Daily Reading #108

The supposed nerve gas attack by supposedly Assad, the excuse for Trumps attack on Syria, is obvious fraud according to an independent intelligence analyst, and any report saying otherwise is politicized intelligence that could have not been approved by the intelligence community. Thus, that was a false flag operation. This evidence will never be referenced by any legacy media :


There are now a string of things first reported on alt-media, initially denied by anonymous sources within the intelligence community and administration and widely reported by the legacy media, then recently confirmed by the legacy media. If they don’t start doing better, people might start believing alternative reporters like Cernovich. I bet his sources are different than legacy media’s :



There will be many more, e.g. no one in the legacy media thinks that Iran is anything but a serious global threat :


Trump is a chump, or I am :


Trump is the chump, he apparently believes our intelligence agencies.  This blames it on Trump’s mis-interpreting the evidence, but what is an intelligence agency for? :


A reminder that Trump had a strong hand to play, and played it well for a while. What happened? :


Synchophancracy is the opposite of meritocracy :


I don’t think we can trust any legislative body to do the right thing, the corruption in this society and political system is too pervasive, they cannot work in citizen’s interests.  Constitutional amendments disguised as tax bills is an especially bad idea :


It must be as tempting for others to speculate about these two articles as it was for me. So if I was some young officer in an intelligence group responsible for targeting, what would be my motives for assigning a bomb to this particular Syrian depot a few days after the CIA’s people go way out on a limb with such strong claims for such little and such unreliable evidence?

I think I could believe that before I believe that President Trump, who I supported until 6 April 2017, really felt those little girls being killed. I probably felt it more than he did, my country is committing evil all around the world, that hurts me. I haven’t been able to do anything to make this insanity stop for 15 years. The rest of the voters agreed with me in this last election, we got more war in the first quarter of our new presidents reign.  3 presidents in a row did that to us. Clearly, voting doesn’t matter, and if we can’t vote them out, we have exactly one choice.  It is time to get serious about doing this, this government is a danger to the world.

What they do over there is what they bring home and do to us half a generation later. Every technique of spying on the Russians during the Cold War was turned on US citizens within 10 years, that is what the 1975 Church Committee showed.  The CIA was assassinating people around Europe in the 1950s as part of the anti-communist campaign, 1963 they organized Kennedy’s death. ISIS started talking about gas attacks at least 5 years ago. So I predict gas false flags here in the US, say next to a school, within this admin.

This government is a danger to us here at home, also, and not just because of WWIII :




Trump did a lousy job of selecting people, iff he meant what he said on the campaign trail. Was not Kushner involved in that? But it is all reading tea leaves, by their actions we shall know them. And we do know them, the Generals are all warmongers.  Patraeus is deep state and all of his people around him must have been selected the same way.

Just judging from the news reports, all of those top officers have some non-rational thinking about some aspect of the ME, never Israel. :


Old news.  No kidding, US firms sell spyware to dictators sanctioned by the international community for human rights abuses. That, of course, helps the dictators to stay in power. Some of those dictators are allies, others enemies or  potential enemies. Either way, our government needs them :


Excellent scholarship in support of a foolish premise.  The idea that Northern Europeans inter-breeding with Southern Europeans was responsible for the failure of Greece and Rome to rise again is beyond stupid.  Of course, it would be hard to absolutely rule it out, but that isn’t the way we build knowledge.  We build knowledge by ruling things in, by supporting a hypothesis. I think it is probably true that the invaders were Nordic-ish, and many historical examples show that invaders become the Mandarins, or the Brahmins, always the rulers, including the late Pharaoh, the Ptomoly family, Greek.

So it isn’t hard to believe that many southern European kingdoms had nordic ancestors. Just like it was when the North African Muslims took over Spain, and Spanish grand families can, if they wish, trace their roots back to those invaders.

Hybrid vigor exists, both for cultures and for human biology.  People can be socially disadvantaged by being descended from 2 different races or cultures, but otherwise are advantaged by their hybrid status:


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