Daily Reading #50

This is the 81st consecutive Daily Reading post. (16 x 5 + 1, if you don’t have a hex calculator and didn’t notice I started counting at zero, normal computer programmer usage.)

These started as my posting the links I send around to friends and family, stuff I found interesting, and were in addition to the blogs I had been writing, and then the memoirs I have been amanuensising for The Generalissimo and Scherrhy. Half a dozen different things upset that, including my yearly search for new understandings, Trump, the elections, and the new evidence of deep criminality in our elites. Pizzagate is the latest in that.

But, I need to get back to blogging and taking dictation and organizing their memoirs, Scherrhy has been nagging and the Generalissimo disparaging of my priorities, so I will still do these, but they won’t be nearly as extensive. To this point, these reading lists have averaged more than 25 links, 80 X 25 is 2000 articles. In fact, I probably read 2 articles for every one I link, so it has been a significant amount of effort.

I have a better understanding of the state of the world, still believe that so much is hidden we cannot have any grasp of the drivers of events. This is an unsettled era, the financial system is extremely unstable because of the massive debt, and the political system likewise because people need to protect the massive money flows they receive from government, directly from the budget and indirectly as a result of laws favoring their businesses and economic segments, as well as the need to avoid prison or worse. There will continue to be exciting events, subject for blogs and links to understand.


The British are protected by the EU’s high court, while we can’t even get significant parts of our secret laws into the court system, as the government keeps invoking the state secrets privilege :



ZH has good comments. Read all of them, these are not extremists, imho. I am still very hopeful about Trump and his picks, it is still possible all of them are mavericks enough to move things in the right direction. But Trump is not entirely in control of events, and we have a very significant criminal element in our government, including the Clintons and their foundation, but far from limited to that. Opposition to Trump will be near-universal through the bureaucracy and Congress, many of them face jail or worse if peace and justice arrive, so I agree with ‘dangerous times’. Also, this isn’t a capitalist system we are living within :


Walmart free rides because it has the economic->political power to do so. Walmarts are a crime magnet because it does little to nothing to make it clear it has security in a way that counts, as Target does :


Archdruid is a very intelligent and erudite guy, but his argument here is too simple.  No doubt the multi-year of production->over-production->low prices because high-cost sources suck economic vitality is partially correct, but far from enough to explain that cycle. Nevertheless, interesting observations and largely correct. And, he acknowledges my favourite religion, Discordianism. Like him, it has made more sense than any other theory of history or way of interpreting events than I have ever encountered. Every force for order conjures its many contrary opponents from the raw stuff of reality, very reliably. Fun and wise and erudite, all in one essay :


The NYTimes’ Fake News on the Electoral College, it had nothing to do with perpetuating slavery :


Cash is still king, even in first world economies :


Alibaba is the Amazon of China, and is also trying to become uber-market to the world. Entire villages have industries devoted to making goods for e-commerce, selling around the world. They have online reputations, my kid has bought many items through that supply chain, same as Amazon in effect, just takes a week longer to get here :


A NYPD detective who specialized in paedophilia. “Pizzagate isn’t surprising”. He doesn’t confirm anything about Pizzagate, but has long been involved in tracking paedophilia world-wide. “Often used to compromise high-level people.” It has been covered up world wide :


This says that Virginia has a very high rate of missing children because VA reports EVERY child to the national database, while other states only report ‘missing and endangered’. VA considers runaways endangered. So positive, but otoh, the large disparities around DC and the naval bases is unexplained sociology.  Also, it means that other states are under-reporting endangered children, at least if you consider a runaway endangered. Given the number of runaways who end up prey to chicken hawks or working in brothals, that seems a reasonable assumption.

