A Third Prediction

Having been successful in my very first prediction* on this blog, I became exuberant and did this one (way down at the bottom, if you are interested.) As I am positive it would be impossible to disprove, I claim it correct and continue my winning streak.

Where are the investigative reporters on Trump? Same as Obama, no serious information about the front-runner.  Eventually, some independent people are going to start looking, just the links to people lying around on Google tell you there is very much to be found.

This cannot be allowed to continue, bloggers will notice.  If PTB are as good as I think, and my understanding of the process is correct, the next move is obvious.

Prediction, there will soon be a very biased hit-piece** on Trump, so bad it will serve as a benchmark and be used to defuse and deflect all valid criticisms. Trump will be able to do his worst storm of vituperation, because he will also be objectively correct, or as objectively correct as Trump ever allows himself to be in public. That will prevent most bloggers from investigating, and Trump will skate.

Further, just like the case with Sarah Palin, it will cement current support and move many fence-sitters along in sympathy.  Todd Purdum, who manages these things from his post at Vanity Faire for both political parties, is no doubt near finishing the project..

If I had that in my quiver, and I was Trump’s media consultant, I would wait for some bad time, down polls for something he isn’t quite responsible for, some bad break, … Trump’s partisans feeling sorry for him, opponents gloating loudly.  Then publish, with an obvious left-bias press pushing the attack, the many stories about the story, same as they did with Palin. I believe this is the kind of ‘PR’ that Roger Stone does, Trump’s good buddy since Richard Nixon days.

Trump will not be crowned by this.  But he will be immune to most of the dirt that people will bring up subsequently, MSM will have reason to ignore it, they don’t want the controversy, it isn’t new, it isn’t new enough, it isn’t important, …  Give MSM a reason to hide dirt on their favorite people, they are anxious to take it.

That is, he will still be in the running, and most of the public’s memory will be “OK, maybe as dirty as the average President, but a Man’s crimes”, or some tag applied by a reporter taking his script from Trump’s media adviser.

You can’t be too skeptical. Never give anyone richer or more powerful than you are any benefit of the doubt, it is their responsibility to explain everything to your satisfaction. Politicians are professional liars, and very successful at their profession. The government is broken, it cannot be fixed from inside.  Trump is not from the outside as he wishes us to believe, nobody who had Roy Cohn and now Roy Cohn’s son as his attorney and calls the names he drops so frequently ‘my very good friend’ is an outsider.  The only way he is an outsider is they don’t call him for favors as often as vv.

No way is Trump the man for the time.

And this whole thing is such a win for Israeli-Neocons : 9/11 hasn’t been discussed anywhere as an FF, their treason is still not a political event, they still have their heads.

Added later, Adelson and Trump agree on Israel. Told you.

Added later : In that context, is the recent leak of ?information? about Obama being homosexual a similar ploy? I haven’t looked at anything about that, 3 sentences somewhere.  But, why now?  Come on, we knew there was dirt in Obama’s background, no handle on it for 7 years and in his last year, notably when Obama has been reigning in the Israeli-Neocons, it leaks.  Our deep state helped with the coverup, they control the info about everyone, I think. NSA’s ubiquitous produces a searchable database of blackmail information.

So this is taking power away from Obama, what little he has, and preventing any breakout like this at 1:38:00.

And this wasn’t accident, it is another example of things, including all of our understandings, being guided. Never give money or power the benefit of the doubt.  Intelligence professional’s maxim : “Do not judge intent, judge capability. Intents can change.”

*This has it, but not the reasoning, which is here and here. I wasn’t making an economic prediction, I was making a prediction about the regularity of behavior of bureaucracies.  That silly jobs paper was exactly the last bit needed to justify the rate hike, they had set it all up in the  sequence of papers, the words in the press releases, what they told reporters.  They needed x, y and z to have a rate hike, it had been clearly signaled that jobs was the last big factor, and presto, a jobs report.

‘Reporters’ don’t pay attention, don’t report or intentionally lie. These patterns reveal the press’s real role of passive transmission of press releases, an indirection layer that hides the source of the propaganda.  MSM is propaganda.  It is also the major source of information and the basis of most people’s judgement. We are fixing that now, an interesting race.

**Remember how many of those there are every cycle? This is an example of such, but one would have to know a lot more connections between all the people before you knew for sure what its intended effect was. But it is difficult to believe that it was not intended to produce votes for Sarah Palin. Seems to me no one needed to dump on Palin by that time, that those who were against her were that and weren’t going to change.  It must have been meant to have the effect that that whole campaign did : galvanize the grass-roots GOP.  I remember my mother and other relatives were irate at the dissing Palin was getting, the obvious bias in the press. That was a big topic all summer.

Management of public opinion seems very sophisticated to me, these are 2- and 3-bank pool shots.

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