9/11 Is The Weak Spot

I believe all citizens of America see the same things going wrong these days, a kleptocracy and out of control bureaucracy and war and terrorism.  We label different aspects of them differently and have different explanations, but I think everyone sees those as the problem.

9/11, The False Flag Operation, was produced by those, but now is part of the causes of what is wrong, and is very strongly identified with the Israeli-Neocon Deep State and any overlapping Wall Street part of the oligarchy.

In contrast to all of their other crimes, 9/11 has a clear set of evidence, quite convincingly presented, far more than sufficient to convince any unbaised observer of the fact and the guilt of the people so obviously in control of that crime and the coverups of it.

As such, it is their major weakness and should be the point of focus for all of the people who want tolerance instead of anti-Islam hatred and legitimate, Constitutional government rather than the kleptocracy we have now. People completely disgusted with MSM and the propaganda it continuously distributes, and the continuous degradation of the institutions of our lives, police, schools, no jobs, … they are all effects of our broken political system and the laws it has passed.

The way to peace and prosperity is over Israeli-Neocon power.  It must be vanquished for any reform to happen in America.

When we have legal and political institutions that we citizens can trust again, we can begin the discussion of what size and power that government may be trusted with, but until then, 9/11 is the drum we must all beat in order to end the catastrophes our ruling classes are producing for the world.

Anti-war or merely don’t think this one is intelligent nor are we winning, good liberal who hates hatred, or gun-toting paranoid (I am) who hates government, we all need to beat the 9/11 drum.

Contrary to my previous advice, we need to become real bores about this, and do it in a way which makes it a legitimate part of the political conversation.  The huge win that the MSM has given the 9/11 traitors is that it has not been legitimate to say that ‘9/11 was a false flag operation by the US government’, MSM helped label it ‘conspiracy theory’ and stopped discussion.

Time to get past that, it is not a conspiracy theory, there is nothing we need to be bashful or defensive about, the evidence is on our side and anyone who looks at the evidence is convinced.

If you are not convinced, it is because you haven’t done your duty as a citizen and looked at the evidence, don’t try to make me look like an idiot by labeling me a conspiracy theorist when you haven’t done your own homework and don’t have a clue what you are talking about!

A major goal is getting those words ‘9/11 was a False Flag operation by the Israeli-Neocons in the US government’ in as many places as possible or approving of them in comments or Likes or … We have to make it plain to people in the Establishment that the tipping point of everyone understanding that 9/11 reality is past so far as intelligent, reality-oriented people is concerned. At that point, some one of the 2nd-tier politicians will decide to tie their star to the 9/11 False Flag issue, and we can get this show on the road.

9/11 was a False Flag operation by the Israeli-Neocons in the US Government

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