Daily Reading #2FD


“A well-schooled electorate, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and read Books, shall not be infringed.’

Good context, that :


We citizens cannot affect this short of shooting. That fact means we have a dysfunctional, and therefore illegitimate, government.  It needs ended :



Turner has a lousy rep, but this looks legit :


Very specific predictions by the Russians of the coming false flag attacks in Idlib. Do I think this will halt the US’s coming attack? No, this administration is disconnected from any reality :


The complexity of the spying is amazing :


A good comment on this video :

Paul Schmick
1 day ago (edited)
I’m surprised CO is still among the living considering he is the one who discovered that the Clintons had more than $2 Billion in unaccounted funds that had flowed through their charitable foundation. They have committed the largest charity fraud in the history of the United States. I’d love to see the nation of Haiti charge them with financial crimes after the US obliterates them. The National Archives and the Library of Congress need to seize control of the Clinton Presidential Library. These people have monetized everything they’ve ever touched, from the Lincoln Bedroom to stealing White House property to looting the resources of Haiti. It is beyond comprehension why Trump is being hounded for doing absolutely nothing while these world class criminals run free living the high life on ill-gotten gains. Any money and property they’ve obtained since the establishment of Bill Clinton, Inc. in 1999 should be seized and anything Chelsea, who has been a full partner in the foundation since at least the early 2000’s, has received should be seized as well. Nothing that Julius and Ethel Rosenberg did has been as detrimental to the sovereignty and well being of the United States as the Clintons and they were executed. Time is over for talking. Time has come for Bill and Hill to face the music for their 40 plus year long criminal conspiracy.

John Brennan is an ass-kissing nobody from the CIA ranks :


The attacks on Trump have been relentless and equivalently unfounded :


Modern schools are no place for children :


Stock market has big companies buying $1.35T worth of stocks this year and insiders are selling at a record pace at the same time :


Stoic philosophy is coming back, I predict :


Agroforestry supported large towns :



The evidence is accumulated for race being associated with IQ and the loss of intelligence in the last few generations.  That is not the same as ‘the evidence accumulates’, but I don’t have time for another such issue. This records that I read it, not that I think it is likely very true :


Excellent! Another attempt to get a 9/11 investigation off the ground :

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