I have seen, news reports are different. There is no $ involved. These people don’t have donation pages, State and Feds aren’t putting big grants into anything, victims families not bought off.

Anderson Cooper was not on the scene. I haven’t seen anything saying the internet evidence of Facebook pages, etc. is screwy, sheriff’s discussion says that is consistent, and the report goes into a lot.

So I think you can tell hoax from non-hoax despite the claims in both directions for all of them. Or the Feds have gotten much better at running hoaxes, of course. We know they would like to.

There is no solid evidence of any death in the Aurora hoax and if anyone died in the Gifford shooting it was the Federal Judge who was a problem for several agencies. The only thing keeping me from accepting that is that it was so obviously a staged event, I can’t believe the police would have gone along with assassination of a Fed judge. OTOH, Fed Judge is assumed to be dead by Sheriff Mac, who seems unlikely to be voluntarily part of any coverup intended for more Federal control.

The independent researchers in all of these cases are very good, many holes in the police procedures, forensics, … and very little (near-none) independent evidence. No cell phone photos by anyone, no witnesses ferreted out by reporters, … And screwy web presences, a lot of contradictions and mistakes. And always there is a drill happening, police and first responders going through the motions and then things get real, if they get real. Loughner, Holmes and McVeigh all had psychiatrists who were associated with various mind-control programs, Loughner and Homes’s psychs had published papers together.

They certainly need an independent investigation, but safely can be assumed to be part of the same propaganda campaign on behalf of gun control and mental health funding.

Solid evidence for WTC 1993 bombing, OKC, 9/11, Sandy Hook, and now Giffords and Aurora. Chains associations of people back to the JFK and RFK killings, through Watergate and the early Continuity of Government planning, whose emergency rule we now live under. (At least, last I heard, it had not been lifted. I think there are about 30 emergency acts we live under now.)

Pain in the ass going through all that stuff, there are many people believing wild stuff on what seems like little evidence. Including people who identify everyone as a crisis actor. Some are, pretty clear, they have the Craigslist ad for San Bernardino.

Also, it seems obvious that they plant conflicting testimony to screw things up, both actors telling reporters shit and ‘researchers’ after the fact. San Bernardino, for example, has 3 different ‘witnesses’ being very clear that the shooters were 3 white, well-built men who arrived and left in a limo. ‘Victims’ all testify differently.

I am very confident that nobody can look at the best 9/11 Truth videos, e.g. Architects and Engineers, and the best of these researchers, and come to any other conclusion except ‘government creates a lot of propaganda events, kills Americans as it does so’. Not conspiracy thinking, real, with full media cooperation.

I downloaded Fetzer’s book, the one Amazon took down, and started reading it. No question, Sandy Hook is a hoax, nobody died at Sandy Hook, there is not even a veneer of reality behind that event, and authorities are very opposed to questioning anything, resist in every way. Obviously, the government is trying to extend gun control, that makes no sense otherwise.

This is copied from another note :

But last night I ran across a link to James Fetzer, a name I knew but couldn’t say how. (Founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, it turns out.) His article included a video of an ex-principle (Haibig) that captured my attention, the guy was talking about how he wondered about things from his perspective, e.g. why had emergency protocols been ignored at Sandy Hook, which he could clearly see. He started checking and had a couple of sheriffs come to visit and inform him that if he kept asking questions, he would be arrested.

So I watched that, and some of the hearing where the bureaucracy tried to lie that that Sandy Hook school had been functioning, whereas in reality it had been closed in 2008. Detailed pictures show it was not a working school, was in considerable disrepair.

Then I learn that Fetzer’s book “No One Died at Sandy Hook” had been banned from Amazon, and that none of the researchers had been able to authenticate any of the claimed victims in the real world prior to the Sandy Hook hoax. And they FOIAed the FEMA manual for the drill, which was practiced on the 13th and went live on the 14th, just as the manual reads. Just like 9/11, everything is coverup, the major indication of this kind of event.

Other circumstantial anomalies (Fetzer and Haibig are very good at all this, tho it is talk radio format and so low info rate, partially compensated for by human context) :

If the school had been abandoned, then the shooting has to be an illusion, since there would have been no students present for Adam Lanza to shoot. And if that were the case, then we might not be surprised if any number of measures were taken at the time by authorities to suppress relevant information (and thereby making it unavailable) or by otherwise circumventing what would have been the ordinary and normal procedures of investigation and administration by local and state authorities. But the measures that were taken were rather extraordinary, including these examples:

* the Attorney General of Connecticut argued against releasing the 911 calls, where the court ruled against him;

* the Clerk of Newtown entered into secret negotiations with the state legislature to avoid issuing death certificates;

* a special panel of the state legislature recommended that any state employee who released information about Sandy Hook other than via Freedom of Information Act request be prosecuted as an E-felony with a five year sentence; and,

* those who were hired to participate in the demolition of the school building were required to sign life-time gag orders that prohibit them from talking about what they saw or did not see during its destruction.

Each of these qualifies as a “fact” insofar as its truth can be confirmed by research you can conduct yourself. Admittedly, if all the information accessible via the Internet about Sandy Hook were fabricated or faked, then that would not be the case.

But I know of no one who seriously contests any of these points. So ask yourself, what is the probability that these five claims (if we also include the missing names, ages and sex from the final report) would be true if Sandy Hook had been a real event? And by comparison, what is the probability these five claims would be true if Sandy Hook had been a hoax? Which hypothesis is more likely to be true?

So I downloaded the PDF and am reading it. Obviously ex-academics as claimed. The intro was long-winded and brought in every possibly-real conspiracy I know of and a couple, e.g. ‘moon landing hoax’ that I can’t recall even seeing claims of evidence for, but try not to have opinions about. I did not try to follow those links, and just note the conspiracy-theory bent of at least one of these guys. Fetzer is a computer science professor, and deals in evidence and academic-quality thinking. He makes the point that history is what the winners write, and ‘news’ doesn’t have automatic authentication.

The first of the other articles talks about the transition of ‘news’ to handling more of these events, no digging allowed. A woman writing under the pseudonym she uses for this kind of work, I guess there is no academic credit possible for this kind of opposition.  Anyway, unless I find some reason to think all of these people have collaborated to produce a false case against the gov, something that would be easily revealed and has not been,  Hoaxen everywhere must be the conclusion.



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