Daily Reading #325

Another reason the CIA wants Khashoggi in the news:


Why do I have to go to ME news outlets to get stories like this? Our CIA is evil bastards :


Higher education will view this as evidence of how much their products are valued. I view it as an inevitable consequence of student aid to education, as all government subsidies raise the price of the thing subsidized.



Bin Salmon assassinates allies before their usefulness is ended, truly an idiot :


Khashoggi was a CIA asset, a major arms dealer for 20+ years. Dumb to kill him, and idiocy to do it inside the embassy. They probably thought it was the only place they could be secure. The CIA thought the event important enough to reveal how untrue that was. That is, they disclosed their own sources and methods, the exact thing they claim to protect in withholding information from us, supposedly their civilian masters :


The personnel list of the hit team ties the event very tightly to MBS :


Stories on 9/11, outside of legacy media, now are free to assume that 9/11 was an event beyond the powers of OBL hiding in a cave in Afghanistan.

Somehow, I had not kept as an active pov an implication of a statement I made wrt 9/11 when I first started writing about it. If any intelligence or military professional anywhere in the world could easily see through 9/11 and all must have done so within days of the event, it means that our own intelligence and military professional officers ALL KNEW soon after the event.

Rethink the idea that those groups are mostly good guys, it is only a few bad apples. Can’t be true, they are all complicit in 9/11 merely by not adding their voices to the people seeking the TRUTH. You know, a good description of that external reality that we all need to attend to? :


Trump the marketing genius troll :


Yes, the US will be borrowing the money needed to pay interest on the national debt, but it won’t be in 2029, it will be within 4 years as the interest rate far out paces CBO assumptions. How could it be otherwise? After all, Treasury


George Webb’s questions for Nellie Ohr’s Congressional testimony tomorrow :

This is fairly amazing. Obama gave Interpol full diplomatic immunity! Meaning they can ship diplomatic containers also? Now Bannon, known to be one of the corrupt money laundering facilities, is in touch with a corrupt member of the Chinese mafias? Jeff Sessions is Deep Black Swamp, pretty clear. Rod Rosenstein also. Trump’s job is hard, I think. I look forward to the first insider account, but assume that NDAs will prevent it, as they must have for all of Trump’s past, as there aren’t any, now that I think of it :

This is naive, imho. The Saudis bribing Americans with arms sales? We made them the arms dealers for the world :


I should have made my prediction of a Red Wave earlier. Vin Surprynowicz does an excellent analysis of Republican’s prospects and the reasoning here :


I like his prediction of endorsements of Trump from legacy media because otherwise they will have no audience :

A person could wonder what happens when this catches on with other underdog groups, e.g. if 2 groups of conflicting goals scheduled their marches on the same day? :

Iceland’s Lessons for the #MeToo Era

Believing your own propaganda is the major route to hell :


This is another self-congratulatory press release disguised as a serious article. The statistics are correlation, values carefully not given, not causation. No kidding, richer schools have better library programs, better students, teachers, administrators and parents, all of which have higher correlations with test scores than details of the library program.

This is what passes for thinking in educational circles? Or is it the sophistication of librarian science? My poor country :


Much good data and analysis, many stupid proposed solutions based on a complete misunderstanding of what went wrong. The 1980s was the 2nd decade of enormous government growth, and early growth of the CIA’s corruption in pursuit of black budget and olgarch’s gain :


#WalkAway :

This from NakedCapitalism.com. NC is written by a serious specialist in Wall Street banking, so intelligent opinions there. Otherwise, NC is a seriously progressive web site, big proponents of MMT, Modern Monetary Theory, the idea that a gov only need print the money it spends. Insanity of a very high order. Their other economic prescriptions are merely terrible.
But they have good links, and lots of good analysis of  policies.
This came from a section they call “Legitimacy and realigment” :
“What the Black Men Who Identify With Brett Kavanaugh Are Missing” [The Atlantic]. “On Tuesday night, I was in an auditorium with 100 black men in the city of Baltimore, when the subject pivoted to Brett Kavanaugh. I expected to hear frustration that the sexual-assault allegations against him had failed to derail his Supreme Court appointment. Instead, I encountered sympathy. One man stood up and asked, passionately, “What happened to due process?” He was met with a smattering of applause, and an array of head nods. If you think Kavanaugh receiving some measure of support from black men in inner-city Baltimore is as strange as Taylor Swift suddenly feeling the need to become a modern-day Fannie Lou Hamer, then brace yourself: The caping for Kavanaugh does make a twisted kind of sense. Countless times, black men have had to witness the careers and reputations of other black men ruthlessly destroyed because of unproved rape and sexual-assault accusations.” • As I’ve kept saying, in re #believewomen: Emmett Till.
“A twisted kind of sense”.  Progressives have lost all contact with any external reality.
#WalkAway is a very real thing, will affect this election and swamp the next.
#WalkAway has 74M hits on google. Marches, … a real thing in the world, generating its own momentum.

The Middle East has a long history and was the middle of the world for a long while, so of course its history is more complicated than anyone can know.  Ditto everybody everywhere. This kind of story comes along frequently and should make it clear why humans share 99.9% of their genomes, we do not have nearly the genetic diversity of our any of our ape cousins :


Remember the review article I linked to a couple of weeks back that said that your changes of allergic reactions to drugs goes up exponentially after you take 4 simultaneously? So this is a combo of 3 to prevent AIDs, a very noble goal. Add in an anti-malaria pill, occasional vermifuges, …In addition to the environmental burden of chemicals. Wonder what the LT consequences of that kind of stimulus to the immune system? :


Soil health is getting more attention :


Random offerings from Youtube. The woman is focused on the micro, the psychological aspects of all this. The problem is reality of a biological species vs the human institutions. As the biology is unlikely to change soon, perhaps we should change the human institution? The The Generalissimo is way ahead in his thinking, seems to me :


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