Good, if slow and digression-riddled, discussion of how to improve the system, incompetent people running the national missing children registry :

More political ricochets of Israeli-Neocon foreign policies through the ME :


Hitler was a junkie. Cocaine was prescribed for high blood pressure? Friends of mine say the military hands out the modern equivalent for meth like candy, also anti-depressants. Wonder about the high suicide rate? Anti-depressants. This suggests the high rate of PTSD is due to the stimulants. I think this means we need weekly drug tests for everyone in the bureaucracy, White House, Congress, Banksters. It would explain a lot of bad decisions, Hillary’s campaign, etc. I am surprised I hadn’t included this before, I had read this link :


Rich Arabs are less welcome in Pakistan :


Wealth revives cultures, this from Azerbaijan :

But, never the same old culture, cultures can’t stop hybridizing and mutating :

69% of Muslims in Indonesia, a fairly advanced society in many ways, believe in witchcraft, black and white. Killings of suspected witches is common. This despite largely emancipated women and a solid middle-class society, a genuine success in a secular, but largely Muslim, country with 300 languages, half a dozen major ethnic groups, 3 religions, women in government and public life etc :


Not only Indonesia, it seems :


Nice view of ‘the Anthropocene’ as the emergence of a geological force aware of itself. This is much bigger than the AGW claptrap, and he doesn’t emphasize that. I agree with the need to emphasize ‘sustainable’, we are destroying possible futures at too high a rate, too little return on these foolish destructions of coastal areas and other important elements of the ecosystems. But I guarantee you that building a high rise next to a rail line in our area and not including parking is impossible, and very difficult even if you do that. NIMBY rules :


Obama’s borrowing, and Shrub’s before him, has propped up the economy. For Obama, it has been to the tune of 1/8th of the total economy, at the cost of about $10T borrowed from our future :


This is a Naked Capitalism note accompanying the link that explains why a stock market crash per se won’t trigger the next financial collapse :

Trump rally could be like Coolidge’s Roaring ’20s before Depression, Nobel-winning economist warns CNBC. Lordie. Shiller should know better. The 20s stock market boom was the result of: 1. Bona fide growth in all sorts of businesses due to more and more homes being electrified as well as the sales of all sorts of new consumer durables. In other words, there was serious real economy new tech that led to higher consumer spending. 2. A lot of that consumer spending was debt financed. 3. The reason the stock market crash was so destructive is that the speculation was heavily debt fueled, with leverage of 70% to 90% not uncommon (and that’s before you get to trusts and trusts of trusts). That meant when it collapsed it blew back to the banking system.

Now 1. The Trump stock market rally may well be overdone and get even more frenzied before it goes into reverse. But 2. We don’t do serious leverage in the stock market any more, so any real economy harm due to a stock market bust would not be all that bad. 3. Trump may very well blow other bubbles that will impair the banking/credit system, and Shiller would do better to worry about that.

Now you know a) who writes the incentives for teachers and b) what groups find it easy to be rated ‘highly effective’ due to the student populations. Our experience with private schools is that they had much the same curricula as public schools, and the teachers moved back and forth between them, only the kids were different :


This certainly gives me more confidence in snopes.com, of which I had none, based on its ‘debunking’ of 9-11 and Sandy Hook. Hard to make up anything so nuts and Facebook trusts them? :


I think human rights and US civil rights must be applied to everyone, US citizen or not. Otherwise, there is no restraint on our government’s behaviors executed in our name, I want those restraints for my peace of mind and my future safety, I am endangered by their fucking drone strikes and intentional creation of more terrorists, my freedom to move around the world is circumscribed by my government’s outrageous war crimes. A government’s legitimacy is measured by its respect of civil rights, universal human rights. Independent of that, 2 years? OK, short-term holding of illegal aliens, they broke a law. But there is no excuse for longer than short-term, a couple of months. This is our government being very stupid and inhumane :


And we still have indefinite detention, including for US citizens. There are still prisoners in Guantanamo who were extensively tortured and cannot be released because of that torture, but are known to be innocent of anything having to do with terrorism :


Wow! Cameras pointed at every bed in every motel or hotel :


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