Daily Reading #327

Putin’s speech at Valdai :


1/6th of the men in the United States in the prime working ages of 25-54 are unemployed. This is depression-era and affects everyone, heart-land to inner city :


The left, feminism, and various ‘academic’ studies based on no reality are seriously exposed. World Socialist Web Site is more reality oriented than the DNC :


If you believe this, you believe that John Brennan, Clapper, et al deserve the Nobel Peace Prize for their efforts in eliminating war, sex trafficking, child sex trafficking, organ harvesting and drug and weapons trafficking. No kidding, Steve Bannon is assisting the Deep Black Swamp in trying to sell the idea that Hillary Clinton is still a leading candidate to run for President in 2020 :


This from NakedCapitalism’s afternoon set of links. It is so good to have the sides clearly delimited :

Liberal Democrats Have Lost Their Minds

Words fail me:

Finnish women should be in great demand as wives :


I linked to this before, but the interesting thing about this talk is now little effect any of the expert discussion has had on public perception wrt Global Warming.  The recent information about the terrible base data has received no attention. Facts do not change the propaganda. Sadly, he likes China’s One Child policy :

George Webb will get to say “I told you so” many times after this :


George Webb continues the investigation into DC Corruption, here focusing on Khashoggi and Nelle Ohr’s roles in the various projects :

When you look at the long list of failed companies over the last 30 years, at the height of BizSchool prestige and dominance MBA’s in the leadership of those same companies, it sort of makes you wonder about the value of an MBA from one of the elite institutions :


NakedCapitalism is properly skeptical, they see the pattern of a CIA PsyOp :

Why King Salman Must Replace M.B.S. NYT. Again, I don’t want to be Mr. Counter-Suggestible here, but the signature, as it were, of this operation, as it were, is very familiar: (1) Anonymous leaks from intelligence commmunity, (2) evidence nobody can examine, (3) prurient, viral-friendly detail (piss tapes; the saw), (4) inflammatory headlines qualified by text like “increasingly convinced” and “alleged” in the body, (5) moral panic and frantic virtue signaling in the political class, and (6) full spectrum dominance in mainstream press coverage. Of course, this time everything could be true; gaslights really do flicker, after all. And if that’s the case, then all previous gaslighting will seem true, or at least truthy, via the halo effect, a salutary result for all concerned. So we’re talking win-win, here.

The new NAFTA is very nearly as bad as the old NAFTA :


Another link from NakedCapitalism, with their comment :

The Democrats’ Left Turn Is Not an Illusion Thomas Edsall, NYT. “The dominant role of well-educated, relatively upscale white Democrats in moving the party to the left reflects the declining role of the working class in shaping the party’s ideology.” Moving “left” and away from the working class is a neat trick, hitherto unknown to political science.

Technology to reduce wasted food :


Youtube’s suggestions. The first one is wonderful, the owl can’t get anyone to eat the mouse :

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