Daily Reading #326

Why do I need to see this on Al Jazerra? Why did I not see any of it in “The Wire”? Another example how we need to apply the “no broken window” theory of policing to any organization that you want to keep honest. Standard QA theory, fix the problems back at the source, don’t let them cascade :

The world’s cutest cat is going extinct in the wild, and no, you can’t own one! Greens are idiots. If you want to save a species, start eating it, make it an important meat animal. Any  Green who wanted to sacrifice his life could save the California Condor by eating one, finding it unbelievably delicious, and announce that at a major conference so that his instant destruction at the hands of outraged fellow Greens would be recorded and reported. The subsequent capitalist focus on getting California Condor onto gourmet plates around the world would guarantee the species’ existence.

Making a species a favored pet is a second-best alternative, but a hell of a lot better than the average Save The Species campaign end result. What species have been saved? Is any variety of the chicken, rabbit, goat, sheep, pig or cow ever going to go extinct? Any variety of horse or dog or cat? These people don’t think :

At least twice in our civilization’s past, civilization got to a peak and collapsed. The first time was  in collapse of trade in 1190BC that stopped any writing in the Agean for 400 years. Second was the fall of Rome, 1600 years later which lasted 500+ years, depending on when you think the Dark Ages ended and the Middle Ages began. There are certainly long periods between the various proto-city examples of civilization forming before the Bronze age, so maybe you could consider those collapses also, but the latest ones are quite distinct.

So don’t have any illusions, it could happen to us. We don’t exactly know what happened in even the case of Rome, and are clueless about what might end this civilization’s run, taking us back to the level of city states and big men running counties, much lower populations. Probably a coal-based economy, some strange combination of steam and electronics. A lot of Greens are hoping for that, believing it is the only way to save nature and thus the human race in the long run. We don’t know how many of them are in power helping things along.

Not paranoia, just things to keep in mind. Hedging is important wherever you don’t control the future :

This morning, my wife showed me a FB list of people who support Trump and/or Trump supports in our state. It made me realize that this election will be a massive repudiation of the entire leftish agenda, expressed as votes for Trump. I think I will vote for that list, given some work to see that the claims are true. I don’t like Republicans much more than Democrats, whereas Trump, for all of his flaws and his lousy cabinet, has more values in common with me than anyone running for President ever, only excepting Ron Paul.

Tracy Beanz has a nice discussion at 15:00 in about the strong possibility that this will be a big Red Wave. Yeah, this is a massive repudiation of the insanity the radical feminists and associated mindsets have attempted to inflict on the society. We can’t control what they do to their children, no skin off our nose in any case. In fact, we should thank them for running those experimental societies, it will be real interesting to see how their children turn out.

But they can’t do it to our children and our culture. I don’t care how virtuous they think they are, how wise, or how powerful, the American people are on verge of kicking their asses.

Let us hope they learn from a political defeat. The big problem is the CIA behind these useful idiots and the politicians who orchestrate them. Those are the evil in our society.

Be clear who the enemy is.  The useful idiots are not the enemy. You have to feel sorry for your very progressive friends, so many of ours are, the shock that awaits them must be equivalent to devout Staliists about the time he allied with Hitler. Yes, they need defeated, but they don’t need annihilated. Destruction is for the CIA, FBI and other intelligence agencies. We cannot allow those hidden forces in our society.

The evidence of CIA and FBI running world-wide criminal operations that prey upon the American people is overwhelming, is far past what are needed for indictments. Yet, no indictments. The Kabuki theatre is centered on Rosenstein, Mueller and Trump. No legacy media discussion linking the opioid epidemic to the CIA and military bases, much less the Clinton’s long role in the criminal networks.:

Sad statement, that, because this country has been on a losing streak ever since our Deep Black Swamp and its associated financialization of everything went into high gear. Both parties have largely abandoned the middle class (high taxes and falling job prospects) and entirely abandoned the working class.

$116K is required for a middle class existence, and that only in states with reasonable housing prices :


This is active coverup. I knew enough about Adnan Khashoggi, arms dealer.  He was in the news a lot for arms dealing. So once you make the connection, and see that Jamal worked for Saudi Intelligence, how can you be as oblivious as the following article achieves? Someone is deflecting attention, I think :


Have you heard about the Libertarian Party this election? I have literally not read or heard a single word. What a waste of Ron Paul’s legacy. They sold out to the same money that took out the Tea Party  and controls the Republicans :

George Webb’s discussion of Jamal Khashoggi. George’s statistic of 631,000 people who came in under the MAVNI program stuck in my head. I have seen a couple of other people saying the same as I have, that we should expect some last throws of the dice from the Deep Black Swamp. If normal, legitimate, peaceful, Rule of Law government is restored, a whole bunch of them will hang.

