Daily Reading #109

I have long wondered about what people who push movements based on racial, sexual, ethnic or national identity. They are minorities. However much they may have suffered as a group, it is nothing to how much they could suffer if there was violence based on those divisions. It would be interesting to see the histories that trace those movements back through the funding of their originators.

Suspicious as I am, I recognize the various ways of enhancing such divisions within a country as one of the CIA’s approaches to weakening a government by destabilizing its society.  Fred illustrates the problem of polarizing your society as a minority, it might make the majority think of themselves in terms of a shared identity, and then where is your minority?  :


It is conceptually not possible to do what the Fed claims to do. That fact leaves us to wonder what it actually does, its real reason for being :


It is conceptually not possible to do many-to-most of the things our government claims to do. That fact leaves us to wonder what it actually does, its real reason for being :


It is conceptually not possible to evaluate information within silos of secrecy, as ‘evaluate information’ implies extracting meaning, as meaning is ‘relationship of the new facts to everything else’. That fact leaves us to wonder what the CIA and NSA actually do, their real reason for being :


It is conceptually not possible for civilian agencies to oversee any group with the power to declare its own activities secret, as it is illegal to discuss those secrets, e.g. Senator Wyden’s continuing dilemma, and impossible to prosecute them for crimes, as the evidence is secret and courts are public. That fact leaves us to wonder what the 17 agencies in the intelligence community actually do, their real reason for being :





It seems to me that our control systems in government are shoddy, even by government standards :



Another example of how the alt-media lead the legacy media, this DynCorp and international peace keepers in sex trafficking.  This just establishes the pedophilia connection, maybe legacy media will get around to investigating the trafficking aspect :



This is the leading edge of alt-media wrt the Deep State, Clinton, … George Webb is the alt-media’s version of The New Yorker’s Seymour Hersh, and is one of the pioneers of open source investigation. I haven’t seen the explicit links between Webb and Voat.co, but am sure there must be several. This is excellent reporting and the speed at which alt-media, that favors these methods, is replacing legacy media is a measure of how unstable our world is.

The legacy media is failing in its primary job of providing reliable information about everything affecting reader’s futures. Our legacy media carefully filters out everything that does not favor the Stasis Quo, leaving a need filled by alt-media :


More legacy media catching up on how wide-spread pedohilia is and how it is normally covered up :


Alt-media pointing out how biased legacy media can be :



This isn’t alt-media, but same message :


Even insiders, indirectly, critique the media’s grasp of reality :


A reminder of what percentage of total government spending goes to salaries and pensions, and the incentives public employees unions have to game the rest of us :


This piece of unwisdom must be the result of intentionally not learning, and not thinking clearly.  He talks about how important it is to build bridges to nowhere to make them somewhere. If wealth was infinite, free, great idea, we could build everything until the earth couldn’t handle any more building, then move into space, or …

Wealth is not infinite, people’s ability to see the future is very limited, and so we can’t know what is the best to do. We have to make choices, the question is, who is best to make those choices?

This is explicitly an argument that government is best placed to make such choices, but there is zero evidence the government is any better than other class of entity, e.g. individuals and business, much evidence it is much worse.  Our government has almost total control over airlines. The system is today what the government has made it. Why do we believe that more government would be better?

Centralization –> slow and limited information processing –> stasis. The only static things in life are dead :


I cannot judge the argument about the opinions of the rich in Italy in 1450, that their wealth should be used to elevate people’s understanding with beauty, truth and wisdom so that all could live better. But, this is an interesting set of views, and the contrast between the Renaissance and now is awesome :

So that you don’t take that too seriously, here are examples of a few of the Medici-wannabes in our world, the total list would be very long. A bunch of it is criminal :


And the now. Nothing was ever perfect, every example of every system has problems, sometimes fatal problems. Everything evolves, sometimes better and sometimes not.  But this system of evaluating information and distributing thought is expensive, and it is not doing its job of building a society, guiding people into positive sum games. Why play anything but positive sum games? Why settle for less?

We got what we get because good PR is ever cheaper, as more and more out-of-work Ph.Ds and adjunct professors compete for any writing, research, … white collar work :





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