Centralization is Death

This discussion of CIA deep cover operations says we can’t continue the path to centralization, it dooms us. Centralization is strategically very wrong in an evolutionary system, it puts the central system under pressure from the periphery, with the periphery evolving fastest because the units are smaller and fragile. Whether the pressure is economic, cultural, technological or military, the center is doomed.

That must be true by the math. No matter how relatively strong, the center relative to the periphery, nor how slow the rates of evolutionary change, the number of dimensions of evolution and the larger number of peripheral units means the center loses in more and more of those dimensions.  Worse, small units evolve faster.  Still worse, many dimensions have non-linear effects, a 5% cost or feature advantage in a difficult component can make or break your industry that makes it and also any industries that depend upon that component because the competitive companies in the periphery made the change first (smaller units under more pressure to increase sales and profits) and combined it with other new features that the lower-cost enabled, so they not only beat you in the low-end lines but take over your market for fully-featured systems.

That dynamic is true for everything : Russia is currently superior to the US and Europe in a number of military areas because they spend money more effectively compared to the US MIC and its deep state kleptocracy.  Because of that superiority, Russia backed the US out of its Syrian quagmire, and is making progress in getting us out of all of our other ME quagmires by organizing the real foes of terrorism, everyone but the US and its current allies.

So you can’t allow your system to be organized as center-periphery in any component, political, economic, cultural, … To do so is to put yourself in the strategically indefensible position.  Nobody can say how your system will fail, that is the outcome of a revolutionary process, and those aren’t very predictable.  But the fact that systems evolve, and do so at rates proportion to the number of elements re-combining and the rates of re-combination == rates of formation of new entities and the variety of selections&intensities, is extremely reliable, as reliable as the law of thermodynamics.

But TPTB not only allow it, centralization is supposedly the answer to our many problems, and is always presented as lowering costs.  The Fed’s policies have fostered consolidation across all of the business cycles since it was formed, as an example.  Now, as the end-game of every cycle, the plays are purely financial, private equity is raping businesses everywhere, taking over the management and burdening the company with loans.  Even firms such as IBM have been financialized, with stock buybacks that cripple their possible investments.  When IBM’s R&D falls, you know corporate America has a problem.

The structures and institutions of our modern world are ever-larger, our populations ever-bigger, thus  the sizes and frequencies of catastrophes ever-worse. This path leads to a world war with nuclear weapons, inevitably.  Inevitably because we don’t have mechanisms to prevent those kind of failures, as our own situation shows us in the US of A in 2016.  We have a political faction in control of our government, political system and the deep state that is desperate for war to maintain political power.  Without a major war or an equivalent in rebellion or other civil disturbances here at home that is large enough to completely distract citizens from the economic and social problems and also a foe of enough stature so the problems can be blamed on them, some identifiable subset of the Israeli-Neocon + Deep State + Military Industrial Complex + Banksters will lose political power and be put into the position of scapegoats by whatever powers then reign.

We citizens are powerless to sway any of those trends to WWIII, unless we can see ways to help the PTB in identifying the scapegoats.

It isn’t just the failures of electronics, brilliant tho all my insights are, that is the least of the concerns. The big deal is we don’t have clean control systems anywhere in politics any more.  9/11 FF shows that we don’t have a clue about what drives our political world, the government lies and MSM helps.  How do you prevent a system driven by secret powers like that from causing a world war with nuclear weapons?  Was that the intent of the plan to shoot down the Russian fighter?

We can’t know.  And because we can’t know, we can’t do anything to control our fate.

I suppose that isn’t new, but the level of control by people we have no clue about is much higher. Dwight Eisenhower had control of the military, although who ordered Patton’s murder?

After JFK’s assassination, did a sitting President ever control the military again?  Johnson, maybe, because he was part of the conspiracy, and otoh, Ladybird and a number of construction companies got very wealthy in the Vietnam war, so who knows about what direction payments and control went?  But Dulles and generals and bankers and police gained a lot of power.  The FBI grew a lot during those years.

I believe the military was already corrupt by Vietnam, as a few years ago I talked to a French speaker at a party who told me he was an interpreter between the US generals and the Vietnamese, transfering PX supplies from US to Vietnames black market, it bought high prices in the various bars and among Vietnamese elites.  He said he retired well off the amounts given him for his work and to keep him quiet.  This guy was well known to other people at the party, nobody seemed to doubt him in the slightest.

Our country died in the Cold War, all sides were wrong about the wrong things for the wrong reasons. And now, getting out of our predicament of money owning the political system means no reform is possible from within. Trump is as irrelevant as all the other major party candidates, no solution can possibly arise from within their ranks.

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