So, let me think here in public about a few possible alternatives, what can happen.

If George’s story of the CIA controlling so much of this is true, I think there is a serious ex-jihadi faction here in the US. Did you see the link about 300 ex-White Helmets and families being re-established in some northern European country?

Hard to know how paranoid to be, but given the very serious evil we see coming out of our CIA, the 70,000 deaths a year from the opioids those bastards import into this country, maybe we need be ultra-paranoid.

Combine that thought with one about government stock piles in fusion centers, something else George has mentioned. Searching for more data, I found this, which debunks the conspiracy theories about government purchases, but doesn’t reassure a skeptic. That is, they could easily not be expending 20% of the ammunition each year, putting that into a stockpile. Ammunition lasts for many years if it is stored properly.

A paranoid would assume they are stockpiling. But, I can’t see that producing more than chaos, I mean, the idea of occupying the US with outsiders is insane.

The other thing that article convinced me of is that Americans have stockpiled. Assuming the figures I have seen on Breitbart are correct, the US produces at least 10 billion rounds per year. DOD 1.6 rounds, the rest of the government a small fraction of that, and citizens all the rest. An intelligence analyst probably looks at the tons of reclaimed brass per month to evaluate how much is expended at gun ranges. Hunting, and places that don’t recycle the brass are small fractions of those.

So, they have accurate estimates of American citizen’s stockpiles. The Feds backed off at Bundy Ranch. We know that citizens have far more guns than the military and police combined, and far more ammunition also.

Thus, we  armed citizens have the preponderance of power in the US of A in 2018, guaranteed.  So their strategy MUST BE entirely directed at keeping us apart.

Every line of thought I have reasoned along has brought me to that conclusion.. Yet, the continuous push to a surveillance state and a divided and subservient population.

Trump is a strange man to bring us all together, but that seems to be our fate :

A surveillance state can’t work. It won’t work one way in disarmed China, it won’t work a different way in armed America :


Remarkable :


This is from NakedCapitalism’s afternoon set of links for 18 Oct 2018. I remind you that NakedCapitalism considers themselves quite progressive, and thinks the DNC and Democratic mainstream have been coopted by the radical Feminists :


Realignment and Legitimacy

“Bob Bland, Linda Sarsour, and Tamika Mallory Built the Women’s March ‘Mob’ With Nice, Suburban Women” [New York Magazine]. “When Harvard University’s Theda Skocpol and University of Pittsburgh’s Laura Putnam set out to document ‘the resistance’ that has sprung up in the last two years, they found that ‘college-educated, middle-aged women in the suburbs’ had most changed their political practices under Trump, now making up about 70 percent of participants in local progressive movements. The Women’s March leaders are constantly driving their members toward intersectionality—the idea that the liberation of women, people of color, the LGBT community, and other oppressed communities are all tied together.” •  Nice to have that clarified. Note the complete erasure of economics and class.

“Resistance Is the Right Strategy for Dems, Even If It Costs the Senate in 2018” [David Atkins, Washington Monthly]. “If doing the right thing and channeling the anger and resistance of young people, women, the educated and people of color costs Democratic Senate seats in North Dakota or Missouri, that is unfortunate. But it’s a small price to pay over time for securing the House with its fearful investigative power over Trump, and even more importantly the loyalty of the people who constitute America’s majoritarian future.” • This is warmed-over Ruy Teixeira, the “coalition of the ascendant” (the so-called Obama Coalition). Never change, Democrats! Never change! (Maybe if Obama hadn’t deported so many Latinx voters and set up the apparatus Trump is now abusing, they’d have been more “loyal”? Just a thought.)

Books cause literacy. News at 11 :

“Growing Up Surrounded by Books Could Have Powerful, Lasting Effect on the Mind” [Smithsonian] (original). “Growing up with few books in the home resulted in below average literacy levels. Being surrounded by 80 books boosted the levels to average, and literacy continued to improve until libraries reached about 350 books, at which point the literacy rates leveled off. The researchers observed similar trends when it came to numeracy; the effects were not as pronounced with information communication technology tests, but skills did improve with increased numbers of books.”

Random videos suggested by Youtube :


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