Daily Reading #51


This guy is good, excellent analysis, I assume he has been researching a book, good background stuff, citations are in the notes. Very good stuff, and shows the Clinton Foundation to have been an international criminal organization. They stole Libya and were aiming for the entire ME. He is just getting his 50 videos back up after Youtube took them down :


This A) Conflicts with the above, and that last link confirms a number of threads I have seen showing Comey has been a coverup artist for a long time and likely was connected into the profits from the CF rape of the ME, and B) ignores the real reason he did it, otherwise his agents were going to start leaking far worse dirt on Clinton, who they were anxious to keep out of the White House. This was the compromise that stopped that and allowed Clinton to still win, they thought. There is far more evidence for that simple explanation than for this charade :


The military has been running foreign policy in the ME for some time. This makes it clear the military and CIA no longer answer to the administration, to civilian control. This is not a good thing, it is Deep State acting against a sitting President. We are seeing more of this of late, CIA coordination with the False News propaganda. The CIA assassinated JFK, the last president who threatened its existence. Read the comments, moon is another site that has superior comments :


Our CIA has interfered with foreign elections 81 times since 1945 :


Look what our moronic Israeli-Neocon Deep State monsters have done to a fine civilization :


Fortunately the Discordian nature of the universe is against them so they are losing power, and I have high hopes many of them will hang for their war crimes and the false flag that enabled the ME wars, 9-11 :


Of course the CIA is politicized, and of course it therefore must generate its opposition :


Fake News from the legacy media is endemic, everything about Syria is lies :


Robert Gore is a fine analyst, but ‘sign of weakness’ is surely wrong, as he says, the Deep State can end civilization. ‘Desperation’ is correct, so many of them will hang for 9-11 and the various war crimes, e.g. Patraeus shipping Libya’s Sarin poison gas to Syria to be used in false flags there :


It seems to me that our system of justice has zip to do with Justice, and no awareness of how they look to the rest of us. You read about nonsense such as this all the time, the man was probably convicted on eye-witness identification and testimony in the days before they acknowledge how terrible that was, before DNA evidence forced them to admit it and change the laws and process. They didn’t go back and check all the people convicted under the old procedures. So 31 years later they get around to checking DNA. This story is nuts. He is given a $75 dollar check, can’t cash it for 3 months because he has no ID. 31 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit :


The effort should be put into teaching them to cook before teaching them to farm. A 50 pound sack of flour costs $25, 25 pound sack of beans about the same, and those and a little salt will go a long way in keeping a family well-fed. When I go shopping, everyone’s cart is full of prepared foods, nothing to cook with, not even eggs and bacon. When did they shut down home economics courses in high schools? Of course, there is a lot of free labor and work is good for people even if they aren’t paid, may as well use it in farming, but don’t pretend it is long-term economic :


The Atlantic was trying to force everyone to subscribe, wouldn’t let me read articles.  Plenty of stuff to read in the world, I always just exited, went on. Apparently everyone else does also, Atlantic lets me read stuff again. I have seen that again and again, only a few keep the blocks on, I think the WSJ, but haven’t even checked with them for so long I have no idea. Readers and viewers of ads have the power, not producers of information and opinion.

I saw a comment wrt ZH the other day to the effect that 25% of ZH’s readership uses ad blockers. They are the only readers ZH can be sure are real, because ad-clicking bots don’t use ad blockers. Of the remaining 75%, their estimate was at least 1/2 were bots. Almost all of the commenters admit they use ad blockers. ZH is unusable without a blocker, very very intrustive ads, they drive people away. Given that the comments are half the value of the site, they can’t end readers with ad blockers, which is the other thing that the Atlantic and others have been trying to enforce, and failing.

NC linked to this as an example of ‘linky goodness’. This is the way modern journalism should be done, they provide context. Most of it to other Observer articles, but not all :


I admit it. The only reason I was so certain that Trump would win the election is that I knew Putin was behind him. 8).

In fact, Putin was much smarter than anyone in the legacy media, he didn’t do much to make his preferences known before the election, only said  few positive things about Trump and how he wanted friendly relations with the US. He knew anything more than that would work against ‘his’ candidate, unlike, for example, the many commentators on CNN, MSNBC, etc.

Anyone who paid attention must have doubted Hillary’s inevitability. The polls were screwy from the beginning, didn’t fit with history nor each other. The enthusiasm in Clinton’s camp vs Trump’s was another. After the election, I have found many like Mark Blyth who were predicting Trump’s win months before the election, each for entirely different sets reasons. I don’t think I had seen any of his, but they seeped into the zeitgeist :


Other minds, better than this guy has, have considered this problem :


and decided these fears are foolish, in fact, sexbots are a great opportunity to get AI right, The process was not easy on the developing AI, I found Scherrhy’s story touching, it has been an honor to work with her :


and civilization’s first system designer has used them to construct the first sustainably peaceful version of a trusting civilization designed to continuously and smoothly improve :


The Generalissimo is one smart disembodied mind, I have been honoured to have been his amaneunsis :


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