Daily Reading #52

This is very right,  very good, many interesting suggestions for reform, ending the corruption. Trump is a minority president, 1% better than Obama, only 27% of the electorate voted for him. This discusses how to fix that, and what our political groupings are in reality, as opposed to the big-party identity politics view :


Inspectors General are confirmed by Congress. Their function is to ensure the agency they work for is following the law, and especially protecting whistleblowers that inform the public that the system is not following the law especially when the established channels of protest are not functioning. The IG is those established channels of protest, so would be, in effect, protecting a person who told the world the IG is not competent. Congress does not thereafter do a good job of monitoring them, as this NSA example shows, the NSA’s IGs have not functioned for a long while, maybe never :


The Pentagon is the same :


This is wonderful, the left grasping the reality that the future is very uncertain, best to be prepared for a wider range of problems :


This is another view of America’s division, career-oriented vs community oriented. I don’t agree with ‘humiliation’ being the primary motivation produced by the ‘front row kids’ winning over the ‘back row kids’ who stayed home, nor the analysis of Trump’s approach as offering scapegoats, ‘white identity politics’ as Trump’s scam. Bunch of black and brown folks voted for him, you recall, and also 53% of women, so it fails in that way, but the local-global orientation is social truth, I see it in my family :

“There is something very screwy about this link, and I don’t have time to figure it out. So the quotes may protect it enough to get through wordpress’s nonsense, I hope :

This is a standard ‘identity politics’ DNC view of the same issue :


The ECB didn’t exactly intend these results, but the results make it clear that ‘the interests of the people’ are of little consequence in geopolitical games and bureaucratic interests. When our banks get in trouble, your accounts will make up the difference, same as Cypress :


This continues to wonder about ‘the white working class’, so is wrong from the frame. These idiots can’t get their mind around the fact that Trump’s margin of victory came from women and minorities and the people who didn’t turn out for the Democrats. Divisions in America are no longer racial, not even partially. Inner city blacks have many problems in common with the most rural person in poverty, black or white, and the internet allows them to know that, and Donald Trump told them all he would fix it :


Another view of Clinton winning the popular vote :


Another ethnic cleansing, genocide, in the making. I don’t know how the Israeli-Neocon’s ME wars produced this, but am sure it is a side-effect of some kind :


I finished Sarena Straus’s “Bronx D.A.” yesterday. I read it to get a better understanding of sex crimes in general, and she had spent a couple of years in the sex crimes division of the Bronx’s District Attorney’s office. Her cases included a fair number of girls and boys very young to too young who had been raped.  The surprising thing, which she brought out early, is how many of the girls were fully into being sexual, acting sexual. The Grand Juries and Juries seemed to require that children older than 12 obviously have disliked the sexual part, or they would not convict. That is, they assumed an aged of consent of 12, whatever the laws said. If a child older than 12 was molested or worse against their will, it was a normal rape, the prosecutor could get a harsher penalty because it was a child. I assume for the same reason jurors show small women more favour when large men abuse them.

Other than that, I didn’t learn much. There are very broken minds doing things most of us won’t believe, and the juries don’t. Priests abusing children get off time and again because people give them the benefit of the doubt, and NY law doesn’t normally allow mentioning past charges. That is another version of the British law which protects pedophiles. Theirs said a sex crime, absent corroborating evidence such as pictures, was a case which was one person’s word against the other, if neither could independently support it, nobody had any reason to believe one vs the other. Two or more victims telling the same story, unknown to the other(s), were not corroboration, according to this interpretation. In the NY case, prior charges for exactly the same crime were not corroboration.

So I think there are needed changes to the law. An age of consent set to 16 is too low for some and too high for others, there should be means of adjusting it to the individual. Of course, that gives too much power to psychologists, and clearly all parents are not capable of making intelligent decisions in these areas. I have no good answer.

For the rest of it, she makes the case again and again that nobody can be completely trusted with your children, the best child molesters are very personable people. She had a case where the molestation of the couple’s daughter was happening in their own small apartment with both parents home. Again and again, parent’s could’t believe it could be happening, their child would surely have told them, the molester was such a good person.

My belief that parents don’t do enough to make their kids understand the importance of telling about any such behavior is at least naive. Parents at least claim to have done so, and the kids still don’t tell.

Constant vigilance is the only answer, and knowing your kid.

