Daily Reading #10A

The march to Armageddon :


Was not Libya supposed to be a humanitarian intervention? For their own good? You can be sure that any youngsters are skimmed out of the slave markets by our CIA’s traffikers :



Nobody believes the Saudis had anything to do with 9-11 besides providing the patsies to be blamed, but the Saudis have deep pockets and our own government can’t be sued, so these suits are the only way to keep the issue alive and find more information :


A tenet of Discordianism, the only empirically validated religion, is that imposing order creates disorder.  Removing Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein as we did, violently, are the latest examples of a long series of the US and CIA imposing order on the world.  Thus, Iran and NKorea’s nuclear and missile programs. They are right to be paranoid, and Kim is still in power and still developing deterrents, winning in the only way that counts for a military dictatorship.

If Trump and China have not hatched some audacious plan to resolve NK’s growing strength, NK will soon be into MAD territory and thus untouchable. Does someone view this as the last chance for diplomacy? Or is it the posturing prelude to serious discussions? Modern times are too interesting :


Every input is an attack vector on the underlying system.  Engineers aren’t paranoid enough :


The Hayden quote is wonderful :


“There is the danger that even though these things might reflect appropriate activities that Americans don’t object to, the fact that you can’t keep the tools secret, the fact that you can’t keep the data you collect from other prying eyes, that creates a real big, strong argument for, ‘then I don’t want you doing it in the first place,’” Hayden said.

That is what I concluded some time ago:



I argue for more self-direction, inner-direction among people, which requires more honesty, higher ethics. Many of the scholars in this, the great experts, were mere self-identified authorities, and this on a serious question in archaeology, one that changes many points of view. How to judge reality. “If a society can’t depend upon itself to judge matters of physical reality, for what can it depend upon itself?”, I repeat, often.

You can’t let your standards slip, and the media do, so have everybody, apparently.  I am a modern social liberal, a small ‘l’ libertarian for the most part. I don’t care about your personal life nor how you identify yourself, hope you are happy, live and let live. That is perfectly consistent with standards of honesty.

In every recounting of every ‘decline and fall’ written about past kingdoms and empires, the last stages are marked by excessive dishonesty, power overpowers justice.

This is an interesting video, good history, archaeology, story-telling dimensions, not too too slow. A less critical mind than mine could interpret it as an early point of resonance in our culture, people were getting annoyed with the intelligentsia. But the critic in me says that would be cherry-picking the evidence, anecdote is not more than datum. I could prove most anything with that standard of evidence, a single datum, interpreted as a harbinger in 10-year retrospect! A single datum may suggest a hypothesis, the need for more data. So it isn’t nothing, but …

Note the way the harder sciences drive the scholarship, evidence from reality trumps opinion. That is happening across a wide range of scholarship, genetic and archaeological evidence are constraints on other theories. This is one of many pieces of evidence about other races in the US over at least the last 1000 years. Chinese visit is solid to the US and Africa. Now Viking and probably before them, this is one of many pieces of evidence being discussed :

This has been widely accepted, I see re-interpretations of history based on the facts in the myths, validated by the fact that they were right about Leif Erickson, etc.

But you see the problem we have had coming to a correct view of something that doesn’t seem like it should have been so right/wrong nor taken 150 years. If we can’t do better than that, how do we expect to deal with hard problems, ones where big money is made or lost and the evidence can be interpreted in more ways, all by ‘experts’.

Vioxx, is a fine example of a hard problem, the current death-by-oxycodone epidemic another. Who went to jail for those frauds? The low rate of replication of studies across all the areas of science, the fraud that is global warming, whatever is causing the epidemic of autism, the false claims from high energy physics that have stalled the development of Cold fusion to this day, the continuous wars, …

Every single one could only happen in a centralized world where the malefactors have political power. Without laws protecting them, oxycodone manufacturers and marketers would be sued into oblivion by now. The FDA approval just gave some other people a way to make money out of federal funds through medical system, a higher death rate is what we citizens will have to endure so long as this government persists. Citizens complied, believed the system, and died.

Same as Vioxx and half a dozen other drugs over the years. Same as the pesticide and other pollutants, whose ‘get out of jail free’ cards come from other Federal bureaucracies. The other examples also have an associated death rate, just indirect, poorer societies and sections of a society die earlier, and they made us poorer as a result of making the oligarchs richer. The results of centralization won’t get better until we decentralize this government.

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