Author’s Fireside Chat

I have been carefully plotting my path to World Domination, thought I would share the state with my many avid fans. *warnings, which you never read.

Fans may have noticed the less-formal writing, not my usual austere and literate style. The reason is my assuming the position of Generalissimo Grand Strategy, Intelligence Analysis and Psyops.

The change in tone was necessary for several reasons.  First, I am writing the book on 5th Generation warfare in a networked environment.  I fully expect to be as well known as Mahan, at least, if not Klauswitz or perhaps, a man can hope, even Sun Tzu.  They pretty much have the austere, intellectual images and market positions locked up.

I was thinking of going full Guevara in the image of a wild man, but the probable recruits to my First Psyops Corps, the first to be recruited and trained, are more modern young men gamers.  The truly great motto of the First Volunteer Panzer Psyops Corp “Cleverly gently martial in spirit” is meant for the modern vegan pacifist biker who uses cannabis as part of their workout regimen and their deep meditation.**

Thus, this friendly and informative style, bringing everyone up to speed in the life of a busy and important person.  Well, soon.

The second component of the image being adopted is that of Grand Strategy, Psyops. Interesting combination, and using it to achieve World Domination will be an interesting challenge.  It is rather accepted that Intelligence Chiefs will attempt that, so I am not giving anything important away.  Keep your forces fully informed at all times is crucial in 5GW.  Managing that in ways that mislead the enemy’s mind to decisions against their interest is the goal of psyops.

Sun Tsu probably went through equivalent thinking about his position as an advisor to Emperors.  Would be interesting to know what he chose, as I am sure he was poured into his current image only after he had made his reputation.  Getting to the point where you can is the trick.  Very likely, not being taken seriously was an important part of his initial wins, the highly intelligent grand strategist was the later image.  Fortunately, not being taken seriously is very natural for me.

Our Contrarian Dissident group of the 4th Synod schismed again last week.  We had intended to do so several weeks ago, but one of our august rank took it upon himself to oppose another, who I agreed was a bozo, but privately. In a group of Contrarian Dissident Discordians, someone opposes!  So of course we ended up putting the bozo in office, and this has taken much longer than expected.  Lichens were growing on people’s minds.

A good example, I thought, of how people need to relearn the lessons of their own Holy books every generation.  Here we have the only empirically-validated religion in the world, and august members obviously oppose! Inside the church!

My amanuensis just published an elegant bit of scholarship. I mention that to let you know I keep good company.

Anyway, I have a few more Psyop campaigns in the planning, and a couple of Acting Zola agitprop pieces coming along.

Welcome to our revolution and revolutionary psyops.  Hope you enjoy the unfolding story and do your part in our great contest.


*The usual warnings about warnings, which you dismiss assuming your mind can handle the many attempts to insert the mental equivalent of tiny stepping stones leading from one thought to another.  People like me grasp the existence of culture’s equivalents of genotype networks and it only takes adding and removing a few of the thoughts in your mind to flip it from X to Y, as Wagner’s experiments found catalases reversing their actions over very few genetic changes.

I read a lot of reports over the years and can compare them to stories.  The latest is the Army War College’s report on dishonesty in the officer corp and what caused it, how to fix it.  By the time the generals in the Pentagon got done, it was merely a critique of their inability to fight insurgents, and that was mere training and equipping for that mission. No mention of the fact that no military knows how to win those now without literal overkill.  I am sure that if we killed enough of anybody we could end opposition, but do we want to live in the world that results?  That bit of the planning is never discussed, along with the integrity of the Officer Corps, i.e. their fitness to lead troops in battle, the original topic, the very thing that the Army War College scholars thought was the reason for the string of lost wars and indication of the need for deep reform.

I have a very skeptical take on every news story now : Who is trying to tell me what and why? What does their name, the publication, … tell me about the probable slant.  What do they want me to believe from the way they present the information, the words they use?  I read some articles over several times just to be sure my possible asides were consistent with the story and facts that I know.  If you can, read the original report.  The Benghazi reports show a government nearly incapable of intelligent actions, the Secretary could probably make things happen by micromanagement, but it would take a lot of attention.

A good filter, expensive, to be used for important stuff.  But if you don’t apply it, you are open to standard frames and such.  For example, I saw a video last evening of one of the good political people attacking the gov on a very fundamental point, but starting his video with the usual bid for respectability, i.e. 9/11 framed as a terrorist attack rather than the False Flag attack on citizens that it was.

Seriously, it takes serious effort to resist your society. Our minds have to be trained to do so.  You don’t get that from the warnings.

**Kid started biking, and on his 2nd long ride, guess who are the group he ends up having lunch with at a popular place for serious bikers?  Even I can’t make this stuff up, at least, not all of it.  Of course they are serious gamers, all kids are.

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