These people are pure evil. And the FDA, which says “failure to recognize the dangers of painkillers one of the biggest mistakes in modern medicine.” Right, nobody knew that before. Let’s see. Oxycontin and heroin were successive improvements over simple morphine, which was an improvement over raw plant-extract opium, and every ‘improvement’ increased the accidental death rate as well as the selling price and thus the company’s profits. Meanwhile, we are so much safer keeping cannabis as a Schedule 1 drug, tho it is an inexpensive non-steroidal anti-inflamatory in action combined with a pain killer that is effective as opioids for many people, has zero death rate, and has reduced the rate of opiod use wherever allowed to be used as a medicine. Don’t you feel protected?

And meanwhile, the Sackler brothers became one of America’s wealthiest families, based on the $35B in revenue Oxycontin and hydrocodone generated for their company, along with the 200,000 deaths.

The story is, they are going international, hoping to replicate their marketing success here in the US, and using the usual highly-paid sleazy medical ‘expert’ lecturers to do so :


This is interesting, every medium provides new scope to sway emotions and extract data from individuals :


The very convincing part of this is the monitization. Like the young woman says, that isn’t done by children for children, the way the videos are presented as being. Her manner makes her hard for me to watch :

‘Single payer’ is the obsessively pushed proposal for universal heatlh care from the hard progressive left in the Democratic Party. What nobody seems to say is, ‘single payer’ is the same as ‘absolute control’, as they also can decide what they want to pay for, and if they don’t pay for it, either you go black market or it doesn’t get done. The government has been ‘single payer’ for illegal drugs and prostitution forever, setting their prices at time in prison, what they determine. What good has that done any of us?

Oh, but health care is different, it is a human right. No, human rights are independent of government, nature does not guarantee us health, much less health care. That is a good to be gained, and good communities provide it as a good to be gained for all at a level the community can afford. We don’t know what that would be these days, we have no idea of the costs of anything. Abolish all licenses, stop paying for anything, stop subsidizing anything, stop prohibiting anything not an obvious crime against people or property, and let us sort it out. More plans, policies, centralizing, warping everything by the variety of funders and what they will pay for, … is how we got here, we have to stop it.

Anarchy is not ‘no law’, anarchy is ‘no central authority’. We have long had common law, what we enforced on each other, at heart. I think we need a local focus on everything, generalizing and accommodating as necessary. This is a very civilized society, everywhere, even including the DC suburbs. It is the gd law, policy and rule makers that do all this to us.

I just watched the last episode of the first year of ‘The Wire’. Hell of a story. One of the relatively-good, has a conscience black kids in the black crime family (probably the white/jewish lawyer is from a crime family also, he proves to have very sophisticated advice about cutting their losses and starting with new people) wants to make a deal with the cops, turn them all in in return for a relocation in a witness protection program. The local justice system doesn’t have the resources to do that, even if anyone in the political hierarchy above our unit would OK it, which they wouldn’t, they all want the investigation stopped for one reason or another, generally a knowledge that it won’t do their career any good because high level people have an income stream from the drug trade or just don’t want attention on the city because of their own scams. In the meeting with the Feds, which our people are attending in defiance of their superiors, the Feds decide the case doesn’t meet their standards : merely drugs, no terrorism aspect, no corrupt governments (the kid doesn’t know anything about the money above him, chief man is his uncle), … so the kid goes to trial, gets 20 years. And the gung-ho cop wails “What have I done?” because the information that the kid would have flipped has certainly gotten back to the family, and everyone knows his life is in danger. The gang had killed everyone who might be too soft to take the time, at least a dozen people by this time.

Fuck policies, do what is right, and make sure the system is simple enough and obvious and transparent enough that most people can do what is right most of the time, and enough feedbacks to fix things quickly when they don’t. Training, not policy. Study of the best wisdom, study and discussion about the minimum set of laws adequate to produce Justice, the meaning of justice, how you know what is Just, not creating new laws. We trust individual people on juries to do this all the time, and correctly so. We need to extend the concept.

The best argument against any government involvement in the administration or creation of law is that a bureaucracy and and normal human tendencies would turn that optimal organization of humans in self-rule into a new priestly caste in 3 generations.

We have the goal of producing young people with high SAT scores, not high MENSCH scores. It is past time to correct this flaw in our society. Begin by abolishing public education.

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