The Next Nuremberg Trials

Nuremberg was the world putting limits on politicians acts on the world stage.  After Nuremberg, it was theoretically possible for a national leader to be hounded into an international court, tried and held for a very long time in prison.  And it sometimes happened, if you were small enough fry.

9/11 was an Israeli-Neocon bet that they would never be prosecuted in either national courts, US, Israeli, all of Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia, at least, or in a world court.

But I think that the very great dislike that has been set into world leaders by being required to keep their mouths shut about 9/11, the False Flag operation of the US government under control of its Israeli-Neocons, has sealed their fates. The burning hatred that Merkel must feel, imprisoned by her own intelligence service that doesn’t bother to tell her about the Americans bugging everything, including her phones. I think there have been few ways of opposing the American juggernaut. There are, one extrapolates, quite a lot of people on the European scene waiting for the first sign of Israeli-Neocon weaknesses, and then they will pile on.

When something becomes obvious to JRandomBlogger, it has long been apparent to the advisors. These guys do psyops for a living, they know how all this works out.  At least used to work out, in the days they had information hegemony.  It doesn’t seem to be doing so well these days, there is more opposition to their hate campaigns than previous such campaigns. They are failing in reality and losing control of the information flows.

Thus the intense debates and psyops campaigns across the world. Expect more false flags.  The Israeli-Neocon cabal cannot allow peace or they hang*.

Once you have the insight that the False Flag nature of 9/11 would have been immediately apparent to any person trained in explosive demolition AND had any hint of irregularities or the prior false flags, you realize that the world’s intelligence and military services understood within hours to days that the United States of America was controlled by an Israeli-Neocon Cabal.

Why did they not tell their citizens? What did they do? Why are their Status Quo’s supporting the 9/11 Commission story? Who can they trust?

I think our Israeli-Neocon leaders are driving the entire Status Quo at this point.  Most have to be intentionally ignorant. There was real emotion in the answer the politician gave me in a conversation 6 months ago, he has to be in conflict, I am not the only engineer in his constituency. “He wasn’t convinced by the video he saw some time ago.”

The standard narratives are unraveling and the Paris violence didn’t convince many people, although it was an excuse for Hollande’s stupidity, none of those bombings will defeat Assad or the Russians, and I bet there are radars everywhere keeping everyone pretty honest, it was clear what Turkey did, and it was clear the US set that up. The world is not going to forgive obvious attempt to escalate to large-scale war.

The Status Quo has swept a lot of things under the rug, but doesn’t always succeed.  For example, the recent problem of ISIS and the fact that the US, Israelis, the Saudis and Gulf States are funding them, ostensibly as a way to overthrow Assad. Israeli companies making money dealing the oil. Completely ineffective spending of $500M on a black operation. Israeli Colonels captured with the ISIS units they were advising, interrogated and put on display.  And so soon after the Paris attack, for which ISIS was proud, and simultaneously with ISIS putting out many more threats against everyone.  I wondered about that timing.

The number of such slips and the recognition they are getting is increasing in the world’s information flows, it seems to me.  They can’t control it in MSM, and every such episode increases the stature of alternative media like the many blogs that end up on a web site like ZH. Read the comments, even on a topic that brings out hyperbolation on all sides, and there is still much knowledge, logic and wisdom among the dross.  Including the high-level views of who is driving events like those for Israeli-Neocon goals. If we can just keep talking long enough, the facts will sort everything out.  Facts are, if nobody goes and kills a bunch of people, everything will be fine.**

So, will our Israeli-Neocon coup partners impose their hegemony on the world, and keep their power climbing by ever-larger false flags, like revolts against overbearing governments that have been intentionally threatening the citizens for years?  Will we all keep ratcheting up the rhetoric, helping that along?

Will we citizens go on falling for their propaganda of hatreds?

Or will the world decide again, as we did at Nuremburg in 1945-46, that this is not acceptable behavior on the world stage.  Israel certainly has blackened the name ‘Jew’ with this crazy behavior. The US led civilization, and has abandoned that enviable position via the same path Germany took when it decided it no longer wanted to be civilized : Hatred of peoples and militarism.

And I think the rest of the world will soon be relatively strong enough to force their will upon us. The Israeli-Neocons will not prevail in this fight, and I don’t think they can delay, the correlation of forces has turned against them.  Russia has played a strong hand very well, and suddenly MSM doesn’t control things the way it normally does.  Suddenly they have competition from a competent actor, making alliances and helping enemies to work together against the greater enemy. Erdogan makes it plain there are downsides to going along with the Israeli-Neocon craziness. One of Israel’s ME allies just got dinged. A source of chaos was quenched.

You know that Russia knows everything there is to know about 9/11, and has factored that into its thinking. Erdogan’s case makes it plain that Russia hoards information and uses it well. Is that the reason Russia must be America’s new Great Satan?

One reading of Putin’s political progress is that he won a big fight with a cabal of oligarchs, he imposed the state’s will on them*.  Just guessing, he might decide that a Cabal of oligarchs anywhere on earth is a danger to him personally and institutionally, especially after the Ukraine was destroyed and the same NGOs showed up in Moscow.  So I see Russia supporting a Nuremberg process in the case of 9/11 and the massive war crimes that followed it.

Holding Rumsfeld’s, Cheney’s, Bush’s and Netanyahu’s trials at Nuremberg would be symbolic, don’t you think?

9/11 was a False Flag operation by the Israeli-Neocons in the US Government

*Yes, Putin is just a bigger oligarch, but his group has the title ‘State’. Titles still mean things in people’s heads, and sometimes similar things in reality. Anyone who can collect taxes has a hell of an advantage, some find it worthwhile actually doing a decent job of governing.  Ironically, they are generally the Hezbollas and Hamases and Russias of the world, the ones who are still earning trust and doing it by advancing their citizen’s interests.

**And because false flags in such situations are so easy, I would only allow the Syrian refugees to go to homes next to well-armed volunteers. Promise them full-auto weapons and there would be a lot of Syrian-loving patriots. Yes, trustworthy also, just have to give people incentives that allow them to be human.  Or perhaps a permanent reduction of taxes so long as you support a Syrian refugee family.

***To resist them, you should assume that every hateful and worthy-of-hate thing that you read, hear or see is intended to make you hate, and understand people as people instead. You may not like the folks, may not approve of many things about them, but they are people just like you, and so have similar failures.  Cultural filters, but human crimes. Your children will get along fine, if you don’t intentionally poison the process.

1 thought on “The Next Nuremberg Trials

  1. The 9/11 Crime Against Humanity will be the Catalyst that will fundamentally change the course of western Politics. I think Americans are starting to see a real urgency of now to prosecute this diabolical Crime committed against them…and go wherever a true investigation takes the faltering Republic. Now is the time to Prosecute those behind 9/11 to the full extent of the Peoples’ law.


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