Daily Reading #2FC

There is NO evidence that Assad has chemical weapons. There is NO argument that Assad has a motive to do so. There is a great deal of evidence that ‘the rebels’ do have chemical weapons, supplied by the USofA and allies. ‘The rebels’ have a great motive for doing so if it would be blamed on Assad. They have used false flag gas attacks at least 3 times previously. The Russians claim they have evidence of supply and preparations for a gas attack by the rebels in Idlib.

We have an extremely dishonest group of people in our government running our foreign policy, so I believe the Russians.

I read dozen or so articles on Phys.org. Interesting, nothing memorable.

Why does Trump leave the Israeli-Neocons in their positions? He promised us otherwise :



More propaganda pushing for war. The Iranians have a right to defend themselves, to develop industry, to support allies, same as we do.

I bet they support people we would rather they didn’t support. My country does also. We define some of those as terrorists, they do the same for ours. We sanction them, they do the same for us. Stupid game for both :


More on censorship. Come on, nobody is going to put up with this. Of course, I said that about their scanners showing naked passengerss in airports also. Way past time to pull the trigger on these people, this has become a very dangerous government in the world. These shitheads are flirting with nuclear war messing around in the ME. Insanity! Now I believe Trump is demented :


More wise commentary on the problem of centralization in our country :


Democracy has many flaws, laws have many backers, our system of justice isn’t just, the police are not your friend. In such a completely normal political circumstance, an evolutionary result of the founding father’s insights, accumulated experience, changing povs, a rich society’s adjusting to rapidly changing circumstances produced by profligacy and dishonesty and avarice and increasingly cut-throat, if your voice doesn’t get heard, meaning your people don’t make sufficient campaign contributions, you get screwed via the powers we the people allocated to government to protect us all. We have become robber-barons over peons, and we are increasingly in peonage.

Needs a catchy name. How about ‘The New Peonage’? Yeah, “the age of the New Peonage”, my small claim to affecting history. Duckducking it says it isn’t even a standard phrase yet, tho a black man apparently wrote a book by that name in the 1800s :



Chinese are still playing positive-sum while the US build military bases :


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